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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wooo! Tooth done.

Well, I finally got the bad tooth pulled yesterday, which means I can focus on getting Overwhored done again.

When I left I requested some different, much less narcotic meds because I was extremely sick of being high. How people become addicted to those things I don't fucking know.

Well I came back, took the pain meds and hopped into bed. These new ones knock me out quickly. Thus I quickly discovered either the down side of withdrawals or this new medication (either can cause this): Nightmares.

It's actually quite interesting remembering it instead of experiencing it. Each time I took some pills and went back to sleep I continued the exact same dream - something I've long wished I could do when having dreams of pretty girls, but for some reason never works under THOSE circumstances.

'Twas a kind of murderous high-school setting where the teachers were either extras from Hellraiser or robed cultists, there was a giant inky set of cthulhu like teeth eating students in the industrial maze-like and pipe filled basement, and the students themselves borrowed a great deal from Dangan Rompa/various other murder high school shows movies and manga. No investigations though. At certain points teachers would just call "hunts" for students, who would then try to escape and survive as best they could. I got to experience the point of view of whatever student was getting hunted at the time, or fed to giant basement cthulhu. There was even one dream where a guy showed up to help hunted students by telling them the secrets of the place and give them weapons and such to help them survive, but of course as always in that situation it's a trap. Perhaps I'm too genre-savvy to really be bothered by such dreams, being a horror-of-all-kinds enthusiast. Ah well, twas scary when I was dreaming. It was actually quite interesting and, had I the time, I might try to forge a coherent story out of the dream premise. It's still pretty fun to remember though.

But now that I'm well and the hole where a tooth once was no longer hurts, I'm ready to get back to work on Overwhored! Creation is fun, and I aim to have fun today.

Monday, May 27, 2013

What needs to be done to see 3.0

I'm making this post on Sunday evening rather than Monday morning because I just flat out cannot sleep. Every time I try I wake up to the sensation of being stabbed in the face. Or, in one notable instance, I dreamed that someone set a firework off in my face. So sleep is postponed indefinitely for now.

I cannot way for Wednesday, (hopefully) when this tooth gets pulled. I hate drugs, I hate pain, I'm just waiting for normality to return.

Now that the angry whining is done, I'll speak for a bit on what I did this week.

I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff like working on skills for characters, upgrade systems, etc. Creative writing has been beyond me with the drugs in my system. I tried to set up a regeneration spell for the Overmind but that requires a custom script. I intend to get it set up once I'm capable of coherent thought again. I tried several times to figure it out, but in my current drugged state it's like trying to bash down a brick wall with a bucket of jello. It just isn't gonna happen.

One other thing I did was change the purchase system for tower upgrades. Someone pointed out a rather humorous bug. If you sell the tower cleanup work order the slaves move all the junk back inside. I had a good laugh imagining the literal minded and overworked slaves carefully replacing the broken junk inside the tower while the Tower Mistress does nothing to stop them.

As humorous as it was, however, I've fixed the upgrade system so you can no longer sell work orders. It ought to be very easy to add new ones, as well. I've been aware of the issue for a while but I've never stopped to fix it because I've been too busy blazing ahead with new content. A lot of the fixes in this version are like that.

I also did some sprite work. I can't recall off the top of my head everything that I did, but one thing I wanted to get done was get some nude girls in some pink crystals. The ones I used in previous versions came from Gameclover. Great fellows, wonderful sprites. However they didn't have an empty sprite for me to stick stuff in, so I went and drew my own (based heavily on theirs in appearance) and created some nude sprites to stick in them, using a bit of custom work and some nude bodies from here.

