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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Release Tomorrow!

To start this off, I will NOT be releasing at midnight. I'll release tomorrow when I'm satisfied with it. I figured I'd address that now because if I don't I'll get a bunch of comments when people at midnight (their time) want to know if it'll be released.

Second: To those of you who just donated recently and haven't gotten a new beta, I'm sorry in advance but I'm going to hold off on sending anymore of the highly buggy Beta 3 out for now. Don't worry though. One donation ever is all it takes to get you into any Beta. So you'll have access from now into perpetuity. Or as long as this game lasts, anyway. So anyone interested in getting into the betas can donate $0.01 and get them until the last version comes out. It probably won't take too long for me to start testing a version 0.5.5 after this one goes out and I can assess what needs reworking or what content can be added. I'm certainly going to release a new version with more Bilbao content soon.

Third: With the above stated I will note that I'm still considering patreon benefits. A lot of people have suggested donator only content. I don't like the idea of locking sections of the game behind a paywall, however. Incentives I'm considering include short cameos in the game (within reason), some special artwork I've made and stories I've written. I'm a writer first and I think the stories might be the best option. They'd focus on the backstories of the heroines and their adventures, or else generalized backstory of the world. While I don't think my art is good enough to go in the game yet it is getting to the point where I wouldn't mind drawing some bonus stuff as Patreon incentives. Sending out a pack with all the currently completed artwork (including unused artwork) is a given.

Of course the biggest incentive is just that the more money I get, the more time I can afford to take off from regular work. As it is the game is prioritized well below my regular moneymaking activities. This is NOT me holding the game hostage and asking for all your monies plz. The game will get done eventually even if I never make another cent from it. I've been working on this long enough that it would be silly to expect me to stop now. It's basic human nature that people tend to spend more time on the things that make them money than the things that don't, though. Since this game started I've worked on it solely out of my free time. I don't have my hopes set to any particular expectation and I'm not making any plans based on wishful thinking so anything I get is a pleasant surprise. If things go particularly well I'll reassess how much time I can afford to put into this.

Put simply I'll offer incentives, but I'm reluctant to offer incentives that are easily navigated by just pirating the game or content I should just keep free in the first place. I'll happily make more stuff for people. I want the stuff I make for Overwhored to be free. The main reason I want -anyone- to donate isn't that they want something, it's that they simply like and want to support the game and my work on it.

If you want something special tell me, and I'll consider it. But I won't treat donations as bribes to get the 'full' game. Cameos, a little extra art, some short stories - that's all good. But I'm not putting up a paywall for parts of the game itself.

In the end I guess it's because this game has been my hobby, and I love it. According to some statistics I've been compiling, the absolute low end number of fans I have is around 40,000. I likely have many more. How many people can say that a hobby they've whittled away at bit by bit at a time over a few years has a fanbase like that? The dedication this fanbase has shown this game is astounding. I am truly honored to be the creator of something loved by so many people.

In my normal life I'm a simple farmer and a few other things besides. Few farmers could say they have a following like that for anything they do. I'm humbled by the love that I've seen here.

I remember when I was still working towards getting full funding for the game. I had the majority of the money I needed but not all. Somewhere around $2000. A friend asked me, "You have all this money, why haven't you taken any for yourself? You've done so much work on it." And it was true - before the game was fully funded, I never took a single cent of money for myself from the donations and I'd already put a few hundred of my money into it. Only now do I accept any, and hilariously I've actually sunk a bunch of the money I could spend on anything and put it back into paying for little things for the game. Hobbies are rarely things you take money out of. They're usually stuff you put money into.

Yeah, if all those 40k people donated a dollar a month I'd be freaking rich and could hire whole teams to make games. I don't expect it and I'm not really pushing for it, though I'll certainly ride that wave if it comes. (That's when I could start looking into making the Steam of Western Adult Games.)

It's my hobby. And in the end I may be the biggest fan of this game of all. That's why I do it. And that's what you really support; one farmer's little hobby.

Thanks for being fans.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Overwhored BETA 2

There's a new beta that will be send out in a few minutes after I post this. It doesn't fix everything mentioned - I have about 200 donators and LOTS of you sent me e-mails. I'm still trying to get through them.

This does fix the game breaking bug and a lot of little ones.

If you get ANY blank items please tell me EXACTLY when they showed up. I'm figuring out all the items creating those now. I've got several of them fixed, but some things are still doing that.

Also, I really, REALLY need some gameplay footage. I'm making a trailer that will go up on youtube and I have to have some. My computer just cannot run something like FRAPS and the game at the same time. Hell, my computer can barely run my own game. So it'll be much appreciated. Again I don't need audio.

Thanks again to everyone, and here's hoping for an excellent public release in four days!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Beta Update

There will be a new beta tomorrow as there is a game-breaking bug with the diplomatic symbol. I thought I had that blasted problem fixed but it seemed there were two points of failure, not one.

I'm going through and fixing all the bugs mentioned by you, the fans. It should all be done by the public release.

I was going to upload a quick fix to the game breaking bug and a bunch of minor ones today but for no particular reason I can understand my internet connection is reverting to 56-damned-k levels. This is divine punishment for living in Idaho, one of the places officially known to be in the bottom 5 of states in the US for internet connection speed. Connection speed also drops here for no reason whatsoever for significant periods of time and you cannot actually buy a fast connection if you want to. Meanwhile our neighbors Washington and Oregon have some of the fastest speeds in the US. I think Washington may be #1, actually.

So as I said, divine punishment. The people of Idaho suffer that I may make you dirty games.

(It took me quite a while to actually load up that video for that gag, by the way)

I tried to upload it and my upload speeds were going so slow it would take about six hours to upload something. I may as well just take the day and fix a bunch of bugs in that case. It'll be back to normal tomorrow, most likely.

As a side note I have been asked a few times how much you need to get into the beta. The answer is $0.01 cents. Betas almost always start broken and really are given to help me do a lot of bug testing. Public releases rarely come more than a week or so later. If you have -EVER- donated any amount I'll send you the beta link. The reason I don't do open betas isn't just to reward donators (although they deserve that and more) it's because listing out bugs takes work. If you can't take the effort to donate a single cent you probably aren't going to help bughunt. In which case it's better to have you wait until the public release so you don't get frustrated with game breaking bugs and restarts. I value all my fans including the people who don't donate. You support me in other ways, not the least by just talking about me and my game in places. That said, I know not everyone is well suited to testing for bugs, particularly with the game as rough as it is after the big code rewrite and a new chapter getting hammered out in a short time.

Much as I wanted a public release on Christmas some of the comments for the last post should show you why I put up a beta. I try to fix as many as I can and hammer down a lot of them you'll never see but this game is, at its core, still mostly a one man show (though 0nymous had added a LOT to the project). And this release certainly is programming and writing wise. In a few days all the big bugs should be smooshed and things will be going well. Then you can enjoy a nice, smooth experience.

As a side note please go give Mindwipe some support on his tumblr. I want him to know he's loved. He's a rockstar and he's doing a lot of the art you now enjoy. He does it fast, on time, good quality and always goes the extra mile and then some.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Overwhored Version 0.5 BETA release TODAY!

I made it. Let me say that again - I MADE IT.

Bilbao is a functional city! The adventure there is ready! 90% of the "in the next release" stuff is finally in THIS release!

For those of you that don't get how big of a deal this was, I set this goal before I got new pain meds for old injuries that made me sleep through whole days, before I got a mind-killing toothache that will only end in a root canal next month, before a ludicrous amount of IRL work got dropped on my lap - but I did it!

The past week I've been working about 14-16 hours a day, with one day going for 18 hours. All so I could make this release date and keep my word. So those of you who donated could play this game on Christmas.

