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Monday, March 9, 2015

New Version Up Today

Hey all. As I said, there will be a new version up today. I've decided to keep the monstergirl village locked for now because frankly it feels much too empty. I could have whipped up a bunch of background characters pretty fast - but really? It's better to wait just a bit and have it totally finished.

There are partial combat updates and monsters chase you. Bilbao's religious district has a lot more NPC's. Captain Oola's sex scene is now in, full of extra Aussie slang. I asked and Aussie writer about it and they said to go all out with the slang, so fuck it. I did. Any Aussies playing the game can let me know what they think.

Frankly this update won't be huge, but you'll definitely notice a lot of the effects on combat and in dungeons in the early game. The volcano dungeon and Bilbao haven't yet been fully updated to the new respawning/chasing monster style. You can see my last post where I go over why there isn't a ton  of new content in this one. I don't personally think this update is worth a total new playthrough for those that have already played the game to Bilbao, but it's worth loading up a save and checking out Captain Oola's sex scene at least.

It'll be available at the normal download link later today as Ver. 0.5.1. The actual content changes are small enough that I don't think it's worth going through a proper beta with this. Let me know if anything causes a crash. Most of the combat updates and various new stuff has been tested carefully, so I don't expect a lot of issues with that. Still, keep an eye open.

I'm gonna start responding to e-mails tomorrow as I'll finally have the time to do so. Expect me to get around to finding ways to get the time consuming issues taken care of.

EDIT: It is now updated.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tomorrow's Update

Well, let's start off with this: It won't have everything I want it to have.

Here is what I wanted this to include.

-Combat updates
-Monstergirl Village
-Group Battle
-Cowgirl Farm
-Bilbao's religious district populated

On the face of it that seems easy. Indeed, much of the underlying work for that stuff IS done.

Here's what is done as of right now.

-Partial Combat Updates
-Partial Monstergirl Village
-Bilbao's Religious District

So why is so little actually finished? I feel I owe you an explanation, especially considering that I extended this for a week in hopes of getting more in.

Mostly it comes down to some invisible (to you) but time consuming things. Implementing all of the scripts for combat and getting them to play nice together took a lot of time. Having some custom stuff made also took time. In total, this actually took more than the week I wanted it to. That said, I already explained why I didn't go all out on the combat updates right away in a previous blog post.

However I was fairly confident the monstergirl village would be swift.

It was not.

The main reason the MGV is sucking up so much time is the custom sprites. Each damn one takes a full day's worth of work. I'll be working with people on getting those done - I've gotten some e-mails, and I'll be messaging some of you back soon. Also an issue - I just hit writer's block here. I've been getting help with it from some other writer's friends, but trying to get the writing in the village to the level you all are accustomed to has just been a monumental challenge for me. I don't know WHY the MGV has been so difficult to write, but it has. It's pretty simple on the face of it. You have the sealed tomb of the first daughter, which is like a short tourist attraction. Then you have a few monstergirls with minigames that let you get a sex scene with them. Coming up with those minigames has just been an enormous headache though. I have the art - I have the sex scenes themselves sketched out, but getting the minigames written out is just... bleh.

Plus I know you all will want sex scenes for every girl in the village, but there's only four sex scenes in the village itself. A Fairy, a Lamia, a Sasquatch, and a Kitsune. Of those I've only made any real progress with the minigame for that. I've got to come up with excuses as to why you aren't going to bang the other monstergirls I use in the background when I write them. That makes THEM a headache too.

The cowgirl farm is pretty easy. Just buy it from the princesses after Bilbine's chapter when Bilbine, as an alchemist, is able to make the potions for you reliably. Then you'll get options to corrupt the princesses and make them into cowgirls themselves. However it takes place AFTER Bilbine's chapter, which means that the attack on the tower will happen first. That means there's no point in writing that content until after the battle scene.

The attack on the tower is going to be a big, complex undertaking. It will be very worth it when it is done but at the pace other stuff has been going at I haven't been able to undertake serious work on it yet.

I want to make it VERY clear that I'm not giving you all excuses for not getting this done. I misjudged how long it'd take to do this stuff and for that, I apologize. I will put out a release tomorrow that is mostly going to focus on monster/combat updates and Bilbao's content getting filled in. As soon as I get them done I'll release a version with the monstergirl village, then the attack on the tower and cowgirl farm, and once that's done I'll start working on Ilmatar's chapter.

Today will not be a hard work day. I got eight hours of sleep last night - something I didn't get on Saturday or Friday, considering I didn't sleep those two days because I was working throughout - not just on the game, but on tasks for my other jobs as well. I'll polish things up and ready it for the release I outlined above in the "what's done now" section.

As a side note I was put in charge of a minecraft server for the hypnohub community more or less out of nowhere. (I didn't ask for it, but I might as well do it.) I've managed to spend about a grand total of an hour playing on that server since it went up a week ago, so I'll be enjoying a little bit of that today. I make games but I almost never get to play any. I think it's alright for me to take half a day off. No matter how much I crunch it'd be impossible for me to get everything into this release I wanted to.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Needing Spriters

Hey all, let me know if you know anyone who can do decent work on sprites or where to find them. I'm doing these myself and it takes several hours for each. I'd MUCH rather spend the time writing.

Yes, I'll pay cash for it. They'll mostly look like these:

You'll also get base sprites to work from and not have to do it from scratch. I'm slow and not the best at sprite work. Send me someone who can do it faster and better, please. Those two sucked up about 6+ hours each and I have several more to do yet with a release next week. I hate using placeholders.

The less time I spend doing stuff like this the more time I can spend adding content to the game.