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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Overwhored Ver 0.9.5 Beta is up on Patreon!

So, let's get this started. The final story beta is HERE.

 It's up on Patreon now, but it has been a struggle. The week prior to the release date I wanted (the 21st) power and internet connections kept going out, something that continued into the Christmas week. That's a sufficient excuse for some but not all of the delay. Sadly I just have to take personal responsibility for the rest of it. I wanted to include some short cutscene flashbacks to the heroines to show their backstories. I figured, hey, I'm a writer, I've crunched down on so much else so fast, that should take an evening, right? HA! The fastest one was Branda, who already had a detailed background written out but she still took most of a day. It's like writing a short story, then compressing the short story into a minute or two of content, then programming in the cutscenes, something I'm not particularly good at. Basically I really underestimated how long it would take to do that. I got almost all of them done. Only Ilmatar and Audr remain. At the rate I was going it would be another two or three days before I could release the game, and I REALLY want this beta out before this month is over. Besides, I sat there writing that content and I knew damn well that as a porn game many players were just gonna skip through the story content anyway. Even with that I have some pride as a writer to retain - rushing stories like this results in bad stories, so I'm gonna take a bit more time on those. Otherwise things are pretty solid.

  So here's some of the features of this chapter compared to the previous chapter:

 1: The game's story is basically finished here. This includes the final boss and an entire complete chapter.

  2: The final chapter doesn't have one dungeon. It has FOUR. Yeah, four separate dungeons! Each is pretty different from the last and has some wildly different mechanics as well as a unique boss.

 3: The Tower Mistress gets a full sex scene in this chapter.

 4: So does Rubati.

 5: Promised features are now in the game! Those repeatable sex scenes you've been asking for? Go to the crown in your private quarters and you can relive them all! The teleport system is also done! Not fully fleshed out but in "functional framework" mode are taxes/orgasmic energy collection at the end of each chapter, The Orb of Dominion's upgrade system, and the Arena where you can battle for items! They'll be fully fleshed out and tested next month but for now they ARE at least functional.

 6: Tons of new battle images for monsters. Almost all the monsters in the game and characters have unique art now!

 7: Heroine backstories! As mentioned above, there are some (brief) flashbacks to what actually made them heroes in the first place.

 8: Innumerable small changes! New sex scenes implemented!

  Trust me folks, you're gonna have a blast with this one. This is the final story release, after this it's just gonna be refinement. Overwhored is damn near done, and the beta is here. Look it up on Patreon. The public release will be in just a few days!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Paypal donation button removed

Hey all, just a quick notice here. The paypal donation button was recently removed because paypal suspended my account. The requirement for reinstatement was removal of the button. I have complied with this in full. I have contacted their customer service department and e-mailed their review department; hopefully the account should be un-frozen soon.

I left it in place because fans wanted it as an option for donation to me, rather than the game. The game is non-commercial and no product is being sold. But just being on this blog was considered a violation of their terms of service. I apologize to the fans that cannot use Patreon, but Paypal has tied my hands here.

Fortunately I have other methods to get money and send money, so I am not crippled by this if they do not decide to unfreeze my account. I'm also glad this happened BEFORE I got my monthly check rather than after. I'll be out the small amount left in there but I'm smart enough not to leave a large amount of money in paypal.

None of this would have been an issue if they had simply asked me to remove the button before suspending the account, but alas - paypal doesn't operate that way. The best resolution if you believe issues like this are a problem is to write your congressman (if you are an American) and request that Paypal be regulated as a bank, which it currently is not.

I don't expect anyone to take up arms because of my small issue and do not ask you to do so. It should be resolved shortly. You do deserve an explanation of why the paypal button was removed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An Important Article!

Hey all, if you're curious at all about my next game, look no further than this article! I was interviewed by a reporter from LewdGamer about it and gave some details you'll want to see!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Overwhored Is Now On Kimochi

For those of you unaware, Kimochi is an online service that aims to be something like the Steam of adult games. It was originally named Steamy, in fact. The rest of you know because apparently you've been badgering those poor folks to add Overwhored to their service for some time, haha.

I've known about it since the launch of the system when it was named Steamy, but held off because Overwhored was so incomplete then. Since the game will be getting finished pretty darn soon I no longer feel that way about putting a game up there. There are a lot of other games there as well, feel free to check them out!

Also I'm consolidating some development plans. My mappers have informed me that the next set of maps won't be done until the middle of next month, so rather than try to squeeze an update in during the last week of November I'm going to work on a release that focuses on getting as many promised features implemented as possible. That means the Orb of Dominion, the Orgasmic Energy system, fixing all the bugs, making it possible to get better equipment, etc.

I WILL have Overwhored's main story done before this year is over. Nothing else is acceptable.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ver 0.6 Public Release is Ready!

Excellent news everyone! The beta test went smoothly. Since it started I've added some stuff such as a new sex scene for Bilbine and the sex scene with the Ice Queen's daughter.

This chapter features the Ice Queen herself, Ilmatar, ruler of Lapland, the Finland inspired region of the world.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beta 0.6 is out!

Hey all, a new version is in beta! It's up on Patreon for $1 users and above!

It'll be up for the public as soon as I'm satisfied there are no bugs, probably a week or so. It does NOT include the full Bilbine rewrites, but I'm working on that and they'll be ready before it hits the public.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Question Anwered

I got a message from a fan recently asking me a question. It was a good one and I thought you all should hear it so I could answer it publicly. There are some good reasons for wanting to answer this in public.

"I was wondering though if you could tell me as a content creator and one whose work I respect and am a fan of, do you think you could tell me how you would describe the appeal of incest in a fantasy, novel, or game?"

Before I get started on answering that, I want to bring up something. Namely a TED talk that discusses why IQ's have been rising over time. This may seem odd to you, but bear with me for a second.

For those of you who don't want to watch the whole thing, the long story short of it is that we aren't getting massively better at math or writing and things like that. Rather, we're getting much better at a very specific form of thought - abstract thought.

People today grew up in an environment with movies, books, video games, and various hypothetical scenarios. We are used to thinking about a world where reality is different than it actually is. We can accept a world where something obviously fake is true for the sake of a story. Go ask your great-grandfather about some Science Fiction story and most will reject it out of hand. They see imagination as "kids stuff". This isn't universally true, of course - but it is a trend that increases as you go back in time. The source of those cool old people is also clear. They're the ones that got to read Weird Tales as a kid or watch sci-fi movies during their formative years or see or do something that got them to see different possibilities during their formative years. Something almost inescapable now, and something I believe contributes to the rise of "nerd culture". Something that's so ubiquitous now that it's almost a meaningless phrase.

I'm 30, and I'll be 31 next month. I grew up in a rare and unique era in a rural slum and became a nerd in an era where nerds most definitely were NOT cool. I never got to touch a computer until I was in High School. I never got to own a lot of the game systems most people did. What I did have was distantly secondhand.

And so, growing up in a rural backwater with little money I got to see a pre-electronics society in a lot of ways. Few TV's, music played on record players, small towns dominated by blue-collar cowboys and football players. There I became a bookworm. This is not some joking tale about how I was so unpopular in High School. Because of racism, poor family reputation and being a nerd I was almost beaten to death by a mob when I was in middle school. Those were the people that reacted violently to things they couldn't understand. They had, in other words, low abstract intelligence. They saw their world the way it "should" be and reacted violently to any alternate possibility. This also made me obsessed with understanding abstracts and how people process them.

