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Monday, October 27, 2014

Simple stuff

For the past few days I've been working about eight hours a night on the game. Most of it is just boring, mindless copy/paste stuff that will soon be done, but some of it really just illustrates WHY VX Ace is so much better.

Tonight I came across a very simple script that allowed me to have limited supplies of items in shops. That means I can simply set something like the "Repairs Work Order" to only have one copy. Then I can simply set up a shop screen like any normal shop screen.

This is effectively what it looks like, with the relevant portion highlighted in red:

It's just any normal item shop. By contrast, I was limited in how many scripts I could use in VX Vanilla because adding, modifying, or altering any script was like playing a game of Jenga that almost always broke something somewhere. As a result I had to use a workaround with the ATS multichoice system because VX Vanilla only allowed four consecutive choices. That in itself took a long time to get working because it fought with another script system I couldn't afford to remove.

This is what that looked like:

It's simple and repetitive, but that took a lot of time to initially figure out and bugtest. And adding new stuff was a headache and a half. Now? I add a number to a few lists and that crap is done in a second. Even if you do RPG Maker programming yourself you've got to admit that the first option is VASTLY superior to the second. I can already do a ludicrous number of things I couldn't in RPG Maker VX Vanilla, and it's so easy that it's like...

I don't know. It's a feeling between relief and frustration. In a few minutes I can do things that took me days before.

One other thing I should mention. The reason why the Orb of Dominion system never got fully replaced was, essentially, the above reason. I eventually got a script to make it easier. After a LONG time of fighting with the damn system it even worked without breaking the game too much.

In the end, it ended up being VASTLY more complex than the above. All I wanted to do was make an item shop that substituted Orgasmic energy for cash and it eventually became a nightmare to work on.

Now I haven't found something for this version (though I did experiment with ATS's crafting system, it might be more in-depth than I want to get since all I really want to do is write) but then again I haven't really been looking.

The focus right now has been entirely on modernizing things. As a part of that I had to fix the shops, as the database had been redone.

It took me roughly ten minutes to plug in that script, get it working, and get that shop running. It has caused no problems or bugs whatsoever.

That is how much fucking easier it is for me. It's almost painful in a way that's hard to express while also being a relief.

I dunno. But while the 0.4 Ace release won't be much different than the 0.4b release, the December release is going to be a whole new game, better in every possible way.

Now if the game only let me edit dialogue or nametags en masse. Oh well. Only the Dwarven area is left in terms of updating dialogue, then I'll be doing multiple playthroughs and tweaking bugs and improving things.

Since this nonsense is probably boring you have some delightful concept sketches done by Mindwipe. These are of the Redheaded Baker's Daughter and Blowjob Chef of Sayda, two girls you fans have wanted. The art for them is already done.

Initial concept sketch of the baker's daughter:

Finalized designs (with a slightly plumper Baker's Daughter, as she's based on a meme where she's supposed to be plump): 

Scene concept sketches:

Anyway, that's all for now! Look forward to the 1st, donators! Everyone else, December will rock.


  1. Hey man, contact me next time you're online, I'll send you the script I use for the satisfaction exchange menu in HC.

  2. i have always like VX ace the fact that it has premade maps is ++
    saves a lot of time