The cut will be VERY rough, and Bilbao's religious district is still very underpopulated. Even so, you can play through this entire section! The Library even has a short-story hidden among the shelves.

Unlike some recent releases I made all of the Bilbao maps myself. I did my best to make maps of a quality similar to those 0nymous did in the previous ones. You will be the ultimate judge of that.

This game has been rewritten in VX Ace. It has a bunch of new stuff. And it WORKS.

Beta testers, you're heroes to me. You helped fix so many bugs that you made it possible for me to release on time now.

There are still a lot of rough edges though, and may be some game breaking bugs in this one. It ends after you fight Bilbine in Bilbao.

Please take your time and check thoroughly. I will continue to add content until the public release on the 1st of January, 2015!

I am also going to set up a Patreon account. I don't know what incentives to offer for bigger donations, so let me know what you would like!

You can expect an e-mail with the beta in a few hours if you have donated in the past. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre-Release Status Update:

Hi everyone! I am just getting done with about fourteen solid hours of work on the game. The past few days I've been working about 14-18 hours straight trying to get this release done.

So how close am I? Well...

The truth is that right now I could spend tomorrow working and have a Christmas Eve release ready, but the chapter would end up much like other chapters before it. Which is to say I won't be able to do the special stuff I want to do.

See, I want to do a group battle scene like - say, the defense of Narshe in FFVI. I also have a script for it. I want that army you get after Audr to have some relevance. However that isn't simple. Programming in the switch is very much doable, of course. However a dungeon needs to be programmed with that specifically in mind.

Right now I have a fairly standard dungeon just prior to Bilbine as a placeholder and I'm debating whether to spend tomorrow fixing up Bilbao with that in mind or whether I should scrap that dungeon and redo it with the army and push the release back. I could still push back the army battle to the next release - I had always intended to have an army battle in that chapter. So I'm honestly not sure. I'll probably just try and make a Christmas release and stick with what I've already made though.

I also spent about four hours tonight working on this:

Behold the adorable final boss of the chapter. Sprites take forever, and making this was pretty difficult. I'm just glad it works. It'll definitely be worth the ten seconds of cutscene and battle, haha.

So let me go over some things that will be in the next version no matter what:

1: All the sex scenes that said, "In the Next Release". Guess what? They're actually in this one. I brought in a friend as a writing assistant so I could focus on Bilbao and still get those done. Don't worry about the quality though. Said friend is uncredited by request and has already written a few sex scenes for the game in previous releases.

2: The three slaves optional impregnation scene. The art has been done for a while but I didn't to take them out of your party until after Audr.

3: Intro Pics for Rubati and Nanshe. Now you get to see them looking all kickass before you fight them.

4: A finished Dwarven Chapter. Now you can finish resolving things with the goblins and dwarves, get Audr in your party and explore post-victory Beerenberg.

5: Lots of new and fixed equipment.

6: Lots of new abilities.

7: Battle system improvements with your party having sprites on the screen like the old Final Fantasy games.

8: A few sex scenes you didn't know about, like getting to bang one of the goblin girls.

Stuff that I intend to do that probably won't be in this release:

1: A finished Orb of Dominion system. I have a script for it but haven't had the time to deal with setting it up. For now you just gain the abilities via leveling. As much as you get it at the start the Orb system has always been really low priority; it's more of a post-core game finished polish thing.

2: A proximity based monster chase system. This would make it so that monsters wander randomly until you get close, then they try to chase you to initiate combat. They would be restricted to certain areas as well. I have the scripts but not the time to go back and do this to everything so I'll probably leave it out until the next release.

3: The option to corrupt the Sayda Princesses and build a cowgirl farm. This would let you bang both princesses.

4: Who even knows - tons of stuff. I'm a bit too tired to think of more, but I know there's more.

Note that although I really wanted the Monstergirl Village in this release there were some issues with getting the art. So I will NOT be including that until the art is finished. Said artist started University half a year earlier than expected, so at least the delay is for a good cause.

I'm working with artists down to the wire to get all the art I can into this. Thanks to that I want to show you something very special.

This was a special gift to the project by the artist Mindwipe, one of my favorite members of the art team. He is an AWESOME guy, so check out his site! He provided this awesome sketch of Rubati as a gift:

I'm going to try as hard as I can for a release on Christmas Eve, but if I don't manage it I'll go for Christmas Day.

Thanks for being fans!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bilbao and its Inspirations

The next chapter will be focused on the nation of Bilbao, the home of the heroine Bilbine Bengochea. This chapter was actually intended to take place before Audr's chapter but due to delays in getting the art for it done (when Audr's art was already done) it was swapped in order.

This does reveal the strength of my modular system. Really any heroine's chapter could happen in any order while still telling an interesting narrative.

In this case I have a few inspirations for this chapter. First is Locke's scenario from FFVI, as I previously mentioned. It's one of my favorite sequences in gaming. That said, those of you familiar with it will know I am going to take some pains to differentiate it from the Sayda chapter which also drew a little inspiration from it.

The second and obvious influence on this chapter is Spain. Notably I want the terms and locations based on Basque Spain (and Bilbao is a town in the real Basque Spain). However I will be using Spanish throughout this section because Basque is not a popular language now and I cannot be certain of using words and terms in Basque whereas I can have Spanish language speakers vet any Spanish terms I use.

As for how it will be based on Spain I intend to use Francoist Spain as an inspiration. Bilbine is the heroine of kindness, an interesting choice for the leader of a fascist regime. However it was also a highly religious Regime and this is a good chance to show off a bit of the faith of the Goddess in Overwhored and how an overzealous heroine focused on getting everyone to stick to the ideals of kindness can take it in the wrong directions.

A lot of the civilizations in Overwhored have inspirations from real world groups and locations. Nanshe's civilization of dark elves is sort of an underground Babylon; Sayda is based on Sidon (Also known as a city in Lebanon); Beerenberg is based on Norway and the Goblins are based on Australians. The connection with these isn't that strong yet. I would like to make it a clearer connection in future rewrites. People tend to forget that this game is more or less on a first draft right now. I'm more focused on getting new chapters out than polishing each one as much as I'd like. I often go back and make numerous small tweaks and revisions but those aren't really equivalent to doing a second or third draft of the script, for instance.

Some civilizations are more variable. I had originally intended to make Rubati's civilization more like Phoenecia but I haven't really fleshed it out yet, it could be more along the lines of the "generalist Englandish fantasy" type at this point. I suppose I'm obligated to include it. That was originally the intention of Wardhaven so people's expectations of fantasy aren't immediately subverted though over time I decided to make it Welsh instead. Welsh words are fun.

Bilbine's chapter has been based on Basque Spain for a long time and the intention was always to make her somewhat fascist. You could argue that most of the heroines at this point are to some degree fascist but there is some difference. Branda was a totalitarian dictator of a populace she wasn't native to and wasn't loved by. Audr was obviously inspired to some degree by tumblr (which although not totally terrible there are people there who are worse than I ever depicted Audr to be). I intend for one major difference to be that Bilbine is the leader of a truly prosperous, technologically advanced nation that was never all that evil. Indeed, in contrast to the other heroines her rule has made her state MORE prosperous. The issue, however, is the cost.

Namely what happens to those who disagree with the political or religious stance her state takes. The "unkind" are taken, encased in mechanized magical golem suits and forced to act for the rest of their lives as servants and enforcers of kindness, never again to control their own actions. I'm trying to come up with some snappy alternative to "grises" for them. Thanks to the labor of the eternally enslaved 'unkind' (ideological dissidents) Bilbao is perhaps the most prosperous and advanced city in the world. It is even a republic - albeit one where now those who do not make the right choice when voting get mechanized.