Of course change comes even to rural backwaters given enough time. The place is a lot less racist, a lot less violent, and a lot less primitive now. I latched onto the most advanced technology I could with an undeniable fervor.

So what does any of this have to do with a silly sexual fetish?

First and foremost the incest fantasy is a fantasy. I and a lot of other people who make stuff with some content like that have -ZERO- interest in the real deal. To me the thought of doing anything with my actual family is disgusting. This brings me to a very important point.

The incest fetish isn't about wanting to have sex with your own family,  but imagining fake sexy people having sex with THEIR family.

"What's the difference?" you may ask.

If you have a sister or brother and imagine yourself making out with them your response is probably going to be, "Eew." Possibly followed by "eeeeeeeewwwww". On the other hand a common fantasy of a lot of guys is to have sex with twins or sisters.

Imagine two hot girls making out with one another. (Or if you're into guys, two hot brothers.) Here, have a visual aid with Melita and Kael.

These two are unrelated. Many of you, I imagine, will go, "that's pretty hot!". Now imagine the same image with Tasa and Melita - sisters. A lot of you will still think it's hot, even though you find the idea of real incest repulsive. Why? Because they're people you find sexually attractive doing something that is sexual with each other. Some of you will find the idea even hotter than the non-incestuous pairing though. Why? Because it's wrong and taboo.

But here's the key difference: It isn't real. It's a fake wrong and a fake taboo. It's a good reason for people not to want to do something but do it anyway. It's the same as any bad-boy centric romance novel a lot of women and housewives go gaga for. It's wrong but it's also hot because the people are hot and doing something they aren't supposed to.

Some of you can't see it even then. You may still find it repulsive. No worries - you haven't made it past that bit of abstract thought required to see it. This isn't a personal failing. Despite a lot of my friends liking it I've never been able to feel anything but repulsed by futa, for instance. There's still some element in there that trips you up but works for others.

For me? I feel like it's an excellent enhancer to mind control stories. Why? Because it's a good reason for sexy people to not have sex even if they want to. It's a taboo, forbidden element that allows someone to take control and overcome justified resistance to lead to a satisfying and sexy conclusion.

So for instance, let's continue with the lesbian theme above (or whatever variant floats your boat).

Two sisters are super sexy and attracted to each other, but both know it's wrong and fight their feelings. As you probably know trying to repress sexual desires really tends to just make them stronger. Now some evil mind controller comes in and makes them make out with each other. The sisters themselves are now blameless - the sexy action that ensues, in spite of it's taboo and wrong nature, is not their fault. The responsibility is out of their hands, so they have no need to feel guilt, nor do the readers. After all, it's the bad, bad mind controller that made them give into those forbidden desires. Their repressed lusts makes it super satisfying and sexy for them.

The same logic and reason applies to any stormy romance. A good Christian girl is sitting at home reading her bible eating Graham Crackers to repress her sexual desires  when some sexy, sexy man comes by and like an evil fiend sweeps her off her feet. She knows it's wrong to give into his lusts but, damn, his pecs are like fucking iron. Even though she says no a lot he takes her anyway and she cannot resist. A stormy, doomed, "forbidden" romance ensues.

The same appeal often rests with stories about steamy affairs. Being married is a good reason not to have sex with anyone else, but it's a popular genre of forbidden love.

Stories are driven by conflict. "Two people wanted to have sex and then did, the end," is a boring story. "Two people wanted to have sex but couldn't and so had to fight their desires only to give in and have sex later" is a Harlequin romance novel. It also makes things hotter. Tension needs to build in order for the payoff when they do have sex to be as big as possible.

All of these are abstracts. Hypotheticals. Not-real scenarios. That's what makes most fantasy fetishes work. Some concepts are repulsive in real life but hot in a fictional story.

For my part I'm fine with incest because in a fictional world all the real world negatives associated with it don't have to exist. It's just a good reason for sexy people to resist having sex with each other.

On the other hand my mind does NOT see past the abstract leap to let me enjoy stories about affairs. I see real life adulterers as horrible people and some part of me will not let me forgive a fictional example. This has to do with my own life. I've never been married but almost was once. While I was in Iraq my fiance got pregnant and married to someone else, breaking up with me on the phone right before I came home. Obviously that has a big part in why I'm not able to accept that abstract.

For the same reason real victims of incest probably won't see the abstract in that scenario. Actual good Christian women sexually assaulted by a handsome sociopath probably wont like that fantasy. Sometimes the opposite is true, of course - some victims of sexual assault enjoy rape fantasies because it's so unlike the reality of what they experienced.

And there you have the basics of what makes it work. It isn't real and almost all sexual fantasies rely on some degree of abstract reason, even if you never realized what made things work for you. It's my job to understand why things work, and that's what makes it all so interesting.

Home Invasion is my next game and it's focused on mind control and incest. It's entirely fake and nobody is based on a real person. I actually had some characters redesigned at points because they vaguely reminded me of real people. That game is being made for people who want more in-depth mind control and liked the Tasa/Melita stuff in Overwhored. I'm going to make it silly, and humorous, and totally not serious and unlike the real world in the ways that matter. And when it's done I'll go right back to making other stuff.

In real life I'm super vanilla. I legitimately like hypnoplay, I like anal sex with hot girls (though the real thing is highly overrated and takes a lot of prep) and... well, that's about it. If I were in a relationship with neither of those things (and I have been in the past) then it'd be perfectly fine.

More important than my real life is the fact that I'm a writer. And in fictionland abstract ideas and conflict rules supreme. Fiction is more interesting than real life because we design it to be. So long as we understand what drives people we can create stuff that fascinates them even if they don't understand why.

I hope the question can be considered answered. Thanks for your time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

October Releases

So here's some quick notes. First, the bonus sketches will be sent out once most payments are processed on about the 5th of October, as will the preview for Home Invasion.

For those of you who haven't heard much about it Home Invasion is going to be a more mind control and incest heavy visual novel. What's coming out in October is -JUST- proof of concept. It covers the first day of gameplay. There are plenty of assets but they're all sketch level. I'm using Tyranobuilder for the demo so it will also work on Macs. 

This is a good time for me to announce that I'm working with another writer for this project. I've enjoyed his work for a while now and once I brought up the idea for the story to him he leaped on board the project. This author is called Pan and he specializes in... well, mind control and incest. He is an expert at what he does. Most of the concept demo was written by him based on an outline we brainstormed. I've done some little stylistic tweaks but he should get the credit for a lot of the opening here. I'm trying to make sure Overwhored gets finished and be a full time farmer so his assistance here is a big deal. There would -be- no proof of concept without him as I wouldn't have had the time to write everything that's in it. If you're interested in seeing what his work is about you can see his Patreon here.

The next beta release of Overwhored for patrons should be on the 7th of October. I wanted to make it the 1st but just got the Ice Queen chapter's maps from my mappers in today. I've done a lot of the background work already but as you can imagine I can't assemble everything and have it bug-free in a day. 

Don't worry though. Completion of Overwhored is still on-schedule. After the Ice Queen there's one chapter left, then there'll be a month of tweaks and fixes. That's it! I know, I know - the current version is 5.5, and we're jumping straight to 1.0? Well, there's a little secret to that. There's 7 heroines, and seven chapters. Version 7.77 is actually version 1.0. You're fighting good guys and the last heroine is a holy one - you should expect a holy number for her chapter. The expansion will work towards the 1.0 tally. Since the expansion is about invading heaven, 7.77 is a good place to start, no? 

