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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Slight Beta Delay for Some

Hey all, there was a problem with the e-mail list of donators. Not to worry, I did have a backup - bad news, it's a tad old.

So I'm going to be going over Paypal and copying and pasting e-mail addresses. If you didn't get the beta you'll get it first thing tomorrow! My apologies for the slight delay.

It IS out. If you don't get it tomorrow and you've donated please send me a message! I'll make sure you do.

A special thanks goes out to Badkittygames for hosing the beta.


  1. Will their be a release for those who have not donated anytime this month?

  2. Hey just got to think i donated a long time ago but i only have got 1 beta and that was "Overwhored_Ver_04_Beta_2b" never got one after that have noting in my sparm mail...
    forgot about me?...

  3. Just giving you the heads up, my spam filter thought your message was spam and chrome declared the download to be "malicious" and blocked the download. This probably happened because a mass e-mail was sent from a private e-mail account that included a link to an .exe file and Chrome was justifiably nervous about it...

  4. i got the beta with a dropbox link....but when i visited it it the link wasnt for the malicious file thing chrome does hat to EVERY exe on dropbox for rpg maker games use firefox