For those who do stick to the party line the place is great. It's a wonderful paradise where mechanical labor takes the place of much of the physical work people would do in the rest of the world.

If most of the world of Overwhored is somewhere around the 1400's-1500's (with some aesthetic exceptions) then Bilbao is in the 1600's with bits of the 1700's creeping in. For a modern person it would easily be the most comfortable, stylish, and safest place to live in the Overwhored world. People drink coffee and alcohol, people enjoy their vices in moderation and the whole place is well maintained.

There's an old story that presents a moral dilemma called, "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas". It goes something like this:

In a city everything is perfect, prosperous, and all people are happy. But to maintain this state of affairs one child is brutalized and isolated for their entire life in order to power the magic that makes it work. Is it worth it? Is it right?

That story had its own inspirations from a number of sources I won't go into now, but needless to say the question of whether the suffering of a few is worth it for the sake of the prosperity of the many is an age old one.

Is it worth it to live a life of wonderful comfort, prosperity, and plenty when the cost is that those who disagree with the government are trapped in a magical golem suit that will forever control their own movements? If what you replace it with won't possibly be as good for the people is it right to do it? Yes, they will forever be stuck in a state of being of having to scream and not having a robomouth to do it with. But it is for the good of all, and hey - they're criminals, right? If they didn't want to end up that way they wouldn't have broken the law. Nevermind that the law is insane; those that follow it have it made.

The Overmind, of course, won't care. The Overmind is the Overmind and a force of nature. He wants the girl, he will chase the girl, he will get the girl or die trying. Anything is justified in that pursuit. That is what he is; it is his fundamental core of being.

But will you, the player, feel the same way?

Find out in the next release of a porn game where the creator spends way too much time thinking of ethical dilemmas and reading history books when all you wanna do is masturbate.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Art stuff

I wanted to comment a bit even though I did comment recently. I've been working a heck of a lot on the game but I've also been working on some art. Also I am gonna whine a bit because I can, I guess.

So first the whining. I decided to finally spend some of the donation money you all have been giving me and be a bit extravagant for once. I'm bad at spending money so when I do spend it I tend to do so in a big way and this was no exception! Of course I'm still me. So that meant I was still going to spend it on something practical. So I went to the dentist. Yes - for the first time in a long time I could go. And I needed to because my teeth were killing me.

Turns out I need a root canal! This is not very fun news. Worse is I can't do it until next month. So I'm stuck with a bad tooth for this month. I can't just get it pulled because it's a canine tooth and I'll be damned if I lose one of those! They're my favorite teeth. So right now the sensation is... poor, to say the least. Between the pinched nerve and this I'm surprised I'm still sane.

So I've been spending time doing two things that help keep my mind off of things: The game, and art.

Alas my mapper is not present so the new maps will be mine. That's mostly what I've been doing. So you'll have to deal with some sucky maps for the next section. I'll try to get them remade later. I've got a whole city to make but the maps are the easy part. Figuring out how to program what I have in mind will be trickier. I intend to make Bilbao play out a bit like Locke's sequence in South Figaro from FFVI.

The other thing I've been doing is art. You saw the pic I did last week. Well I've been unusually productive thanks to the whole pain thing and needing a distraction. So here's a bit of what I've done lately. It's all Palutena because - I dunno, she's fun to draw and I have all these reference photos.

(There's a permanent post for the last one here:

A bit more on topic with the whole game thing I've got some lineart back for Rubati's intro scene. This was drawn by the talented member of the art team; the artist Mindwipe! This guy rocks. Go support him, okay?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hoping for a Christmas Release

There's an age old question in the adult game community. "How's your health?" There's a reason for this question. It's the excuse people use to stop making a game they no longer have the passion for. Maybe they just don't care. Maybe they have other priorities. In the end the reason doesn't matter. They're in "poor health" so they quit working on their game. 

I have gone through significant issues in my personal life I've never revealed here. I have mentioned a few things like enduring a molar that broke in half that I had to put up with for two weeks before it could get fixed. None of this has EVER stopped me from working on Overwhored. Nor do I intend to stop working on the game until it is done. You all gave me the money to work on it. It would be a fundamental and horrific breach of trust to ever abandon this game before completion. 

Things have not gone well lately. Not even slightly. Needless to say the floor in my house collapsing recently is the least of my problems. I have a permanent spinal injury that causes me constant pain and has recently caused one of my legs to alternate between extreme pain and total numbness all day. Many other things have come up as well. However this is not a place to complain about my problems and I won't. 

I have not stopped working on the game. I have continued even with things going as they are. But damn is it slowing my progress. 

My sincere hope is to have a release with a new heroine at the very least for donators near Christmas as a present for the fans of this game. If I do not I sincerely apologize. It is because things have been very, very difficult and this is ultimately something I do in my free time. I may have to get another job soon since farming stops in the winter and things have been expensive lately. Besides - I need to start saving up for a move eventually. 

I always feel guilty about how long it takes to make new sections of this game. If I get done with work and end up playing a game with my friends I stop and think, "I could be working on the game instead." Even art, my other big hobby, feels like a guilty thing. I still allow myself to do it mostly because I really do want to do my own art for my games some day. I'm still not there but I am getting closer. This is a recent picture I drew a few days back:

Yet it still feels on some level like a waste of time. If I spend an hour and a half drawing something like that I'm not spending that time on the game. 

That is part of why I'm so very reluctant to take money; why I was so hesitant to take donations in the first place. I hate that I can't give you all the speed you want and deserve. 

Why haven't I set up a Patreon? Because I don't feel like I work on the game enough to justify getting money from you. Why don't I have fund raisers and drives? Because I don't feel like I give you enough. Even when the floor in my house collapsed I didn't ask you all for money to help get it fixed.

Why? Because there is a horrible type of person out there. They make terrible adult games as a hobby. They leech all the money they can out of fans and then claim they have bad health and abandon them. They're basically ripping people off. 

I hate those people. When things take too long I always feel like I am one. That's the very last thing I want to be. 

I wish I could do this faster and give you all a new release every month. But I can't. So at least I try to give you the best I can when a new release does come out. 

I don't know why I'm going on about this now, save that the not-entirely-effective pain killers I'm on are scrambling my brain at the moment. But I want you all to know how very much I care about this game and you as fans. Yes it's a porn game. But that doesn't mean it should be bad or done halfassedly. Whether it's porn or not I want it to be the best I can make it. I've told you all in the past that this project is for me first and everyone else second. And that's true in a way - it's for the sake of me being able to look at myself as a decent human being. If I stopped this project before it finished after all you all have done for me I don't think I could live with myself. 

I wish I could give you all everything you as fans deserve. You have been extraordinarily supportive over the past several years. That's why I want to make this Christmas release despite everything going on. If I don't make it because of the way things are going I want you to know that I tried. 

If you want to help support the project right now I need game footage. To coincide with the next public release I'm going to put out a safe-for-work youtube trailer with some specially designed animation work done by the wonderful art team member Mindwipe and narration by Nekochan of Bad Kitty Games. A recording of at least 720p resolution, sound not necessary. My computer isn't good enough to run the recording programs and the game at the same time. I'm going to put in a short montage of gameplay footage in the trailer. Short clips of varied locations preferred. 

To finish things off I'll present you with the finished Nanshe intro scene. I'm going to get one of these done for each of the heroines. 

Thank you so very much for being fans.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Quick notice:

To those of you who missed out on the beta and did donate, I'll send it tomorrow. I apologize for making you wait.