Once Overwhored is done I'll get people working on Home Invasion and I'll start work on the expansion for Overwhored. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning my RPG roots to just make visual novels! 

Oh, and for those of you curious about Bilbine's rewrite the opening picture is going to be one of her new sex scenes. She needed a bit of something other than just traditional brainwashing.

At some point next year I hope to stop doing farming altogether and just make games full time. It'll be a big change and if it does happen it'll be because you all helped me out. Thanks for being fans!

Oh, if you're lucky enough to be reading this in time Zyii and Sleepymaid are multistreaming. Either link below will take you to the multistream.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Art Team Member: Zyii!

I'm pleased to announce that a friend of mine, Zyii, has joined the art team! I'm not sure how much she'll do in the long run. For now she's done a new monster to replace the tentacle monsters that came with the system. It's always good to have custom art rather than premade assets.

She's also active in the mind control community and often streams stuff with other artists; she's practically a living hub of art activity. The Ice Princess will be using her name as a cameo.
Zyii's work can be found here.

While I'm discussing art allow me to show you a few other recent battle pics. These were a collaboration between Sleepymaid (color) and Mindwipe (Lineart). These will replace the Slime Angel and Slime Angel Queen, respectively.

This new Tasa battle sprite was done entirely by Mindwipe:

Also this month's bonus pics are going to be done by both Mindwipe and Drew. I've given a preview of Drew's work, this will be a preview of Mindwipe's work.

The new maps are still getting worked on. If this means the next beta doesn't come out on the 1st I'll still put it up ASAP once I have them in and can get everything running smoothly. I will show you a preview of the Ice Palace. The professional team of mappers I'm using are called Black Coffee Maps. Thanks to your donations I can now afford to pay people who have real skill in this.

Finally I am prepared to put out a proof-of-concept game strictly for $20 tier donors. This is a preview of Home Invasion (working title) the visual novel I'm going to make next. I'm also having some work done to preview some scenes from that game on the sketch level. This'll also be the $20 tier. Below is a preview of what it'll look like. Keep in mind that this is simply assembling some sketch level assets and some first draft scripts. This will NOT reflect the quality level of the end-product, I simply want people to know what I'll be doing next. Once the assets are on a higher level I'll release it to the $1 tier, though that may be a few months away.

Thanks again for all the support you all have shown! Without you I wouldn't be able to do a tenth of what I'm doing!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

On the Next Update

Hey all, been super duper sick the past few days, so I'll keep this short.

1: When is the next update?
Answer: The 1st of October

2: Why isn't it this month?
Answer: I had unavoidable business that kept me from getting the last release out on time. However it did allow me to do something awesome - hiring a team of very skilled map designers who can make better stuff than I ever could. Rather than rushing out crappy maps myself for a 14th of September release date and then having them remake it they're making the expert maps from scratch.

3:  What else are you doing, you slacking slacker who slacks?
Answer: Working on the visual novel that'll be coming up once Overwhored is finished. I have a working mockup of part of the intro done. I'm hoping that Overwhored will have the main story finished by November 1st and the final polished release (all major bugfixes and features finished) December 1st. Small bugfix releases should follow but that'll be it for the game. I have also been harvesting watermelon and various other crops. Mmm. Watermelon.

I also tried to reinstall and play Skyrim to relax right before I got sick but realized that the game wouldn't work with over 400 mods and so gave up. (It turns out the limit is 255) There's no point in playing without ten different mods for torches. I mean come on. You need your modded torch for proper realistic lighting, your torch mod for realistic smoke, your torch mod for the character holding the torch higher, the mod for extending light projection, the torch mod for changing textures to make everything look cooler... Did I mention I don't even use torches in that game? This consumed an evening before I realized I had my fun in picking out mods - the game was unnecessary.

The last thing I've been working on is making sure new bonus sketches go out this month. I've tried new artists for the past few months and they just can't get shit in within a month's period (or any period), so I went back to my reliable artists instead of having them design stuff for the next game. I'm gonna make a bunch. See this post about why Patreon donors will get a message after their donations have been processed rather than just having it put  up as a public gallery this month.

Not all the sketches are done yet. If  you want to tell me what characters you wanna see in the bonus sketches let me know here.

Drew is now doing sketches for the bonus gallery. Here's a preview of what he's adding! This month I'll have some sketches from Mindwipe and Drew, possibly others!

4: What were you sick with?
Answer: Who knows, doesn't matter. Had several days of worse body aches than I've ever had from any flu or other illness. No other symptoms. Then I went to soak in a local hot spring and upon returning slept for a solid 24 hours. I woke up today and I feel more or less fine, I'm largely over it. Hot springs and sleep are both awesome, as is the immune system. Pretty sure time and the immune system fixed it but the sleep and hot springs sure felt good. Seemed to work out.

5: Which Skyrim Waifu Best Waifu?
Lydia. That Daria-tier unenthusiastic dialogue is super hot. There are plenty of other great characters but she's still my favorite. Who hears her speak and DOESN'T immediately imagine her carrying some of your lewd "burdens"? Old game but fun memories. Fallout 4 is gonna be a blast.

Well, that's all for now!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I've returned home after helping to the extent that I could. I want to offer a sincere thanks to those of you who kicked in a little bit after my last post. You ensured I could hire a high quality psychologist for my sister. I believe that has made an enormous difference.

I'm going to resume work now. I've hired some mappers who will be joining the team and making the game a lot more fun to play.

I also wanted to share this artwork that replaces the stock battle image for the Purified Pixies in the chapel done by Mindwipe. Clever people might think this resembles a certain old ero-manga series. This was intentional.

Also Ilmatar now has an intro scene. Mindwipe laid out the initial setup and then Sleepymaid used that to draw a wholly original picture, as seen below. I expect it to be on a Finnish Metal album cover sometime.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Recently something very awful happened in my family. I don't normally speak about personal issues here but this will impact my work. On Sunday my brother-in-law hung himself. He's in a coma and brain dead; by the time you read this they're likely to have pulled the plug.

I was not close with him but I am close with my sister and nephews. He was on the phone with my sister when he killed himself and she is currently an emotional wreck. My mother is not in much of a better state as she had just arrived for a visit with me and now blames herself for not being there. As a result I will be travelling to visit that part of my family and seeing what I can do to help and bring what comfort I can. Work on my game will NOT stop but I sincerely doubt I'll be making the deadline if I need to help her family for a week or two. I apologize and hope for your understanding.

I don't really use much of the Patreon funds for myself, preferring to put them all into my games. I will be using a small portion of it to help hire a psychologist for my sister, however. Suicide is like a plague; at the worst it spreads to others and at best it does extraordinary emotional damage. Time will only tell how my nephews deal with this; they're very young. Proper care after events like these is extraordinarily important, and I will not allow things to go poorly if I can help it.

I will not ask for contributions but should you wish to do so I would appreciate it; it'll help cover costs for the trip and psychologist. You can use the paypal button for a one-time donation. I can manage as things are and still finish the game in a timely manner without anything extra; it'll just make things easier.

I apologize for being a downer and presenting my personal problems to all of you, as well as for the delay. I will continue to work on a computer I bring with me as I'm with my family. If nothing else it is good to have something to occupy the mind. Work is the way I prefer to deal with things.

On some more lighthearted notes I do have some good things to report. First, that Sleepymaid has completed some monster art for the game which can be seen on my Patreon (for free) here:

Second NoMoshing and I will also reboot the indecent gaming podcast. Raw audio of the recent recording will be uploaded to my patreon within a day or two; the properly edited version will be available to the public before long.

