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Friday, September 26, 2014

Possible Deadlines

So here's what's going on. My day jobs have sadly been interfering with me having free time. Fortunately it is now Autumn, which means I will get free time once again. Free time is good, because that's when I work on the game.

One thing I've realized while I've worked on this is that I work best with deadlines, even if they're sorta iffy ones. So here's one: I want to finish fixing the game from the conversion by the end of October. Then I want to finish Chapter Five by the end of December and provide a release right around Christmas. I cannot GUARANTEE that these will be the release periods, but I'll do my damndest to make sure they are if I can.

I want to thank everyone for the continued support and donations. I haven't set up my Patreon yet as I didn't want to start regularly taking money until I could sit down and make sure I have the free time to work.

Some side notes: When the next version comes out I will release a trailer for the game with art done by the awesome Mindwipe. He did the animation in the opening for free, so please thank this guy. He is fucking AWESOME. I have a rough skeleton design of it done, narrated by Nekochan of badkitty games. It needs audio editing and gameplay footage. When it's done it'll go up on youtube.

Speaking of Nekochan I've taken over editing the audio for the podcasts. Not having time for working on Overwhored means not having time to work on editing audio. Hopefully those of you that enjoy the Indecent Podcast will get to hear more of us soon.

Also my girlfriend was ticked I took credit for the names on a notepad idea a while back. I've avoided mentioning that she exists to respect her privacy up until now but since she wanted me to give credit where it was due she gets the credit for that.

Thanks again for being fans, everyone.

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  1. It's really encouraging you push yourself like this :) very inspiring! Whether or not you make it to your deadlines I'm proud to say I'm a fan of your game and will be diligently waiting and supporting until it comes out! <3