Unfortunately I'm still sick and had to deal with a highly disconcerting personal crisis. Namely, I live in an old farmhouse. It comes with perks but was not built by professionals and is very, very old. Thus when my bathroom's floor rotted out and my toilet half fell through the floor without warning I was displeased to say the least, especially because the problem extends to my bedroom. I have no idea how much it'll cost to fix, but I certainly don't have the money anyway. And no, I'm not asking you all to give me that money. For now I'll just have to live without my own bathroom and use the other one and live with a warped, messed up bedroom floor. If I do get it fixed I'll have to figure out somewhere else to live for a while. Needless to say, it'll be hard to work on my adult game if I'm staying somewhere without a lot of privacy. I hope that is not the case. Thankfully my girlfriend has been doing a great job of cheering me up via sexy costumes, so I'm not terribly down about things.

For now things are still on schedule for a December release. Once I'm done with this stupid being-sick thing I'll go and crunch on the new content. I AM still active in directing the art team, at least to the extent that I am directing directions their way when I'm not resting in bed. Things need to get done regardless of what happens in life, and I apologize for not getting back to those of you who had issues getting your beta sooner.

One of the things I'm getting done is preview art for the heroines prior to battle. Non sex-scene pics, basically.

Here's one of Nanshe prior to battle inked and drawn by the artist Mindwipe:

I think it'll add a lot to the game. The finished version will have color and a background, of course, and all the heroines will get one. Get hyped!

(I love evil Nanshe, she's just the sexiest.)

Also a sidenote: Kudos to Mr Haitch, a friend from hypnohub, who included Branda in a harem scene sketch he recently did. She's on the far right. Let him know if you like it!

I also spent a morning drawing up a quick pic for Hypnohub's Halloween contest prior to all the chaos. You can see that picture here. My art skills still aren't up to project quality, alas, but I work on it when I have the time in hopes of being able to contribute more substantially to the project.

Later all!

Monday, November 3, 2014

New bug fix version tomorrow

Good news everyone! I got all of your bug reports.

Bad news: The power has been out all day. This is the unfortunate reality of living in an extremely rural area - when the power goes out (which it does with depressing regularity) it tends to go out for a while.

Also I'm still sick and unloaded a few pickup truck loads full of wood. There was no one else to do it and it had to be done now. So I'm really, really dizzy and that's not going away. I also haven't been able to cook and thus haven't been able to eat since this morning. You'd think I keep more snack foods, but nope. Just cookable stuff. The two things are, I'm guessing, related.

Most of the bugs you mentioned are already fixed, but I'm not really able to finish this up tonight. You'll get a version with the bugs fixed at some point tomorrow.

Now I'm gonna try to cook something and fall in bed. My apologies for the day long delay. Things should be back up and running then.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fixed Link Sent

The fixed version now has a download link and has been sent out. Once again, check your spam folder and make sure it isn't marked as spam.

If you are one of the nearly 200 donators and did not receive ANY message make sure to e-mail me. Also e-mail any bugs to me at

Please note that I HAVE been getting your messages, but as I'm getting quite a few it's unlikely I'll be able to respond individually to them. Please keep sending them. If there are any other bugs like this it's important that they get fixed promptly so I can move on to adding new content for the December release.

Thanks again to all contributors!

Notes and Head's Up:

If you were one of the hundred or so people who didn't get it last night, you should have it now. The beta is out!

Some notes:

The entrance to the smithy is broken. I'm going to compile a new beta with that fixed since it's a game-stopper, but you can use this save to bypass it for now:

A side note; if you were expecting the beta and didn't get it check your spam folder. Apparently some people got it flagged as spam. Please make sure it gets marked as 'not spam'.

If you did donate it and didn't get it after this and it wasn't in your spam folder, e-mail me at to me your e-mail address. I'll make sure you get it.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Slight Beta Delay for Some

Hey all, there was a problem with the e-mail list of donators. Not to worry, I did have a backup - bad news, it's a tad old.

So I'm going to be going over Paypal and copying and pasting e-mail addresses. If you didn't get the beta you'll get it first thing tomorrow! My apologies for the slight delay.

It IS out. If you don't get it tomorrow and you've donated please send me a message! I'll make sure you do.

A special thanks goes out to Badkittygames for hosing the beta.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Release Tomorrow

Well it's cold and flu season. I got my flu shot but somehow managed to get myself sick anyway. So right now I'm full-on miserable.

Plus side: The game is playable, shops are remade, and it should be good to go for tomorrow. Armor and Weapons are fairly balanced, monsters are closer to where they should be and overall things are pretty good basics-wise.

Downside: Only bosses have special abilities right now, and they are not fully fleshed out. I'm remaking all the special abilities.

Downside Two: I have not done the thorough playtesting I usually do prior to release. My sincere apologies if there's more bugs than usual. I just don't have the energy right now. Your efforts as beta testers are especially appreciated right now. Thanks to your generous donations, I have spent... $4.75 on Steam. I'm not very good at spending money. I appreciate it though, you all have actually given quite a bit.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go watch Attack of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space. May your day be filled with spooky scary skeleton blowjobs!

Source of those spooky pictures here.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Simple stuff

For the past few days I've been working about eight hours a night on the game. Most of it is just boring, mindless copy/paste stuff that will soon be done, but some of it really just illustrates WHY VX Ace is so much better.

Tonight I came across a very simple script that allowed me to have limited supplies of items in shops. That means I can simply set something like the "Repairs Work Order" to only have one copy. Then I can simply set up a shop screen like any normal shop screen.

This is effectively what it looks like, with the relevant portion highlighted in red:

It's just any normal item shop. By contrast, I was limited in how many scripts I could use in VX Vanilla because adding, modifying, or altering any script was like playing a game of Jenga that almost always broke something somewhere. As a result I had to use a workaround with the ATS multichoice system because VX Vanilla only allowed four consecutive choices. That in itself took a long time to get working because it fought with another script system I couldn't afford to remove.

This is what that looked like:

It's simple and repetitive, but that took a lot of time to initially figure out and bugtest. And adding new stuff was a headache and a half. Now? I add a number to a few lists and that crap is done in a second. Even if you do RPG Maker programming yourself you've got to admit that the first option is VASTLY superior to the second. I can already do a ludicrous number of things I couldn't in RPG Maker VX Vanilla, and it's so easy that it's like...

I don't know. It's a feeling between relief and frustration. In a few minutes I can do things that took me days before.

One other thing I should mention. The reason why the Orb of Dominion system never got fully replaced was, essentially, the above reason. I eventually got a script to make it easier. After a LONG time of fighting with the damn system it even worked without breaking the game too much.

In the end, it ended up being VASTLY more complex than the above. All I wanted to do was make an item shop that substituted Orgasmic energy for cash and it eventually became a nightmare to work on.

Now I haven't found something for this version (though I did experiment with ATS's crafting system, it might be more in-depth than I want to get since all I really want to do is write) but then again I haven't really been looking.

The focus right now has been entirely on modernizing things. As a part of that I had to fix the shops, as the database had been redone.

It took me roughly ten minutes to plug in that script, get it working, and get that shop running. It has caused no problems or bugs whatsoever.

That is how much fucking easier it is for me. It's almost painful in a way that's hard to express while also being a relief.

I dunno. But while the 0.4 Ace release won't be much different than the 0.4b release, the December release is going to be a whole new game, better in every possible way.

Now if the game only let me edit dialogue or nametags en masse. Oh well. Only the Dwarven area is left in terms of updating dialogue, then I'll be doing multiple playthroughs and tweaking bugs and improving things.

Since this nonsense is probably boring you have some delightful concept sketches done by Mindwipe. These are of the Redheaded Baker's Daughter and Blowjob Chef of Sayda, two girls you fans have wanted. The art for them is already done.