Up until a certain point I had a good weekend. I visited a local anime convention (my first) and had a good time. It ran from Friday through Sunday. I didn't go on Sunday due to the tragic events that happened on that day but the first two days were very enjoyable. NoMoshing wants me to go to Anime North next year, I may do so and hold a panel on making NSFW games there.

I've given various artists assignments for the month and am working on hiring mappers to remake some of the less pleasant maps. Unfortunately the response was overwhelming and I have to figure out an audition, something I'm not really in the mood to do right now. Still, we do what we must.

Unrelated to the game I've harvested a few crates worth of peaches. I'm going to have to can them before this weekend as that's when I'll likely travel to see my family. That's going to be a... hefty job. I was anticipating having more time and some help. Still, we do what we must.

If you see me away from here and I'm cheerful, well, I'm trying to be. My game exists to bring people joy and beyond this post you probably won't see me mention these events again. I really prefer for people to come here to read good, happy news. I sincerely hope this is the last time I have cause to make a post about a subject matter as dark as this.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Release! Ver 0.5.5

Hey all, the combat beta is now done. This release is mostly updates to enemies letting them have more abilities for combat but there are also a few new sex scenes. The new Mayor of Bilbao will give you a warm welcome, the Kitsune (fox-girl) in the monstergirl village now has her scene in and new artwork is put throughout. It's in the usual place. Enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2015

On the next release

I'm gonna open up the combat beta and make it a public release in a few days. I wanted to get it done today but the truth is farmwork doesn't have weekends and I've been working pretty much endlessly. On the plus side I'm starting to get fresh corn now and it's really, really tasty!

There's a bunch of new pictures going into this one, as well as some new art. Zko is well-known in the erotic mind control community and will be added to the list of artists soon; he did this replacement for the Lamia nuns!

Zko is well known in the mind control art community. You can check out his art here on hypnohub, he's done quite a bit!

I'm also working a lot on the pre-production of my next game. The expansion for Overwhored, Overwhored II and other games will happen after it. It'll be a big, fun deal! I'll give you all some more details later on - including a fun surprise collaboration with another author for the upcoming visual novel!

See you in a day or two!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sleepymaid Stream

If you're lucky enough to get this while it's going, congrats! Sleepymaid is streaming the redraw of Crystin for Overwhored.


The Sleepystream is over, but let me give you some previews of the work Sleepymaid did.

Redraws of the Merchant and Crystin (There are multiple versions of these):

And some "youtube ready" versions of the opening pics for a trailer I'm going to have ready soon! Much thanks to the anonymous fan I think of as my "Italian Mafia" friend for the new computer that makes it possible!

Monday, July 13, 2015

On Betas

Hey all. I haven't been communicating with much of anyone lately. I managed to work hard enough that I got pretty sick and I've been in bed for a lot of the last week.

I put the beta up on the Patreon and figured that might be enough but judging by comments nobody found it or knew it was even there. I'll be sending out an actual e-mail later today to the old mailing list that includes all paypal donors. My apologies to paypal donors for the delay. I meant to send it the day after putting it up on Patreon but being in bed sick and sleeping all day and night caused me to lose track of the days.

Since I got no feedback and have been sleeping off being sick for the past week there isn't a second beta, so the e-mail will be of this one. I'll give it a few more days for people to send in info.

I'm still sick so I'm not likely to send back a lot of feedback for the next few days. Once I'm better I'll take your feedback, tidy things up and ready a public release. Then I can start working on the Ilmatar chapter.

There are only two chapters left in this game. I'll be happy to see things finished up so I can start working on more games for you all to enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Post will be late tonight

I'll put up the beta late tonight. It'll probably be around midnight US Mountain time.

I want this to be about the combat changes and improvements mostly, so I'm leaving out some of the rewrites. The other Bilbine rewrites are out because I need to change the art.

Keywords being "some".

I know, I know, you want to see that stuff. Right now I just want to make sure nothing is broken. I'll use the time for the beta to continue improving the rewrites because I'm not fully satisfied with them.


To tell the truth, I'm utterly unsatisfied with the state of the rewrites. I just don't know what I'll do about that. I'll hopefully force a resolution to the situation by the end of the beta. For now you can expect to explore a post-Bilbine Bilbao, but with a minimum of commentary by her or Audr. I just haven't fixed them and it pisses me off. It would probably be easier if I didn't have to spend so much time doing so much blasted farmwork in July during a heatwave, but that's no excuse. It irks me severely that I'm stuck doing this crap for now (the nonwinter months are always farming heavy times), but Overwhored is going to have to start taking priority because you all have been way more generous than I think anyone expected, not the least of which is me.

I'm not quite sure what I'll do. Maybe - in spite of it being something that'll get me into trouble - I'll let one field go to weeds. I dunno. I hate taking a month and spending almost all of it tilling the fields when you all are here and are willing to pay me decent money to do something I enjoy a lot more. If this weren't a family thing I can't imagine I'd ever bother. That being the sticky bit. I can't just abandon that work. I dunno.

Sleepymaid and I have given a bit of thought to roomating together in a city. It isn't doable yet. I put all my money back into art or other stuff for the game right now and even if I cut it down to $500 a month I wouldn't be making enough to live comfortably and put a bit into savings. Sleepymaid would need to save up. If it happens games will happen a lot faster. Neither of us are totally sure it'd work, though. The farming season will have to be over first whatever else happens.

And this is no place to complain about my personal life, it isn't professional, but.... well. I hate this place. I hate working on this farm. I hate the people here - not that there are many - and I'm burning to escape this sad, dying place.

I'm sure as hell not asking you for more money, though. I'm well aware of what the average pledge amount for me is, and it's fucking crazy. I don't know what I did to get you all as fans, but I know I don't deserve you. Pay only - ONLY - what you can comfortably afford. Don't give me money if it's a choice between me and Ramen Noodles, even if you love Overwhored. Or hell, a choice between a diet with Ramen Noodles and one without. Just don't. Friends don't let friends eat Ramens.

I've pulled an all nighter again. Some of family visited for an entire damn week and kept me from working for the ENTIRE flipping week. Thank goodness they're gone now and I can have a day to myself again. That's the real reason this thing will be coming late tonight. In a few minutes I'm going to go fall in bed because I haven't slept in much too long. At some point I'll wake up to someone's yelling and crawl outside to whack at the ground with a hoe for a while, then come inside and grind on this later in the day to make sure it's ready for a midnight release.

I've gotten a lot done with the combat system and art, but I'm just damn sorry it isn't more. Try as I might I have a lot of trouble squeezing out creativity when I'm bone-tired. That's an excuse and not a solution, though, and the only solution is a rough one. For the rest of this week, come hell or high water, I have to say fuck the farm and work ONLY on the game. My family won't be happy, but that's how it goes.

Well, I'll see you at midnight. Probably putting this on MEGA since last I heard NoMoshing is still moving. Time to fall on the bed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rewrite Release Monday

Hey all, I'm gonna put out a new release on Monday. This is going to mostly be combat fixes, rewrites for characters like Bilbine and Audr, and so on. I'll be putting it out as a Beta first (I learned my lesson the last time I put out what I thought would be a "minor" update without one). Once I'm satisfied it's all stable and working I'll put it out in public and then start working on Ilmatar's chapter. After her there is only ONE more chapter.

I figure Overwhored will be done in about three months. Two months for heroine chapters at one month per chapter, and a month for tweaking and fixing things.

So this brings up something important - what happens after?