Funny enough, art seems to have been a lot easier for me to do than anything else recently in spite of being hard as balls normally. I've retained the template so I can put any girl in a crystal, including custom ones. The results of my sprite making you can see below:

I don't know whether or not I can give permission to people to use this. The crystals themselves are based off of Gameclover's in shape and lighting, but I drew them myself by hand. The bodies come from the Japanese site I linked to above, and the faces are default RPG VX faces. Technically both places have a policy of, "if it's a non-commercial project, go ahead and use the sprites", and I have a policy of, "rip me off for whatever you want provided you're not a corporation". All of us do want credit. I think if you credit the Japanese site, Gameclover, and me, you should be fine to use this in non-commercial projects. Mind you I have no idea if Gameclover would be happy about their sprites being used in an adult project. I credit thoroughly and there's no proviso against, but I tend to stay quiet on the issue and only use sprites that come from people with an open 'you can use this in non-commercial works' policy. Many people in the community being American; I am still waiting for the morning where someone sends me an e-mail that says something to the effect of, "Yes, I said everyone can use it if they credit me, but because you're making pornography I hope you die in a fire, pull my sprites out". Because we do tend to be a tad prudish as a nation.

Ah well.

In equally important news I've received a sketch of the Audr Commission, which is looking fan-fucking-tastic. That dwarf girl is looking like she has a CHA of 24.

Also, I've received a picture for the milfy slave, Iskis. Complete with a fantastic little fertilization popup. Steveman did the original three-slave girl pic, and will be doing these as well. Pregnancy is now definitely in the game. Alexia and Kael are being worked on, and soon you will be able to impregnate them as well.

Have a little preview:

(As an additional note, Steveman has also decided he wants to do some redraw-work on a few of his old pics, since he's improved his artistic abilities a lot from the period when Overwhored first started as a project. He's already redone the shopkeeper, and it looks pretty damn sweet.)

And on the subject of art, the art team is adding a new member!

Check out this awesome, awesome artist. Look at that crisp lineart and sweet, awesome color. She's going to do several images for the Monstergirls extra.

This image isn't for the Overwhored project, but take a look and see the sort of cool stuff she does. Behold, a delicious cyclops-demon!

I love having so many skilled artists working for the project. If you found an artist through the Overwhored project, I encourage you to send them some fan-mail letting them know how much you appreciate them working on it. I know they'll love it. I'll include a link to each artist's site in the comments.

(Side note: Steveman was the first artist to join the project. I would personally appreciate it if you sent him a bit of fan mail on his tumblr. Without him the Overwhored project might not have actually happened, as I was not having a great deal of luck finding artists before him, and he volunteered to do the work as a fan of the original demo. He's a pretty cool guy.)

Now on to vital business. There are three things that need done before I can release a beta for Overwhored Version 3.0.

1: Finishing Princess Melita's path. This is relatively simple and will be quick. Most of it is already done. However, I haven't been in the proper mental state to finish it off lately, because that requires writing and dialogue. I can write a great deal when in pain, but not so much in the creative writing way when high as balls on pain meds. I have been leaning more towards the high-as-balls end of the spectrum the past few days, and I intend to continue doing so until I get this tooth out. Once it's done I'm gold however, and this'll take maybe two or three hours to tidy up.

2: Setting up the Orgasmic Energy drops. I'll institute a system that lets you harvest the energy from the girls in the crystals eventually, but right now I want to put Orgasmic energy drops into the system every time you capture a girl.

3: Fixing some bugs. This is where I need your help. Most bugs from Overwhored version 2.6 are fixed, but two of them seem to be related to the Yanfly battle engine and switches. I have NO indication of what makes these switches bugged, or which switches are bugged. It could be any one of one hundred switches. But you can help me fix it.

What I need from you, loyal fans and supporters, is pretty simple.

One bug involves you tossing down an item (like an antidote) on one character, and it ends up hitting a different one.

The other involves an "attack down" notice popping up every turn you've got "fight harder slaves" on.

I need you to play through the game and note the FIRST time you notice either of these bugs happening. That'll tell me the rough area the bugged switch is in. Once I know that, I'll be able to track it down fairly fast and fix it.