Initial concept sketch of the baker's daughter:

Finalized designs (with a slightly plumper Baker's Daughter, as she's based on a meme where she's supposed to be plump): 

Scene concept sketches:

Anyway, that's all for now! Look forward to the 1st, donators! Everyone else, December will rock.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Donator's Beta Release on the 1st of November

Well as of tonight I can say one thing with confidence:

You can play the game up until the current story is complete without bugs crashing the game in the new system (if you just play through straight without TRYING to break the game).

This doesn't mean stuff is complete though! I will have to crunch hard for the rest of the week on this because a few things still need doing.

These things are:

1: Rebuilding all shops in the game

2: Rebalancing weapons, armor, levels, and characters (about 30% done)

3: Balancing XP ratios by area

4: Add all new picture and text sets to the game (Mostly complete until Sayda)

HOWEVER, I'm actually very confident that I can get this done by the 1st of November. Why? Because all the groundwork is properly laid, the system is carefully and properly rebuilt, and I've already completed a few simple playtests.

As such I'm going to make a donators-only beta release We'll call 0.4 Ace.

This will NOT include new content for the most part. This release will purely be a bug testing release (though I'll try to squeeze a few extras in). The game has swapped platforms and as such will probably be broken in a few areas. I need YOUR help to make sure it is working right.

Remember, donations of ANY amount allow someone access to the betas.

By and large the game will look very similar to the last released version. Worry not. Next month will be devoted to building the city of Bilbao and the adventure there, as well as adding in all the art that has been completed since the last release, and that's quite a bit!

If you aren't interested in beta testing what is essentially the same game as last time you're better off waiting until Ver 0.5 in a short while. That will probably be somewhere in December.

To wet your appetite for more, have this nice sketch done by Mindwipe of the Baker's Daughter and Saydan Chef! The sex scenes for these two are already done and WILL be in Ver 0.5.

It won't be long now! Look forward to it!

Monday, October 20, 2014


On a subject that has nothing to do with this game but a great deal to do with what matters to me, I love my girlfriend a great deal.

Happy birthday. When you do your silly regular check of this blog that I so rarely update I hope that this message is a pleasant surprise.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Good progress is being made on the game, and things are definitely on schedule for a complete conversion by the end of this month and release of a new chapter by the end of the next.

The scale of the work needing to be done is, frankly, staggering. But I've had my regular work decrease and as a result have been able to put a bunch of eight hour days into working on the conversion.

What needs to be done? Every single item had to be remade or tweaked in some fashion, and as a result so did every appearance of any item in the game. I haven't totally finished with the items yet, but I've made good progress. Shops haven't been remade but the the items are sorted, working, and chests now contain what they used to.

Skills had to totally be remade. 0nymous made some really good additions to the Overmind's commands and other skills right before the converstion and those needed to be redone after. Thanks to VX Ace's "tp" system, I can make greater use of the Overmind's commands without breaking the game and making it too easy. Most skills are remade, though many are placeholders.

Weapons and armor all needed to be remade as well. There are currently placeholders for everything, including the metal tiers I mentioned in the last post. Actual balancing has to wait for now.

All the monsters had to be more or less remade. All the skills getting tossed out meant all of THEIR skills were tossed out and the conversion program didn't bring over their stats right. HOWEVER, they are functional right now after a lot of work on a purely "basic attack" basis. I'm working on tweaking them to have special attacks and abilities. One of the common complaints about Overwhored was that combat early on was boring. Thanks to VX Ace making it much easier for me to make conditional enemy attacks and the TP system making it possible for me to have abilities that don't just use MP I'm working on making combat much more interesting.

Something else I need to do - some cutscenes in the game are broken due to timing and such working just a bit differently.

However, just to list off some of the progress so far:

1: Items have been remade and work.
2: Weapons and Armor have working placeholders (unbalanced)
3: Skills have been remade and work (unbalanced)
4: The game is playable through at least the first dungeon (I haven't tested more than that with actual platests yet)
5: Name tags have been updated up to Sayda, which still needs to be fixed. Everyone has appropriate name tags and custom actor images with multiple expressions now.
6: More art is done, including one bit of art for the monstergirl village.

I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support of the project. Also, our sister project, Harem Collector, has just had a release. Go to BadKittyGames and check it out!

I look forward to a Christmas time release of Overwhored for you all!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Magical Metals and History

Today I'm working on redoing the weapons list. To this end, I've had to think a bit about the weapons I want to make.

Most fantasy games just jump right in and have a pretty standard tier level. Wood, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Diamond, Special.

This will not be what I do because that list is crap. To illustrate why I'm going to go over some different metals used in history and various mythical metals as well as my interpretation of them.

My tier list will go as such. Wood, Iron, Bronze, Steel, Orihalcum, Mithril, Adamant, Special.

First let's talk about why I don't rank Bronze below Iron. Simple answer: It's WAY FUCKING BETTER.

When people think of bronze they think of the ancient Greeks primarily. They think it's a more primitive metal and an iron sword is able to cut through it like a hot knife through butter. This is wrong - REALLY wrong.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. In decorative mixes it's very soft and is worthless for combat. In combat ready mixes it's roughly equivalent to mid-grade steel. It holds an edge less well than Iron but makes great armor. It is, however, pretty heavy compared to steel.

Bronze saw a massive rise in ancient Greece because they were able to strike up trade and get both copper and tin, the primary ingredients of bronze. Iron wasn't hard to access - Iron is EVERYWHERE. Crappy iron is very brittle though, and without decent refining techniques most iron is going to be crappy. The decline of bronze is pretty easy to explain. Once those techniques existed Iron was a lot cheaper than bronze and didn't rely on trade (because iron is everywhere). Once trade broke down and Greece started to go into decline Iron eclipsed it - but Iron was NOT better. There's a reason the "Iron Age" is considered a barbaric decline of the "Bronze Age".

The biggest differences between bronze and Iron can be summarized. Bronze bends, Iron breaks. Bronze is heavier than Iron. Iron can make longer weapons than bronze and holds an edge better, but Bronze is much more durable and doesn't have that whole rust problem and will last basically forever.

Steel is light, flexible, springy and tough. It also took a LOT of work to make properly before modern methods were invented and not a lot of it was made. It's flat out better than any other historical material though. Today we have various metals and alloys that do better than steel at certain jobs. Aluminum is lighter but not stronger than steel so it's very useful in aircraft (it was also EXTREMELY rare and valuable before the invention of a process to extract Aluminum from bauxite). Titanium is very strong but brittle, and so on.

Going by real material strengths you can pretty reasonably make a tier list for these materials. Wood, stone, and bone, Iron, Bronze, Steel. If you want to add other metals like Copper most go right below Iron and just about everything better than steel at a given job didn't exist before the industrial revolution.

Now onto mythical metals. There's a lot of those, but I decided to take three and make a simple tier list for them as well. Their existence is based on the idea that you can take the above materials and magically enhance them.

First, Orihalcum. Historically this was considered "gold bronze" and was a mythical metal that has been lost to time. It's fairly simple to figure out how this would be made in my world. It's an alloy of combat grade bronze and gold enhanced with magic to make it tougher. I would place it as stronger than steel but much heavier. In essence, it's bronze but moreso. It's somewhat traditional these days for Orihalcum to be 'anti-magic' so I have little issue with assigning that property to it. It's magically enhanced, magically resistant bronze. Great for armor,blunt weapons and magic defense.

Second, Mythril. The term was invented by Tolkien but is used by prettymuch everyone so I feel fairly okay with using it. The substance described in the Lord of The Rings series and The Hobbit was more like Aluminum than anything else but I decided to take a different path. I'm going to treat it as mundane silver that undergoes magical enhancement. Silver is historically a material famous for magical properties and associations with purity. Silver itself is fairly useless as a weapons material. I'm simply going to figure that magic makes it tough enough that it's similar to steel in strength but acts as an excellent channel for magic. So it'll only be slightly stronger than steel as a material for weapons and armor, but will be an amazing enhancer for magic.