If you follow this blog regularly you know I'll be making a Visual Novel. It'll be short and simple and focused on incest and mind control. Once that's done I'll make the expansion, Overwhored Fall From Heaven, and then Overwhored II and other games I have planned.

I have gotten some concept art done for the game which is available for people donating to the patreon at the $20 level. I'll put it out to the public later on. The concept art was done by Mindwipe. Have a preview of one of the characters!

Some pics I don't mind showing you are below - new heroine intro scenes! These were a collaboration between Sleepymaid and Mindwipe. Mindwipe handled the lineart, Sleepymaid did the color.

There are also going to be redraws of several early pictures. This will cover the Alexia, Iskis, and Kael triple blowjob, the Merchant girl Thalia and if I can get it done in time Crystin. There's a preview of one of these below. There are a few more stages to this pic, so it's fun to just show the start.

Finally a bit of sillyness; this is a picture done to represent... me. I've gone a long time with a cat in the game representing me. I had Mindwipe mock up a little design I'll be using in case I have any little admin announcements in games I make in the future.

I might also get some custom monster art done to replace the non-custom stuff in now but I haven't decided yet. The costs would be fairly high for that.

That's all for now! See you Monday!


A friend of mine, Zyii, just doodled a picture of her Kitty-Zyii hugging the Kitty-Cy. It's adorable!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An interview! With Me!

Hi Everyone! I was recently interviewed by a German Journalist/Fan called Patty. We discuss Overwhored and the design of it here:

I also drew a picture slowly over about a month. This took me a long time to do, since I was only doing it in my free time. This has nothing to do with anything, really. It's just a thing I doodled because it seemed fun.

You can see more pics I've personally drawn here:

Oh, and don't worry about this taking time away from the game. I'm working about 15 hours a day between farming and the game. This stuff is done in the other time.

Today I'm finishing up a lot of the Beginner's Hall. It and a bunch of other stuff will be ready before the 1st of next month!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Body Pillows?

So I'm working on re-balancing the game and making a bunch of other changes. Farming is dropping as a workload issue as the heat wave here takes effect and it becomes too hot to work outside.

That said, I recently got an offer to have body-pillows made of Overwhored characters and I...

Body pillows? Really?

I guess I just have to ask - is that something you all even want? If so, it's no trouble to get them made. But I don't want to waste my time making chibi-overmind body pillows (or more likely, full sized Nanshe and the like ones) if no one would buy them. It wouldn't be a problem to get the art done for it. But will anyone even buy it?

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Fanart and What I'm Working on Now

Today I'm working on fixing the monsters so you can also escape from fights and so they don't do the weird invisible chase thing. I'm also fixing Bilbao so you can explore the city after the Bilbine fight.

There's a LOT of work to do. I'm doing a lot of edits, rewrites, and fixes this month. Next month will be the Luonnotar development month, but this month is going to be fixing up a lot of little stuff that never quite got fixed.

On a highly exciting note I got a bit of fanart from a fellow that goes by Lord Leovuld Meadowgrove. I didn't get a site from him to promote, but I love this fanart. It's awesome!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pointless Post, see previous post for importance:

I want a new cover image at some point. Lunar is the biggest inspiration for my game and I'd really like one that looks like its cover. I love the current one, but man. Just man. 

Cripes, why is Lunar so freaking good? If I had some free time I'd go and play it again. And the second one. 

Also you might recognize some resemblance between Royce and the Tower Mistress. Yes, that was totally on purpose and specified in her initial designs. 

My dream is basically to make an unofficial Lunar 3. Sort of like how War for the Overworld is making an unofficial Dungeon Keeper 3.

Yes, I'm aware there were Lunar games not released in the west. It... it was for the best. Let's pretend they don't exist.

Have a sexy Royce from one of the Bromides (Pinup pics) you can find in game.

Lunar is the only reason there are naked girls floating in crystals in my game.

Lunar is so good. ;_;

Friday, May 29, 2015

Plotting Sinister Plots

Well, let's start off with some simple stuff concerning Overwhored specifically:

1: There's an error that pops up for some players. It goes along the lines of, "Line 93: No Method Error".

This is related to something caused by the tower invasion battle. Saves from 0.5 (Bilbine's introduction) don't have it, saves from 0.5.3 before fix 3 or fix 4 will have the issue. New saves will not have the issue at all.

I'm working on an improved skip feature so you can skip all the way past Bilbine. Either way, this is about all that can be done about it.

2: I will not be putting out a new release on the 1st. Instead I'll be putting out little updates through the month, or perhaps one big one towards the end of the month. This is the revision period where I'm rewriting characters, fixing stuff like the Orb of Dominion and finalizing the combat system and special abilities of various characters. Once that is done I'll start on Luonnotar's chapter.

Now for new info - games I'm planning to work on after Overwhored. This is a collection of things I've been thinking about and wanting to work on for a while. I'll list them out.

1: Overwhored: Fall From Heaven
This game is the expansion for Overwhored and will feature the Overmind's invasion of heaven and attempt to conquer the goddess herself.

2: Overwhored II
This will be a continuation of the Overwhored series featuring the Overmind's first daughter, born of a Titan, and her own desire to take over the world and face the resurrected titans and a technologically advanced world she could not have known would exist in the dawn of the world.

3: Home Violation (Working Title)
This is something short I want to do immediately after Overwhored is finished before I work on the expansion. This is an incest themed mind control visual novel. It won't be long, it'll only have a few pics and a short story and will serve mostly to help me get a grasp on visual novel systems.

I'm taking some suggestions for this one in these two threads:

4: Silent Hill like exploration visual novel
In this game you play as a girl whose girlfriend has left her to work for a large company at their remote arcology (self-contained city). She gets a strange e-mail from her ex girlfriend trying to recruit her, but with a hidden message warning her to stay away and showing strange behavior from her ex. Determined to find out what is going on, the protagonist goes to the arcology to work for them and finds a sex-filled horror/wonderland hidden beneath a thin veneer of normalcy. This will likely be a visual novel, and is planned to be a joint-project between myself and NoMoshing, with me acting as the project head.

5: A Humorous Horror Dating Sim
This will also be a visual novel. It'll be a dating sim focused on a small, isolated town populated with cute girls that also happen to be horrifying monsters. You will attempt to romance them while also trying not to get killed by them. Expect a Jason-like slasher fic chick, a dream demon, a spooky ghost girl that crawls from reflections and a Saya-esque Lovecraftian horror to all be potential love interests. Expect the harem end to simply be you shoved in some alternate dimension where they all gang rape you for eternity, spooky style.

6: Sex Platformer
Always wanted to make one of these, never had the time or tools to do it. Might whip a really simple one up sometime. Don't expect it anytime soon, though. Everything else comes first. Go look up Condom Man Redux, Playshapes flashes or our friends making Future Fragments (which is a big step up from the previous examples) to see what those are like.

7: Dungeon Keeper Sex Sim
Remember Dungeon Keeper, or the more recent War for the Overworld that's like an unofficial sequel? Well, I'd love to make one too - one that's focused on mind control and turning cute girls into sex slaves. I would expect this one to be a LONG way off. I don't have the skills or team to make it. But hell, I'd love to make it one day.

Well, now you know my various future planned games. None of them are fixed in stone yet, but I have some fun ideas for all of them.

Right now I'm putting almost all of my Patreon money back into making Overwhored a better game. If you want to know why I want $2500 to work on games full time, that's why. I want to put about $1k a month into making games. Not a lot, but it'll let me pay some artists for a few pics a month and some programmers to do a bit of work. The other $1500 can be mine to pay taxes with and rent an apartment with. I don't expect to be living it large.