I also want to make a little notepad-type note that lists the controls, because some people are unaware that there is a hide-text-box button, or a skip text button, or a run button.

No firm promises, but if you all can get me that information I'll try to get Overwhored 3.0's beta out either the 3rd of June or the 10th of June, depending on how much my tooth and work interfere with my schedule.

Now I'm going to play Master of Orion 2 until my body decides it wants to sleep despite the pain. Goodnight or good morning to you, depending on when you read this!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Branda's Sword Style and History

Today I'm working on the game because I have a day off from work. I have a day off from work because I took a day off. I have a broken upper molar and, being poor, American, and not having insurance, I cannot afford to get it fixed or pulled. Working creatively is relaxing and helps take my mind off of the stabbing agony of the tooth. When I get lost in the process of creation I forget my body exists. Thinking in detail about stories, technical aspects, and so on completely absorbs me. At least at home I can make things, apply a heat pad to my face, and take some of the  pain medication that makes me loopy and throw up in the comfort of my own home, instead of on a customer. (Said pain medication is in depressingly short supply. Once it is gone I'm down to Tylenol and Advil, and I am not looking forward to those days. Notably because I'm already taking those in addition to my little bottle of opiate medication and I still feel like I'm getting stabbed in the mouth.)

So I decided to spend today working on Branda, thinking a bit on her backstory and her actual sword techniques, reworking them in the system. So now she's a complete character.

Branda is from Chianina, a fact you'll know if you read a single specific bookshelf after capturing her in Sayda Palace. She's not native to Sayda.

Chianina is an expy of Italy, but it's also a joke that Italians will probably get. Notably Chianina is not a reference to China but is instead a variety of Italian cow. It's a nation famed for producing the best swordfighters in the world throughout history. It was once a vast empire that had conquered much of the known world before falling in a war with the Overmind. The graveyard you find Nanshe raising the dead in is actually a soldiers graveyard of the first Chianina empire. (He was slain in that war by the female Chianinan version of Cincinnatus during a bridge assault. The last time Chianina defeated him it was in another bridge defense with a female dwarven auxiliary, analogous to the nameless Norse soldier at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, who was herself slain by a monstergirl shortly afterward) It was successful in killing him and conquering other foes for a long time, but the Overmind always comes back. Although he is immortal, empires are not. Over time they became corrupt and decayed from the inside out; he just happened to be the barbarian at the gates at the time.

In the Modern Era of Overwhored, Chianina is militarily powerful but is hopelessly corrupt and divided between three different city-state powers who, in practice, fight each other more than anyone else. I haven't made a name for them yet, but they are a religious city similar to Rome (though it is NOT the center of the faith of the goddess, it is merely *a* center), a city of art, culture, and political power similar to Florence, and a military (mercenary) and maritime city similar to Venice. Despite each nation being quite strong and very wealthy, their nobles are paranoid about the dangers of large standing armies and anyone inside their nation taking over. They unite to fight outside foes, but in actuality even the most powerful nobles never have over 25 soldiers of their own. Instead, the city-states endlessly duel politically and, when conflict is necessary, with mercenary armies similar to the Condottieri.

Branda was born in the Venetian military city to a very minor noble family. Their family didn't have vast estates, standing military forces or a large number of servants. They were nobles of the class that would usually run a very small town of farmers, usually being only about as well educated. Moreover they are of mixed heritage; Branda is part Saydan, from a minor and now extinct branch of the Saydan royal family. Far from being destitute and living in a small farming village, however, the Stilka family are a military family that produces Condottieri. Of a family that lived for the blade and trained endlessly with it Branda was by far the most skilled and deadly. She was also a black sheep within the family, believing strongly in the concepts of honor and chivalry. While Condottieri are, as a rule, ruthless pragmatists who view warfare as a science, Branda viewed it as the power to fight for justice. She was heavily inspired by the stories of the ancient heroes of ancient Chianina, especially the gender-flipped Cincinnatus. She saw the corruption of her own nation as a kind of cancer infecting a legend.

