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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ver 0.3 Released!

The wait is over! The general public release is now!

Enjoy! Let me know if there are other specific hosts you'd like. Medifire is out, but others I can use without a registration are an option.

EDIT: Since people are asking I'll state what I said in the Beta posts again: There are a number of subtle changes between previous versions and this one, mostly small and too numerous to list. The primary difference is that Princess Melita's path is now active. Old saves from 0.2.6 should work with this version. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day or two Off

Normally I'd be working hard to get the general release done, but I went in to the dentist to get a filling done today. It turned out to be too far gone and I didn't have root canal money, so I had it pulled. It didn't numb well and was utterly excruciating. I hate that I was born with brittle teeth.

I hereby rank this as the fifth most painful thing I've experienced in my life. For reference, accidentally half chopping one of my fingers off with an axe is probably somewhere around #20.  The events leading up to temporarily being legally dead at one point are #2.

Anyway, because I'm in quite a lot of pain still I'm taking a day or two off. The general release should come on Monday. Probably.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beta 2 Will Be Sent Out Soon

Sometime in the next few hours I'm going to send out links. This'll be the middle of the night for a lot of you, but you'll be able to play whenever you like.

Also, you may have noticed a new "Nanshe" theme to the blog. This will remain until I am bored with it.Shame I can't get the background animated, but maybe that's for the best. I prefer my backgrounds not to be TOO distracting.

Still, enjoy the Nanshe skeledance party for a while.

We've officially reached 69% of the total funding goal for the extras. Thank you everyone! Skeledance party in celebration!

And the second beta is officially out to donators now!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Version 0.3 Beta is released to donators today!

The beta is ready. It's being uploaded as we speak, and in an hour or two you should see an e-mail with the link to download it.

The biggest difference is that Princess Melita's path is now available. There are a LOT of little differences, however, so keep your eyes open for bugs.

A Few Notices:

1: As I prepared this I forgot to remove a testing shortcut character standing outside Princess Tasa's house in Sayda. Looks like an Ogre. Don't talk to it, as it'll almost certainly cause horrendous bugs. It'll be removed in the second version of the beta.

2: The "Upgrade Loyalty" option in the slave pits does not yet work. Shade can be learned early by spending Orgasmic energy. In the second beta and later it will be the only way to learn shade.

3: I rewrote the militia slave's sex scene, check it out!

4: There's a new title screen and custom battle sprites for Rubati and Nanshe.

5: There is still not a servant's quarter to the tower. I'll have that done in version 0.4, along with the Dwarven Heroine's path.

There'll be a lot lot of little tweaks and a few large ones. Bugs may lurk almost everywhere, so please check carefully. Please report the bugs here:

To those of you who have donated and are about to receive this beta: I salute you. I hope you find it fun.

EDIT: The links are out. Enjoy!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Diappointing/Good News; ver. 0.3 will be out on Friday

Unfortunately I had to work all day every day last week including Saturday and Sunday, something I hadn't anticipated. However my second job is now done for the year so I no longer have to worry about it taking up my time. Well, except this Wednesday.

In spite of working all week I did manage to get quite a bit done. I crunched on programming all day yesterday (When I got home) and in the evening all week. Technically it's in a state where I *could* release it if I wanted to. I do not. It's full of bugs I know about and there's simply too much missing content. Unfortunately I just haven't had the time to get it to a ready state. I like to release a beta to deal with bugs I do *not* know about, and polish the game for a general release. Adding content while a game is in beta is a no-no, since I almost always somehow contrive to break the game when that happens.

Rather than do an awkward middle-of-the-week release like last time, this will be out on Friday so you can enjoy it this weekend.

This is the absolute last time I'm pushing this release date back. I don't want to get into the habit of doing this. Under normal circumstances without teeth and second jobs interfering I won't.

I've been checking in with my artists. I have seen the first sex scene for the Dwarf Heroine, and it is SPECTACULAR. I love the hell out of it. I have a few new images I can't use yet. When 0.4 comes out I'm thinking that it would be wise to have the dwarven heroine be the main character for that chapter instead of the halfling heroine. I don't have any art for her done yet, but the same artist doing Audr will be doing the halfling heroine. I'll see if I can put up a sketch later.

The way I designed the story is modular. Any heroine (except the last one) can be swapped out for any other, story intact.

That's all for now!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Trying for a beta next week

Well, I went and tried to get as much done as I could this weekend, but between catching up on things and the fact that I'll be returning to two jobs for the rest of this week (hopefully not much longer) I will do my best to get the beta out by next Monday.

After everything that's happened lately, I'm reeeeeaaaally running on fumes. Recent events are really no excuse for not getting more work done, but I get the feeling that once I've taken care of 3.0 I'm going to need a week or two of not working on Overwhored to just reset my brain.

In other news, paypal is allowing donations but wants things "verified" all the sudden. I don't know if this'll result in issues. I've been expecting them to shut me down at any time for some time, as they often do independent game makers. I intend to make a SFW edit of the game called "Overmind" (Which will be less work than you'd think) so I can accept donations on no-porn networks like WePay. Having a SFW version will also help with Paypal if there's a dispute. I can just point to the SFW version and say that's what you're donating to. That I spend my money on artists so they can draw porn is an unrelated thing.

You may not see the orgasmic energy system fully set up in this next version (It'll be functional, but I might not be able to get all the points in), but the Princess Melita path will definitely be working.

See you then!