If any of these future game ideas particularly appeals to you, let me know. I want to know which games after the expansion I should be focusing on because they appeal to you. If one REALLY doesn't do it for you, let me know that too.

Finally I wanna preview two pics from the bonus gallery pack that'll be going up on Patreon for $10 patrons on the 1st of next month. These were done by the artist Mindwipe, cool dude that he is. Sleepymaid's art will also be in the bonus gallery, so get hyped!


Oh yeah, I forgot one that I actually feel I have the resources to do and was looking into. Nutaku talked to me a while back about doing a game that could go through them.

I haven't spoken with them about it yet, but the general idea I have is an Adult Hearthstone.

Yep. Just like Hearthstone with lawyer-friendly changes, featuring lots of skimpy fanservice and sex scene rewards for winning.

Hearthstone itself is a simplified version of Magic The Gathering in a lot of ways. I've played Magic for many a year, though I don't actively play anymore. I'm well aware that designing a card game along those lines is no easy endeavor, even - perhaps especially - simplified as Hearthstone is.

I'm confident I can do it though. Still, it'll take some resources I don't have just yet. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I return! 1000 Years of... Light. :(

Well everyone, I return from the battle with the forces of light only to discover that we, The Glorious Unstoppable Forces of the Immaculate Order of Darkness, have been stopped. :(

It's how it always goes. We win everything, kill wizened "old" mentors (actually in their mid 20's or so), and then some pubescent teen pulls out some ancient thingamawhatzit and manages a last minute victory. Of course *I* was totally perfect, we only failed due to the incompetent fools around me!

Well here's a little secret: We're never actually out for the big prize of 1000 years of darkness. After the first thousand times of light always winning via last minute asspull we realized that even if we're infinitely more confident, stylish, sexy, and smart than they are we're still gonna lose. Instead we just take all the gains we can OUTSIDE of the big win. So every year (yes, our 1000 years competition happens every year in some form or another) the world gets a little more industrialized, a little sexier, a little smarter. Trust me, if the forces of light always won totally there never would have been an industrial revolution and you'd all be squatting in mud huts. You kinda need evil to invent internet pornography, after all! It's even better than regular pornography because there's almost an infinite amount of free stuff, causing horrible suffering even to the people trying to make money producing it! It's delightfully evil, and I'm happy to contribute with my free porn game.

Now about the game itself: First, I want to apologize for bugfix 4 not going up. That was my own dumbass fault. It was uploading to dropbox where NoMoshing could get it, and then right before I left to visit the airport I turned off my computer with it partially uploaded. So it wasn't his fault, it was mine. It'll be up sometime today.

My trip was wonderful, I showed my family Overwhored and they were actually Overjoyed with it. They always knew I made a NSFW game, but didn't know the details. Now they do and they were happy, and that was... honestly, pretty overwhelming. You never expect your family to support something like this. At the very least it takes the edge of worry off that they'd discover the details via some troll figuring out my real identity and being horrified. I now know quite definitively that they're not. They're just happy at the success that you, the fans, are helping me to have.

It also led me to a rather simple realization. I'm almost always in pain due to injuries I got in Iraq during military service. My family largely lives up in the Washington state area. There is a certain medicine I can only get there which, after trying a bit of it, does help immensely with the pain. It would be nice to replace the fourteen pills I take a day for pain and damage with something a lot cheaper and less side-effecty.

My family where I currently live runs a farm, and I help out with it whenever I'm not working on the game. But, sorry as I am to say it, corporate farms have basically driven us out of business. Our greenhouse business is closed and the farm itself is basically gone, almost nothing is growing here this year. We've sold all of our livestock as well. Small farms are relatively viable outside of big cities, but not in the middle of nowhere when you can't sell your crops. I mostly just feed myself and my family here. And no, I don't want to save this place. It's time for us all to move on.

I'm gonna put a new goal up on Patreon soon. If I hit (and can stay reliably at) $2500 a month I'll move up to Washington and work on Overwhored and other adult games for you all full time, reserving 500 a month to put towards this and future games. If I hit $3500 a month I'll also go back to college part time to study programming, or art, or business to manage my team better. I already went for medicine, but I'm out of the medical field for good now. I'm too burned out to ever return. It'd be nice to go back a little bit for something I actually enjoy. Besides, medicine wouldn't leave any time for working on games.

I'm reading over your feedback and bug reports and I'll get to it before long. I got a cold going through the airport so I'm gonna take it easy for the next few days, but I'll be pecking away at the game just the same.

Thanks a ton for being fans, everyone.

A special bonus, Sleepymaid was just drawing some bonus pics for Patreon and came up with this. I post it without comment, save to say I thought it was better publicly posted.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gone for the weekend

My family has a long and seasoned history of magical power and I must fly across the country in order to engage in a number of duels/sacrifices in order to retain my game-making wizard powers. As a result, I'll be away and unavailable over the weekend as I do battle with the forces of light. I'll return on Tuesday and resume squashing bugs. Wizard duels are always such a bother.

This is the refinement period, so leave any bug reports, suggestions, and so on now. This is when I'll get to it. When I get back, I mean.

I'll leave a bugfix 4 before I go, though it'll be up to NoMoshing when it goes up. It'll mostly just be fixing the "I cannot leave the barn in the cowgirl farm" issue.

Now I must go and pack my magical sledgehammer (wands are for suckers) and various sacrificial tools. Wish me luck!

Bugfix 3 up

Sorry folks, thought this was up yesterday. It was done but didn't get uploaded until just a bit ago. Now I'm off to the dentist. Later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bugfix 2 Up

This one should solve the game breaking bugs, let me know what else you find. It doesn't solve everything, so I'll have plenty more work to do.

During this month and part of next, most likely, I'll be doing rewrites, bug fixes, and so on to shore up the game before the last two chapters.

So it'll go like this:

- Bugfixes and rewrites
- Luonnotar's chapter
- Bugfixes and rewrites (Mostly final)
- Final Mystery Chapter
- Final polish for the game

I'll discuss my future plans once Luonnotar's chapter is done. For now, let me know if there are any other game breaking bugs. Overwhored isn't far from being done.



Fix 3 will be up in a few hours, I won't be announcing it. It'll let you into the cowgirl farm. These are for those who get lost finding the farm or the village.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quick Fix

There's a fix up that fixes the two current bugs, I'm aware there are still more. Report them as you go along, I'll be delivering fixes until it's all working smooth as can be.

It's hard to believe just HOW MUCH that one battle could break. Seriously. But it'll get tackled and fixed, just the same.

Bugs fixed that will be in tomorrow's fix release:

1: Bug where you capture all the girls in Wardhaven but you aren't allowed to leave
2: Monstergirl Village is now accessible.
3: Teleported into wall bug

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bug Fix Soon

Well, it took me a bit to untangle things. There are two bugs here. One was easily fixed, the other one I need my programmer to go through and make adjustments, otherwise old saves will be broken. Unfortunately it's the one that stops all movement. The other one (the insta-crash) only affects saves and there's a bit of programming in to fix that just waiting to be uploaded.

I doubt it'll take more than a day though.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bugged Version Fix Soon

The new version, 0.5.3 is up. Unfortunately there's a game breaking bug in it. I've got to have a programmer fix it.

I was so focused on getting the big battle working that I didn't consider that it might, somehow, have broken a totally different and unrelated part of the game. Sorry. Give it a day or two.