Rather than be a pawn in the petty and incessant wars of the upper nobility, Branda became a Condottieri-Avventuriero, or Mercenary Adventurer. She made her name fighting monsters rather than men, defending those too poor and weak to afford to hire mercenaries normally.  As such she did not focus on the fast, light sword styles many of her countrymen did.

Branda's fighting style is unique to her and designed entirely around two things: brutal, overwhelming power and incredible speed. She focuses on heavier one-handed blades and two handed swords, but uses them with the speed and accuracy of fencing swords due to her lightning-fast footwork. Unlike those who train to duel and end a fight at first blood, Branda's style is practically designed so that she trades taking minor hits for dealing lethal blows with her powerful blade. Far from being an arrogant light prancer, as many italian-type soldiers in fiction are (I'm looking at you, League of Legends Fiora) Branda is a tough, fast semi-berserker combining the best of heavy blade sword techniques with quicksilver swift battle-fencing footwork. Unlike modern sport fencing, the soldiers of ancient times did not suffer under a number of pointless rules or work with needle thin epees. Branda does not fight in straight lines, does not adhere to rules about unfair places to strike or ways to strike, and does not have any romantic notions of fairness in war. She's an idealist, but one raised by brutal mercenary pragmatists. As she is the heroine of Temperance, it is only fair to say that her unusual love of fairness and honor has been cruelly tempered by experience.

She has the self-discipline to train herself brutally, endlessly, and harshly, ignoring pain and fatigue that would fell normal soldiers. Her training of her soldiers in Sayda is by no means hypocritical, as she is doing precisely what she'd expect to be done to her if she failed, including breaking the arm of a soldier holding his arm too stiffly. Indeed, she once had her own arm broken by her father in the same way when she was twelve to teach her the same lesson, and was given the same amount of time to recover. (Of course, the in-game sequence is actually a reference to a line in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, and I tend to borrow a lot from Colonel Santiago when I think about Branda. Santiago is hooooooot. Though the woman needs more eyebrow. Attractive women have actual full and real eyebrows; the thicker the better provided they're not unibrows.)

Her ability to move swiftly in a tactically intelligent manner and strike with brutal strength made her an extremely effective monster slayer, and during the early years of her career she became famous and much beloved by the common man, and equally disliked and hated by the nobility and Condottieri. She survived numerous ambushes and assassination attempts, some of which were carried out by members of her own family. She met the other heroines during this period and began to adventure outside of Chianina, fighting briefly in The War of Scale and Fire (which is a different subject).

It was at this point that a figure who was the Chianinan equivalent of Cesare Borgia, (Now with more extra-double-evil!) later called The Tyrant came to power. A supremely adept general, politician, and statesman, he promised to finally bring order to Chianina and see the nation rise as a unified whole again. Branda was driven by her desire to see Chianina be cleansed of its incessant corruption and remade in the image of its ancient empire. She believed she might find a kindred spirit in him. When his messenger came and found her she agreed to serve him as a soldier, leaving the other heroines in their adventures for a while. (Extra note: The Tyrant managed to gather many people of talent, and Branda came to personally know her world's gender flipped equivalent to Leonardo Da Vinci, who will show up in-game at some point if I can figure out a good spot for her to show up.)

Unfortunately the man was not all that he pretended to be, secretly being perhaps the most corrupt of any noble in the empire. He quietly began to enforce his rule with a kind of horrifying brutality and harshness - especially against nobles who might oppose him and those who brought up his status as a bastard son of a high noble.

Branda was not entirely aware of his actions early on and became his strongest soldier, defeating the champions of other armies, monstergirl mercenaries, and siege-monsters in single combat. She was almost always on the battlefield and so did not know the horrifying brutality with which he managed the cities he conquered. She only saw the ordered places that came after his 'justice' had been instituted.