Third, Adamant. Adamant is a term that comes from the ancient Greeks meaning "Untameable". Over time it has come to be associated with diamond and very hard metals. You probably heard of it first from Wolverine of the X-Men, but I assure you the term existed long before him. I'm going to treat it as high-grade steel magically enhanced with microscopic diamonds built into the material itself; a mix of steel and carbon nanotubes, sort of like Damascus Steel but magic. This makes it an especially great material for weapons and armor, but it is not especially resistant to magic and doesn't really boost magic either.

"Special" weapons are enhanced with high level magic and is made from a mixture of the above materials or special versions of the above materials, like Mithril forged from silver collected from Meteorites and enhanced with lunar light based magic or Adamant armor plated with Orihalcum to create armor that's extremely tough and resistant to magic. I'm tempted to throw in other materials from myth but I feel these three cover the bases well enough.

 A lot of this is presented fairly matter of fact because I can't afford to take too much time to write out this post, but do feel free to look up some historical mythical metals and real metals. My advice? Go look up ancient China. They were on the verge of the industrial revolution for much of their history and had a truly impressive amount of amazing materials. They were making and coating steel and bronze with Chrome - a material not used for plating metals in the world at large until the 1800's - during the Qin dynasty. That's 2000 years ago.

A few periods in history have some incredible peaks in terms of the metals and materials they can make. The Ancient Greeks, India's Golden Age, the Chinese at various points and the Middle East during its golden age all produced incredible materials. I strongly encourage you all to go look it up and enjoy it! It's truly fascinating to see how people throughout history have made miracles out of their land and the forge carries a special kind of magic all its own.

Now does any of this really have much of an impact on a porn game? Nnnnnope. But it sure is fun to talk about!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Possible Deadlines

So here's what's going on. My day jobs have sadly been interfering with me having free time. Fortunately it is now Autumn, which means I will get free time once again. Free time is good, because that's when I work on the game.

One thing I've realized while I've worked on this is that I work best with deadlines, even if they're sorta iffy ones. So here's one: I want to finish fixing the game from the conversion by the end of October. Then I want to finish Chapter Five by the end of December and provide a release right around Christmas. I cannot GUARANTEE that these will be the release periods, but I'll do my damndest to make sure they are if I can.

I want to thank everyone for the continued support and donations. I haven't set up my Patreon yet as I didn't want to start regularly taking money until I could sit down and make sure I have the free time to work.

Some side notes: When the next version comes out I will release a trailer for the game with art done by the awesome Mindwipe. He did the animation in the opening for free, so please thank this guy. He is fucking AWESOME. I have a rough skeleton design of it done, narrated by Nekochan of badkitty games. It needs audio editing and gameplay footage. When it's done it'll go up on youtube.

Speaking of Nekochan I've taken over editing the audio for the podcasts. Not having time for working on Overwhored means not having time to work on editing audio. Hopefully those of you that enjoy the Indecent Podcast will get to hear more of us soon.

Also my girlfriend was ticked I took credit for the names on a notepad idea a while back. I've avoided mentioning that she exists to respect her privacy up until now but since she wanted me to give credit where it was due she gets the credit for that.

Thanks again for being fans, everyone.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Conversion Process Continues

This is gonna be a fairly short post. I just wanted to mention that yes, I am indeed working on the game quite a bit. There's a lot of busy work to do in converting between systems - not everything converts over cleanly.  Sometimes the differences are very minor but have a big impact on the game itself.

For instance, in the previous version of the game name tags were inserted with the code: \nb[Character Name]

However, the new version of the game also has a script that provides name tags. This system is slightly different, in that the code is written: \nb{Character Name}

This slight difference basically means I have to manually go through and rewrite every single name tag in the game. That's an example of busywork. I also have to redo every single monster, every single skill, most items, basically every character, and so on. Thankfully the dialogue and actual scenes in the game translated over pretty well.

0nymous has been working hard on this as well. Together we're making some nice progress on maps and on the system. Before long we'll have finished the basic conversions and will begin working on Bilbao, the city of chapter 5.

Of course the art is coming along as well. I just got some nice scenes of the Sasquatch girl who will be in the Monstergirl village. I think you all will enjoy it when you see it.

Finally, NO I do not have a timeline for release! I haven't got the slightest clue how long this will take, as converting between systems is bound to throw up a few little roadblocks here and there I have no way of predicting. Making a new chapter alone should take a month or two when I can knuckle down on it (delays in previous releases were mostly me fighting with the system to get it to do stuff VX Ace does without anything special) but converting I have no way to predict. Hopefully soon.

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll see the next release of this game before the end of the year. Probably sooner than that.

Donators: I might send you an early copy before chapter 5's content is done to see if there are bugs in the conversion. This will be identical storywise to the previous versions, but will be focused on testing how well the game works in the new system. Once again I do NOT have a release date for this, it's just an advance notice.

Thanks again for being fans!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thanks for the Pizza!

I wanted to pop in today and give a special thanks to those who donated lately. I had my first pizza in a year yesterday. It was one of those very delicious ones with all the veggies, especially artichoke heart which I find delicious. It was like a group of veggie-based monstergirls had an orgy on top of the pizza. Very tasty!

I've been getting a bit more work done on the game; it seems I may have to redo skills. That's just as well since I intended to redo them anyway. I had already created new abilities for everyone and hadn't filled them out yet. Plus side: Regeneration should be pretty easy to pull off, I think. So much frustration with trying to get that to work in the last damn system.

The Sayda Sisters pictures are almost done save for the orgy scene with the two of them and I've gotten back some sketches of monstergirls from one of the coolest members of the art team; Drew.

I'll show you some sketches. I won't be using Drew's Yuki-Ona because I've already got an Ice Spirit in the game (She's a main heroine!) but I will show you a couple of preview sketches.

First off, some previews of art from Mindwipe:

And second, the sketches by Drew!

Out of those sketches the Sasquatch girl is by far my favorite. My thanks to whoever suggested it forever ago! The sketches by drew (except the last one, the Yuki Onna) represent girls you'll find in the Monstergirl village. I'll add in some others to replace her, don't worry!

Thanks again for all the support, and especially for the pizza!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Converting the Game

Hey all! I wanted to go ahead and update you on the game.

First off I work on a farm as one of my jobs. As such I'm ALWAYS very, very busy during the summer, to the extent that I did work myself sick twice recently. For most game devs this would be bad news and excuse not to work on a game, but for me that's fairly good news. Why? Because when I'm stuck on bedrest during the periods where I'm awake I can actually have time to work on the game. And what work I've been doing.

Long story short the biggest thing I've been doing lately is converting the game from RPG Maker VX to RPG Maker VX Ace. To 0nymous's (The team map maker) credit he wanted to do this a long time ago and I avoided it because I hoped I could work around some of the problems with vanilla RPG Maker VX. I eventually did decide it was just too much bother. It's an incomplete and dead system and an endless headache. VX Ace is complete, has new scripts, and frankly does every damn thing better than VX vanilla.

Good news: There was an automatic converter that did 99% of the work for me, and I've mostly been looking for game breaking bugs and converting over the fair amount of stuff that didn't make the transition. Well that and working with scripts (custom programming for the game).

You as players probably won't notice a lot of difference in the end, but *I* will, and I know 0nymous will. Mapping is infinitely easier now that we don't have to use SwapXT. You see - in VX Ace you can use as many tiles as you like, but in Vanilla you got the default and one extra small page worth of customs. That's IT. SwapXT lets you get around that but it's a pain to work with. That's just one example of the MANY artificial limitations VX vanilla forces you to work around.