And to be perfectly frank, I'll admit I was rushing like hell so you all didn't have to keep waiting.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tomorrow Morning

Sorry folks, the release was readied in plenty of time, but my horrible Idaho internet is taking forever. I started uploading it at around 4pm here, and it's now 9:58 and it isn't done uploading. The internet has all but stopped working, as is sometimes the case.

NoMoshing will get it but will be asleep before it can be uploaded. So you'll see it up first thing tomorrow once he can put it up on the website.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wait Is Almost Over

Sorry about the delay, took longer to get things fixed than I wanted it to. I have a lot of polish and work to do to finalize things I couldn't do until stuff was fixed.

It should be about one to two days now, provided the fix works as it's supposed to. Believe me, I want you to have your princess cows as much as you want to have them.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Slight Delay

Hey all! I'm polishing up stuff, some content is done but there's a bit of trouble with the big battle. I'm getting it fixed. It'll take a few days and I may not get this out on the 1st, but don't expect more than a day or two delay.

I sincerely apologize as it was my fault for giving the programmer direction that didn't detail certain loss conditions. 

To cheer you up, here's a picture of the game's most adorable character: Captain Oola.

Captain Oola is a delight and once I start the rewrites I'm gonna give her a bigger role. Maybe make her a party member. She's too adorable to just leave as a nobody.

Oh, and those of you who get into the beginner's hall as a reward for an $20 patreon - obviously it won't be in this version. After I've contacted all the lucky winners and finalized names I'll build it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

$1k goal made and new bonus gallery!

Hey everyone! I'm overjoyed to announce that I have now made the $1k goal on Patreon! Every cent I make above $1k will go to future games, and this means I will continue making stuff after Overwhored is done!

That's looking closer and closer. There are two chapters left, and the big battle WILL be done and in a release by the 1st of next month. Everything I wanted to give you before will be in it this time, bugs sorted and things fixed.

New character art is in the game for the heroines, done by Sleepymaid! Additionally Mindwipe is making some new faces for various characters. 

This is the lineart for the Ice Queen/Nature Spirit heroine, Luonnotar: 

This is the lineart for the dwarven mayor, Erna Brundtland. (I expect one of my Norwegian fans will comment on where that name and her design comes from one of these days...)

I've spent a lot of time lately working on the big battle. Victory in which will result in a Dwarfy Mayor sex scene:

So all the art for the game is now done! 

But wait, you say! Aren't you doing more faces and redraws and stuff? Well yeah, but the game itself has all the art to be finished DONE. I'm doing the redraws out of the Patreon funds in order to up the quality of the game, but the game can absolutely be finished without them. 

So what do I need to do gameplay wise?

Two chapters worth of content. The Ice Queen and then the finishing chapter. Then Overwhored will be done and I will be able to move onto other games I have planned out. Pretty damn sweet. It's all thanks to you.

Although farming still takes up a lot of my time I'm pretty confident that I can get those chapters done within about three months at one release per month. At some point during this time I'll also be rewriting Audr and Bilbine to give their characters the same sort of impact characters like Nanshe and Branda do. Remember, writing isn't writing - it's rewriting. This entire game is essentially my first draft right now, I WILL be refining the humor and detail as new releases come out. Expect the "final" version of Overwhored to be out barring any unforseen hindrances on September the 1st. I will be constantly adding content until that time, and I will be giving a lot more status updates. 

There's also a new, very spoilery bonus gallery on my Patreon page now for $10 and up donators.

Look forward to it folks, and a HUGE thanks to everyone once again for your contributions! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bugfix Version Up!

I uploaded a version of the game that's more or less the same as the last, but fixes the various programming bugs I couldn't fix myself.

I'm currently working on the battle and a number of other things. I'll let you all know how things are progressing as time goes on.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Goals and Labor

We reached the $800 goal!


Then we didn't. It's currently a few bucks below.

That's quite alright. I've gotten enough names from the $20 tier and will be removing it soon anyway, I imagine there will be a revenue drop from that as well. I'll think up a new $20 tier. If you paid for it I have a record of it and I'll work your name into the Beginner's Hall.

As you may be aware no matter how much money I make my primary job is, and will stay, farming. I cannot quit that job or set it aside as it's a family responsibility. Family must come before any amount of money. At this time of year I've spent a lot of time working outside digging irrigation ditches and fixing pipes and not so much time working inside. Hence no release on the 1st of this month.

Far from just taking your money and running, however, I've justified taking it by putting all of last month's funds back into the game by commissioning more artwork. At this point the artwork for the game is all but done, so I'm going back and getting some redraws done of some pictures that I feel needed more work. I promised more Sleepymaid art, so I'm having Sleepymaid do the bulk of it. Here's some examples of battle sprites I've had Sleeps working on lately.

I'm also completely redoing the sex scenes for the Ice Queen.

In some cases these are redraws of stuff that had been done by another artist. Please note that this is NOT intended as an insult to the artists who had previously done work on this stuff. I have made compromises during the creation of Overwhored. There are a lot of things I'd like to do or would like to have done that I could not have before Patreon. This is letting me take things closer to my original vision. I'm proud of the people that have worked for me in the past.

I bought myself a pizza a few days ago. That has been the extent of my personal patreon profits for a while. Everything else has gone back into the project in one way or another. So in other words it's all just going back to you.

As a side note this month I'll be doing something besides hiring artists. Hiring Programmers.

You know what I like? Writing. You know what I DON'T like? Trying to play programmer when I don't know the programming language and don't have the time to learn.

What takes me forever will take a team of programmers a day or two. So I'm just going to pay some programmers to take care of the stuff so I can start moving to an actual monthly release schedule. No matter how much I work I won't manage it if I'm trying to play programmer. That's why I stuck monthly releases at this price range; so I can afford this.

I'm good at team management and writing, so that's what I'm going to stick to. The more work I can get other people to do that I'm not good at the more content I can add.

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Version Up Today

Hey all. As I said, there will be a new version up today. I've decided to keep the monstergirl village locked for now because frankly it feels much too empty. I could have whipped up a bunch of background characters pretty fast - but really? It's better to wait just a bit and have it totally finished.

There are partial combat updates and monsters chase you. Bilbao's religious district has a lot more NPC's. Captain Oola's sex scene is now in, full of extra Aussie slang. I asked and Aussie writer about it and they said to go all out with the slang, so fuck it. I did. Any Aussies playing the game can let me know what they think.

Frankly this update won't be huge, but you'll definitely notice a lot of the effects on combat and in dungeons in the early game. The volcano dungeon and Bilbao haven't yet been fully updated to the new respawning/chasing monster style. You can see my last post where I go over why there isn't a ton  of new content in this one. I don't personally think this update is worth a total new playthrough for those that have already played the game to Bilbao, but it's worth loading up a save and checking out Captain Oola's sex scene at least.

It'll be available at the normal download link later today as Ver. 0.5.1. The actual content changes are small enough that I don't think it's worth going through a proper beta with this. Let me know if anything causes a crash. Most of the combat updates and various new stuff has been tested carefully, so I don't expect a lot of issues with that. Still, keep an eye open.

I'm gonna start responding to e-mails tomorrow as I'll finally have the time to do so. Expect me to get around to finding ways to get the time consuming issues taken care of.

EDIT: It is now updated.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tomorrow's Update

Well, let's start off with this: It won't have everything I want it to have.

Here is what I wanted this to include.