The two had a quiet love affair during this period. For his own part the tyrant had no love for her and used the affair as a means to keep her blind to his actions. Branda was never stupid but was in love, and believed what she wanted to believe - that he was the noble soul who might finally return glory to Chianina. And if she saw cruelty to some powerful noblemen - well, harsh measures were sometimes necessary to deal with corruption.

The other heroines were not blind, however, and saw him for what he really was. They came to Chianina in secret and began a campaign to discover the depth of the secret atrocities he committed and undermine his power, while at the same time trying to rescue Branda.

They didn't go unnoticed, as The Tyrant of Chianina was quite brilliant in his own right and was a master of the ancient and terrifying intelligence network of that nation. Nonetheless, the heroines managed to escape several ambushes and fight of others, uncovering a great deal of evidence. At that point The Tyrant had no choice but to gamble on Branda, showing her the dead bodies left by the other heroines and blaming a number of his own atrocities on them. Though she didn't want to believe it he was extraordinarily persuasive, and she left to confront them.

When she found them they attempted to show her the evidence of his atrocities, but Branda refused to look. She was ready to fight a hopeless battle against all six other heroines, but was instead challenged by to a duel by the leader of the Heroines: Joy, the Angelic Queen. If she won they would leave the country; if she lost she would look at the evidence they had brought.

Branda was the greatest sword-fighter in the world, but Joy was almost as good (if in a very different way) and backed by incredible divine and arcane power. Though she fought bravely and with skill enough to shatter demigods, Branda never stood a chance.

Upon her defeat she held to her end of the bargain, and allowed them to take her to a gravesite filled with  a mountain of dead noble children, murdered by the soldiers of The Tyrant to end the family lines of those opposed to him.

Horrified to find what she had been supporting, she rejoined the heroines and began a campaign to liberate Chianina. However, even they were no match for The Tyrants vast armies on their own. Quietly, Joy infiltrated the holy city and managed to use her status as a divine champion of the goddess to turn the leadership against him. In a daring strategic maneuver she arranged for the forces of the holy city to turn on him during the battle to capture Branda's home city, and publicly made it seem as though Branda had died.

The Tyrant was taken by surprise by the betrayal, but fought viciously. With righteous fury Branda fought at the head of the holy army cutting through men and monsters; slicing through them like a scythe through wheat and reaping a grim harvest. Nothing would keep her from exacting justice on the one who had betrayed her and shattered her dreams of a reborn Chianina.

She finally tore her way through his private guard, many soldiers giving way before their former commander and not wishing to face her - while others met her and were cut down.

Bleeding from a hundred cuts, armor in tatters and blade dull and dented, she faced The Tyrant in single combat. Skilled and brilliant, he was one of the best swordsmen in the world. But Branda was the greatest swordsman in the world, and at the end she had won. Before the final blow was struck, ( HE TORE OPEN A PORTAL IN TIME  ) he attempted to compare himself to her, saying that deep down they were the same. She responded with a vow that she would never be anything like him, followed shortly thereafter by the removal of his head.

The fall of the Tyrant returned Chianina to its shattered state; no one was capable of taking command of his conquest. It remains corrupt and internally divided, unlikely to ever regain its ancient glory.

For her part Branda sought absolution through battle, throwing herself fiercely against anyone she saw as a tyrant, or as a force of evil and corruption.

When the Overmind revived she saw him as the greatest tyrant of all and gladly joined the quest to defeat him, always at the forefront of any battle striking down his most powerful generals and monsters.

What happened after his defeat that led to her reign in Sayda was SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER.

At her core Branda is an idealist, but one who has seen that her ideals are ultimately impossible to realize. She dreams of and fights for a perfect world, but knows full well that it is a world she will never get to see. Rather than giving in she has only ever fought even more fiercely. Every taste of despair or defeat only makes her fight even harder with even greater intensity. Should the whole world stand against her she would stand against the whole world and go down fighting, holding herself up unbroken to the very last for what she believes in.