Everything is 100% easier in VX Ace, basically. I had always intended to do any sequels and expansions in it but hadn't expected to make this transition. I was simply working on the game one day and after the fifth time of running my head against one of the limitations of the very crappy and incomplete RPG Maker VX vanilla I just decided to convert. Good news: Everything is just a hell of a lot easier now. I don't expect it'll take very long to complete the transition.

I have a lot of new art done, including the VERY LAST sex scene in the game. Because there's a LOT of spoilers involved in this I can only show you the background, but damn. That is a fucking awesome background. Sleepymaid has outdone even the normal crazy good standards of her work on this one.

I'll dole out more art previews in coming weeks. As for an ETA - because I know you'll want one - depending on how much real life work I have to do (which will probably be a lot) and any snags during the conversion I haven't hit yet I'm expecting somewhere between 1-3 months.

Also I may launch a Patreon soon. While the game is fully funded I've also sunk a lot of my own money in the game and wouldn't mind recouping some of the costs. Won't be too choked up if I don't but hey, I haven't had a pizza in a year. I'll prolly buy one if I get cash enough. Apparently you can still make donations to my Paypal right now so you can still take advantage of that if you want.

Thanks for being fans!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Status Update

Hi All! I'm still alive and still working on the game, but I've been so busy with work this month that I haven't had a lot of time to crunch down on it.

In fact, I hadn't played so much as a single session of a videogame for almost a month until a few days ago. I managed to get in a tiny bit of minecraft with Sleepymaid, but otherwise - too busy.

That's not to say progress isn't happening. It is. I'm working on chapter 5's maps and working out the story, and I'm finally getting the Princess Melita/Princess Tasa sex scenes worked on as well as the maids.

I'll show you two little previews of some of the nice stuff you'll see in the future:

These are some design sketches by the awesomely skilled Mindwipe.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Paypal is being a dick

Well, we all knew it would happen eventually, right? You probably won't be able to donate for a while.

Ironically it has nothing to do with Overwhored. I accidentally clicked on on a paypal card application button when it popped up a few weeks back and they've been steadily trying to freeze my account until I give them all my personal info ever since then.

I don't keep all the project money in paypal to be safe.

Still, if you try to donate and find you can't, well, that's why.

I'll work on an alternative donation method soon and paypal might get fixed at some point.

This will NOT stop the project and does not affect my ability to pay artists - just your ability to give extra money to me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Indecent Gaming Podcast

Hi everyone! Another episode of the Indecent Gaming podcast just came out. Nab it here!

(Side note: Sorry about the slow pace of releases; I have NOTHING to do with how fast they come out.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Medri Streaming Overwhored Art NOW

Medri is currently streaming some art of the Tower Mistress. Check it out!

(Also a small note following up on Penken; I'm just helping push a new artist, he is not on the team or being hired for the project.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Silly Art

I rarely post my own art here, and this one is pretty silly. But I’m totally happy with how it turned out and wanted to share it.

This is based on the fan made videogame Psycho Waluigi. Once I found out that Mind Control is a thing in it this image popped in my head and I HAD to draw it. Special thanks to Sleepymaid for help with the shading.

And yes, I've been working on the game lately, but I want to wait for a slightly more substantial bit of work before I update you. 

Medri will also be streaming some Overwhored art later tonight, drawing the Tower Mistress battle sprites.

I don't know when the stream will start but feel free to check it out, it ought to be fun!

PenKen Art Stream:

Hi All! Cypress here to promote an artist. The artist is not a part of the art team but I wanted to give a push to this new artist.

Check out his art stream here!

And see a sample of the sort of work he does here:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Art Stream

Hey all, a member of the art team is streaming some art at the moment; if you want to watch some drawing being drawn take a look!

There might be an Overwhored pic drawn sometime tonight, but no guarantees. Either way you'll see some fun stuff.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Indecent Gaming Podcast Episode 2

Turns out this has been up for a while but it never got updated on the main page of badkitty games and I didn't know about this page.

Check out the podcast featuring NoMoshing, MagicWhitelady/Chibi, and myself.

A German Game - Maybe Recommendation?

Alright, so I had a couple of people ask me about this in the comment section of the last post.

There is a German made H-Game I am aware of. It's entirely in German, a language I do not speak. So let's start with the disclaimers before I recommend anything.

First, my understanding of this game has been pieced together from some very limited personal translations, discussions on various sites and so on. I could be completely off about it. This is a Renpy game and I have not yet found a good way to translate Renpy games so I've played very little of it myself.

Second, this was made by Krautchan. AKA the 2chan/Russian 2chan/4chan of Germany. It's a chan game, which means that it's going to be very politically incorrect in just about every respect. And much like 4chan's Katawa Shoujo, it seems to be very high quality in every respect, especially the art. But that doesn't mean it won't be offensive, because it's almost certainly meant to run on offensive humor. I'll go into that below.

Third, and this is the big one, the entire game is focused on lolicon. AKA sex with cartoon children. If you are from a country where that is illegal (I am not) you will want to avoid this entirely.

I'll talk about that subject for a moment now. First, people who cannot separate fantasy from reality scare me. It isn't just that they want to ban everything, it's also that they legitimately think that people who read Moby Dick will go out and hunt white whales, people who play Call of Duty or watch Rambo will go out on violent killing sprees. They also think that people who play games with lolicon will go out and rape actual children. There's a pretty distinct difference between fiction and reality. Reading books, playing video games and watching movies is not a form of mind control.

In real life you choose every action you take and you should (as far as I'm concerned) take full responsibility for all of your own actions. You should not be able to blame books, television, video games or the devil for your own evil actions.  The only exception is if you are legitimately insane, in which case the media you consume will not change the fact that you are insane.

I do not include content like this in Overwhored for many reasons. The main reason is that it would kill mass appeal and would probably lead to me being harassed. I have no desire to deal with that. There's the equally important secondary concern that I just don't feel that it fits with the setting or content of the game that already exists.

So my big disclaimer for this game is this: I don't give a damn what fictional content you get off to as long as it remains in the realm of fiction. Pixels, words, and ink cannot and do not feel pain and the reality portrayed in a fictional world is, as often as not, NOT parallel to our own. Do not assume that fiction and real life are the same thing. That's insane.

If you live in a place like Canada, Australia or the UK your government does not agree with that sentiment. Lolicon is illegal there and in Australia a man was convicted as a sex offender for having porn of The Simpsons. Better safe than sorry.

People from those countries make up a large portion of my fans. So I will specifically NOT link to any actual adult content from this game; I don't want you afraid to come to this blog.

Now that the long, rambling disclaimer is done, let's talk about the actual game: Unteralterbach.

(This picture is the cover of the soundtrack but is the closest thing to an actual decent cover I've found for it, so I'm going with this.)

Unteralterbach is a game where you play a Krautchanner selected more or less by accident to run an organization that goes after pedophiles. If you're an American, this is like putting a /b/-tard in charge of the FBI.

Of course it doesn't end there. Major characters in the game appear to be based on various moral crusaders in Germany. The plot would probably be best understood by Americans like this.

Imagine if Chris Hanson had children and under his nose they were doing everything they could to get laid. While he's out doing "To Catch a Predator" his daughters are trying to have sex with the krautchanner responsible for an organization that's supposed to keep kids from having sex.

Everything I've been able to tell would indicate this game is highly politically incorrect, full of satirical, sexual, and black humor and is really damn funny.

I can't even really understand the language and the base concept of it still cracks me up.