-Combat updates
-Monstergirl Village
-Group Battle
-Cowgirl Farm
-Bilbao's religious district populated

On the face of it that seems easy. Indeed, much of the underlying work for that stuff IS done.

Here's what is done as of right now.

-Partial Combat Updates
-Partial Monstergirl Village
-Bilbao's Religious District

So why is so little actually finished? I feel I owe you an explanation, especially considering that I extended this for a week in hopes of getting more in.

Mostly it comes down to some invisible (to you) but time consuming things. Implementing all of the scripts for combat and getting them to play nice together took a lot of time. Having some custom stuff made also took time. In total, this actually took more than the week I wanted it to. That said, I already explained why I didn't go all out on the combat updates right away in a previous blog post.

However I was fairly confident the monstergirl village would be swift.

It was not.

The main reason the MGV is sucking up so much time is the custom sprites. Each damn one takes a full day's worth of work. I'll be working with people on getting those done - I've gotten some e-mails, and I'll be messaging some of you back soon. Also an issue - I just hit writer's block here. I've been getting help with it from some other writer's friends, but trying to get the writing in the village to the level you all are accustomed to has just been a monumental challenge for me. I don't know WHY the MGV has been so difficult to write, but it has. It's pretty simple on the face of it. You have the sealed tomb of the first daughter, which is like a short tourist attraction. Then you have a few monstergirls with minigames that let you get a sex scene with them. Coming up with those minigames has just been an enormous headache though. I have the art - I have the sex scenes themselves sketched out, but getting the minigames written out is just... bleh.

Plus I know you all will want sex scenes for every girl in the village, but there's only four sex scenes in the village itself. A Fairy, a Lamia, a Sasquatch, and a Kitsune. Of those I've only made any real progress with the minigame for that. I've got to come up with excuses as to why you aren't going to bang the other monstergirls I use in the background when I write them. That makes THEM a headache too.

The cowgirl farm is pretty easy. Just buy it from the princesses after Bilbine's chapter when Bilbine, as an alchemist, is able to make the potions for you reliably. Then you'll get options to corrupt the princesses and make them into cowgirls themselves. However it takes place AFTER Bilbine's chapter, which means that the attack on the tower will happen first. That means there's no point in writing that content until after the battle scene.

The attack on the tower is going to be a big, complex undertaking. It will be very worth it when it is done but at the pace other stuff has been going at I haven't been able to undertake serious work on it yet.

I want to make it VERY clear that I'm not giving you all excuses for not getting this done. I misjudged how long it'd take to do this stuff and for that, I apologize. I will put out a release tomorrow that is mostly going to focus on monster/combat updates and Bilbao's content getting filled in. As soon as I get them done I'll release a version with the monstergirl village, then the attack on the tower and cowgirl farm, and once that's done I'll start working on Ilmatar's chapter.

Today will not be a hard work day. I got eight hours of sleep last night - something I didn't get on Saturday or Friday, considering I didn't sleep those two days because I was working throughout - not just on the game, but on tasks for my other jobs as well. I'll polish things up and ready it for the release I outlined above in the "what's done now" section.

As a side note I was put in charge of a minecraft server for the hypnohub community more or less out of nowhere. (I didn't ask for it, but I might as well do it.) I've managed to spend about a grand total of an hour playing on that server since it went up a week ago, so I'll be enjoying a little bit of that today. I make games but I almost never get to play any. I think it's alright for me to take half a day off. No matter how much I crunch it'd be impossible for me to get everything into this release I wanted to.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Needing Spriters

Hey all, let me know if you know anyone who can do decent work on sprites or where to find them. I'm doing these myself and it takes several hours for each. I'd MUCH rather spend the time writing.

Yes, I'll pay cash for it. They'll mostly look like these:

You'll also get base sprites to work from and not have to do it from scratch. I'm slow and not the best at sprite work. Send me someone who can do it faster and better, please. Those two sucked up about 6+ hours each and I have several more to do yet with a release next week. I hate using placeholders.

The less time I spend doing stuff like this the more time I can spend adding content to the game.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Victory in our Time!

For those unaware I'll present a quick summary of recent events.

1: Google announced that blogger would be doing their best to hide all NSFW blogs, and prevent any new ones from being made.

2: This got everyone really freaking mad.

3: Google almost immediately realized the trouble they caused and caved. Thus, my blog will not have to move.

Just to note I was never in any real danger. There were many of other places I could have gone. First and foremost I could have just gone to the BadKittyGames site and made a blog there; I had already discussed it with NoMoshing. There were also plenty of other alternatives including just making my own website. Even so this means I don't have to waste time moving things, and that is good.

So success! Congrats, the status quo is maintained. This was an entirely pointless venture all 'round.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Human Faces

Here's a quick question you never asked or cared about the answer to. What would Nanshe look like if she were human? The answer? Probably a lot like this: 

Mia Khalifa is a porn star that is Lebanese by birth. A number of the nations in Overwhored are based upon mediterranean and middle-eastern nations. Indeed, the city of Sayda is actually named so because Sayda is the Phoenician name for Sidon - also known as the third most populous city in Lebanon.

Nanshe herself is from the Dark Elf culture which is more based upon Babylon, but I can assure you that women from ancient Babylon could also look a lot like Mia as they were also likely semetic. (Even modern Iraqis can also be pale and have red hair and blue eyes, if decidedly different-than-Irish facial features; I saw a few people like that. There is a great deal of variance there.) The Ancient Babylonians probably weren't that much different from Mia in appearance.

I suppose you could say I have a weakness for "semetic" women. They tend to have large eyebrows, larger noses, and wide smiles. I just so happen to like all of those things! They also tend to have amazing booty, but they have not yet discovered the power of its use. The day there is a proper acronym for middle-eastern booty shall be a day of great things. One must also admit that their eyebrow game is STRONK and that's fucking glorious.

Now poor Mia has received death threats for being in porn because she is Lebanese by birth. Lebanon is arguably the most liberal nation in the middle east and they ended up in quite an uproar because of her. She was disowned by her family and had her entire birth nation be angered by her actions. Fortunately she's in the US so she can do whatever she damn well pleases while they can do nothing but cry while fapping to her, knowing that the world finally knows how hot Lebanese women are. May rich people the world over steal those women away that they may have glorious and gratuitous sex lives.

My belief? The middle east knows they have so many beautiful women everyone would steal them away if they didn't make the place as unappealing to visit as possible. I've been there; I actually like the people. I'd probably go back to visit sometimes if they wouldn't chop off my head for doing so. Well, my girlfriend would be angry with me if I tried to bring back all the girls in the Middle East, of course. That's a good bit scarier than terrorists.

Still - the point is that although real women may face many issues in that part of the world the women I create are not real and thus not subject to death threats. I can make as many semetic girls as I like! Jewish, Lebanese, or purple elf variations. Girls with blue or green hair? Yep! Lebanese princesses turned into cowgirls? You bet! (As a side note Bulls and cows were quite prominent in many faiths and standards of ancient eras in that region. Just another layer I thought of well in advance.)

The great liberating truth of fiction is that you can do whatever you damn well please in it. As time goes on I will continue to bring you women that the real world conspires not to allow you to have.

PS: Funny note, Mia did not exist as a porn star when Nanshe was designed years ago. They just happened to end up looking very similar because Mia has the same features I wanted designed into Nanshe, which are basically just common features in women from that region. I let the artists decide eyebrow thickness because if I were choosing all the girls would have thicker eyebrows than Satsuki from Kill La Kill. It is my fetish. Also Mind control, but mostly eyebrows.