You turned her into a cow. For sex and evil. You monster.

(Final Note: I'm no expert on Italian History or the Italian language, which I don't speak. If some of the terms are wrong here point 'em out, and I'll fix 'em. Obviously I've taken some liberties with various historical figures here - I wasn't trying to be accurate in that regard, nor are the figures in the game exactly the same as those figures. Consider the comparisons a swift means to get an idea for what the in-game characters are like, instead.

The names of the three cities are going to end up as Italian cow-puns, so feel free to suggest some if you speak Italian.)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Progressive Progress

Well, this week I managed to crunch down and get a little bit of time to work on the game. I managed to get a pretty large amount of work done for the time I had. Princess Melita's path is almost done; there's simply hunting down Tasa's supporters in Sayda left to do.

I also managed to compile a sprite sheet of some girls in crystals that I got from gameclover forever ago, but I'm contemplating making some custom ones so the girls can be nude and have more variety. It's a serious pain to make sprites (as it is time consuming) but it isn't especially difficult. I've figured out how to make the sprites of naked girls floating in crystals so I may or may not do it. I may have to set aside a day for it; the next version will have a scene on a boat. I have no boat sprites.

Also, I set up a fully functional orgasmic energy upgrade system. There's only two options - upgrade healing and learn the shade spell - but it's easy for me to expand it now that I have it set up properly. Getting a system to harvest energy from the girls in the crystals and making sure you get the appropriate amount of energy for capturing girls has yet to be done.

I won't be working two jobs forever; one of these is strictly seasonal and it doesn't last that long. I have zero clue how long it'll be.

Some super-cool news: I recently got a sketch back of the dwarven heroine, Audr. Her sex scenes will be SUPER hot. Her character design got a bit of tweaking too.

The halfling heroine is supposed to be the next one, but I don't have anyone doing her art yet. I've been really trying to find a skilled shortstack type artist that is in budget. I've seen some hopefuls, but it's hard to say what'll happen.

If anyone has a suggestion for an artist, feel free. Just keep in mind my commissions have to be under $50.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skree's Age

I'm working on Overwhored today and decided to give some thought to the subject of Skree's age.

Bats, as you may or may not be aware, are not long lived creatures. The longest lived ones live to about 40 years of age in captivity, and vampire bats (which is a plausible species for Skree) are much shorter lived, going from only 9 (wild) to 20 years (in captivity) of age. They reach sexual maturity in about nine months (which means their equivalent to 18 is probably something like a year old.)

Skree obviously isn't a normal bat, though. She can change into human form. You might be aware that 40 is merely the age of MILFy goodness in human women. Your average human lives twice as long as the longest lived bat, and about four times as long as your longest lived vampire bat. To a bat we'd be like strange immortal monsters, or elves.  (Same difference.)

Skree is currently eighteen solar years old. In vampire bat terms she was positively ancient when she first found the Orb of Dominion three years prior. She was frankly a perverse old lady before she found the orb, the bat equivalent of 80.

However the orb syncs her more closely with human form than bat form, and also reinvigorates her. Turns out the endless power of orgasm really is good for your health, at least in "magical radiation from evil artifacts" form.

Due to her exposure to the powers of the Orb, she'll live to at least 300+ years old. Four times as long as a human. Roughly 32 times longer than an average vampire bat. And potentially longer if she gets regularly injected with the Overmind's energy, or hangs out around the orb more.

Daughters of the Overmind can live for Millennia, Granddaughters can live for hundreds of years. This is balanced out by the fact that he can never have sons and that grandsons are EXCEPTIONALLY rare, regardless of who the monstergirls breed with.  Those that are born trade their incredibly long lifespans for a short life with godlike magical power. They also tend to look, think, and act more like extremely passionate (and curiously noble and good) humans than anything else. Indeed, some of the heroes who defeated the Overmind in the past were his own descendents, and they're arguably the most stalwart defenders of humanity from evil monsters and evil monstergirls when he isn't around.