I have seen the art - the artwork for this game is amazing and I seriously wish I could steal their artists, though I doubt I could afford them. It's totally consistent and high quality.

Again I'll state that because it's a chan game it's based on offensive humor. The lead writer goes by the name of Anne Frank, for instance. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Also when you download the game some people are concerned that the name of the file is "bundestrojaner_win". It's not a trojan; it's a pun. It means "Federal Trojan", the name of an actual bit of spyware used by the German government to collect data from suspects. In this case it has an obvious double meaning.

Do I recommend it? I don't speak the language, so it could be something I wouldn't recommend. However, what I can understand seems to indicate that it's a funny, high quality game. So I say go for it.

And if you're a German fan please go slap their team up side the head and tell them to hurry up with the English translation already. I want to play the game!

(Not that I'm one to complain since I haven't translated my game into German yet, but my game isn't even done; theirs is.)

Seems I was wrong about the meaning of the Bundestrojaner thing, it's an in-joke. See the comments for what it really means.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Audience and Inspirations:

Well, I did a round up a while ago of who looks at this blog the most. I love information and data so I pay close attention to statistics, referring sites and so on.

So let's look at the stats again.

 1: United States

2: Germany

3: Japan

4: United Kingdom

5: Canada

6: Australia

7: Poland

8: Russia

9: France

10: Sweden

So we have some big changes now! This sort of thing fluctuates over time, but basically the top contenders have regularly been the UK, Germany, US, and Canada. Germany has basically always been #2, because apparently my game appeals to Germans in a big way. Why? I have no idea. Maybe Germany has a big mind control fetish?

Anyway, the big news is the new nation on the block, Japan. I have not gone out to gain any sort of publicity in Japan whatsoever. I don't speak Japanese and frankly there's so much competition overseas that I never even began to think anyone there would care. But apparently they do - they've knocked the UK out for the third place spot. Where are they coming from? Yes, apparently they're actually looking me up on google independently - I have no idea how they found out about this game. But I'm happy! Japanese games have been a big inspiration for Overwhored, and I sincerely hope that the new Japanese fans enjoy the game.

Frankly I'd be overjoyed to have a Japanese translation done. As it is I do have someone working on it, but to date no translations (for any language) are complete.

Australia has actually fallen on the list; a bit of a disappointment I think. I did base the goblins on your country, after all. Mind you, I probably didn't do a very good job of it, but I like Australians!

... Okay, I like Australian women. That accent is amazing. Just gimmie all your women Australia, that's all I'm saying.

On that note I'm going to be putting the goblin sex scene in the game pretty soon. The art for it is done so I have little reason to hold off on that.

 I don't think I'll go into humorous diversions on all the countries this time. I will say I found a site referring to this one from Russia and BRIEFLY panicked before I realized they weren't out to burn down everything. They're just normal fans of the game.

I have an odd relationship with Russia; I grew up in a military family during the cold war and grew up CONVINCED that when the evil Russians decided to destroy the world with nuclear hellfire I'd be a soldier fighting them. Turns out I never did get to fight the Russians. Just as well though - every online game I've ever played where Russians were allowed to participate is like hell come to Earth. I have yet to be convinced that Russians are totally human and not demonic griefers wearing human skin, but I'll hold an open mind for now. I can't really hold their quest to capture all the cute Ukranian girls against them, I mean - would totally invade Ukraine so I could have all their cute women if I could. They're pretty cute.

Also I'm pleased as always to have the Scandinavian nations such as Norway be fans of the game. They love buttsex, I do too. I think buttsex with a cute girl is a pretty cool sex act, I'll do my best to put more of it in the game for you all. Since the Dwarves are based on Norway maybe I'll see about getting some dwarf girl buttsex in.

By the way, I noticed one of the most common search terms (and one of the oft repeated questions in that thread) was where the docks are in Sayda. There's a secret girl you can collect there who will have a sex scene eventually (her art isn't done yet, but you can collect her) who dies if you don't find her before defeating Branda.

I'm remaking some of these maps, but the entrance is now much easier to find. This is what it looks like now:

The entrance is in the same place in the current version of the game. Just follow the giant red arrow.

The second thing I wanted to talk about today was one of the big inspirations for my game, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

I draw inspiration from a lot of old games - Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Tales of Destiny being a few, but the Lunar series has been one of the strongest influences on this game. Often I've tried to make the game play more like Lunar only to be stopped by RPG Maker's limitations. 

I originally played Lunar 2 on the Sega CD. Years later when Lunar 1 and 2 were remade for the playstation I bought the hell out of them; Working Designs did an AMAZING job with the localization of the remake. And the swag it came with was phenomenal. 

Lunar and Lunar 2 were somewhat revolutionary in their day. They did a lot of things other RPGs of the time didn't. They had full voice acting which was surprisingly good by the standards of the time, full animated cutscenes on part with anime, which was very hot at the time, and a whole hell of a lot of little things. 

I don't doubt that it's the whole reason I have a fetish for naked girls floating in crystals. I mean, Lunar 2 started with a naked girl floating in a crystal, and the first time I saw that I was like "Whooooaaaaaah". 

You can watch the intro for yourself (Superior Playstation Remake Version) here:

Truth be told, although the games were often excessively sunny and a bit cheesy at times, I LOVE that sort of thing. Now my stuff is often a bit darker, so that might surprise you. But I adore the everloving hell out of games like this.

If I had a gorillion dollars I'd probably give most of it away (I don't personally care about money that much) but one thing I'd set aside cash for would be to make another Lunar game.

I love the gameplay, I love the story, I love the voice acting, I love the cutscenes, I love the dragon-cats, I love every single thing about the two Lunar games, though Lunar 2 remains my favorite of the two.

Mind you, Lunar 1 had some amazing scenes too , like this:

The original version of Lunar 1 was highly flawed though; it still had random battles rather than 'walk into monsters on the screen encounters' and is heavily dated in many respects. The remake is amazing and takes a lot from Lunar 2 though.

It's also hard not to love the characters. I think this is the main reason I like Lunar 2 so much. I adore Lemina and Leo and most of the cast of Lunar 2. Many of the characters are big hams; I personally love characters with larger-than-life personalities and egos.

Often I wonder these days why there isn't more porn of Lina Inverse or more porn of Lunar. While there is actually not a terrible amount of Slayers porn out there (though I can never get enough of Lina) there's almost no porn of Lunar. There's one really terrible neotare doujin of Lunar 1 and one other that's really short and not very good and that's about it that I've heard of.

This is a tragedy. Where's the porn of Lemina? Mauri? Lucia? This is utterly goddamn unacceptable.

I hereby vow to publicly post some porn of it once I'm a bit better at art. And if you draw some good Lunar 2 porn I will personally give you a cameo in Overwhored. Seriously, show me some Lemina with her ancestor Mia, or some Mauri with anybody or Luna and Lucia or frankly just about anything! If it's good, BAM! Cameo.

I love the Lunar series and if I could, I'd make Overwhored just like it. (Spoilers: The Tower Mistress's True identity is a dragon-cat. Okay, not really. But I'm tempted...) Unfortunately I can't so I won't. I can't afford to hire someone like Zone to give everyone the animations, the system can't handle battles the same way and there's a lot of other things. It sucks.

But I'll try to give you the best characters I can. I hope with all sincerity that you all enjoy them and are inspired to make your own h-games as the Lunar series inspired me.

As a final post here the awesome Nekochan of badkittygames drew a pic of the Tower Mistress a while back. The style was so much like Lunar's style I damn near nostalgiagasmed. I love it. I don't know if I've posted it here before but if I have - well, it's so nice I'll post it twice.

Thanks all! Hop on the IRC sometime and I'll gush about Lunar some more.

It's:  #hgamedesign on