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Friday, January 1, 2016

Overwhored Ver 0.9.5 Public Release - Final Story Release!

This is it, it's here! It's at the usual place at BadKittyGames.

This adds a LOT of stuff, but most importantly you can finish the game!

I will note that this is NOT the final version of the game. There are two flashback sequences that need added in and some features (such as the orb of dominion) are functional system wise but need content added on. The combat in this chapter is also very basic right now but will be filled in with the 1.0 release at the end of this month/start of February. Still, if you want to see the ending this is where you do it!

A quick note: Some weather effects were causing a ton of problems in the beta, so I've disabled them for now. They still render old saves non-functional, however. I'm working on a fix that should be in during the 1.0 release.  In case I missed something I put my avatar in the game next to the bridge leading up to the Tower of Heaven.