But this isn't about them, it's about Skree. In bat terms, she's a positively ancient, brilliant, perverse old lady that looks like a young teenager, has magical powers, and can change shape into the form of strange titanic monsters and even speak their language. She doesn't need to eat or drink, but when she does she prefers the blood and sexual energy of young male bats and magical energy.

Being a Batwere she's what vampire bats would consider a combination of vampire and werewolf. She's not "harmless" to a human with all the power she has but she's never been particularly out to get humans either. If not for the Overmind it's likely she would have completely avoided human society so she could continue to absorb the orbs energy and prey upon what she would consider handsome male bats.

I would say that she doesn't like or dislike humans. She considers them somewhat insane and bizarre in the way a human might consider otherworldly, sometimes malicious fey to be insane and bizarre. They do strange things for reasons that don't make much sense to her - although the older she gets and the more time she spends around them the more she'll understand them. Because she's effectively part human now she can see in both worlds and lives fully in neither. It has only been three years since she started to awaken as a human, so she's very new to it.

The Overmind considers her his and she loves soaking in the energy he radiates so she won't go making harems of handsome, young male humans anytime soon. But without him around she might include a few humans in her isolated wilderness harem, albeit only willing and carefully controlled ones. She rightfully considers humans dangerous and strange and knows enough to know how little she understands them. She's perfectly alright with grinding hips with humans, though. She's got a healthy young human girls sexual appetites and a perverse old woman's mindset. Handsome young men beware - she'd use you well past any human level of endurance and keep on going.

 In a lot of respects she understands the mind of the Overmind more than a human or even a descendent monstergirl could, and not just because she cannot have her mind altered by his energy. He's not a human, and he does things for his own reasons. As much as he resembles a human, he's far more primordial and bestial than they are. But neither is he a beast, because he has a mind - a dichotomy that Skree understands only too well. Humans often make the mistake of thinking of him as a mindless monster or an evil human, and he is neither. He is The Overmind, and he is his own class of being. Skree thinks of his mind as an alien mind rather than trying to think of him as a type of bat personality she's familiar with, and in many respects that makes her understand him better than any other character.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Mechanical Work Done This Week

Well, I wasn't able to get any story work done this week but I started work on implementing the Orb of Dominion ability upgrade system. It isn't particularly difficult but it is tedious. It's technically functional to a certain degree, allowing you to upgrade some of your abilities at the cost of orgasmic energy. Once that is done, I'll go about fully integrating an Orgasmic energy system.

I spotted a simpler way to do the menus using a variable system, but didn't have the time to implement it this weekend.

No idea how long certain scenes will take. I am very, very tired, but I'm going to keep working on this in my free time because I enjoy it. That's all for today.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A bit done this week! (Infinity more than the nothing of last week)

Well, I could make excuses about my jobs getting in the way, but you aren't interested in hearing that and I'm not interested in making them.

Which is good, because I did get a bit of work done. Not a ton, but much more than last week. The groundwork is laid for Princess Melita's path, and some of the events are written. People keep asking for it, so I'll include a way to betray both sisters as well.

I'd love to say I spent all of my free time on it, but after a solid week of two jobs I came home on my one day off (during which I still had a bunch of work to do) and mostly just read/watched let's plays of X-Com, new and old. I also got in a quick game of Master of Orion 2, which I won pretty handily, and went on a short hike for about an hour. I mostly just spent a short part of the evening working on Overwhored.

However, I anticipate I may get a day this week off of both jobs, and I'll see how much I can do then.

Also, a friend of mine asked me to promote a kickstarter they're working on. It's called Boon Hill, a game done in the style of old RPG's about exploring a graveyard. I reminded them that I'm running a NSFW blog here, but they were perfectly alright with that. So feel free to check it out.

See you next Monday - hopefully with lots of news about Overwhored updates!