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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fixed Link Sent

The fixed version now has a download link and has been sent out. Once again, check your spam folder and make sure it isn't marked as spam.

If you are one of the nearly 200 donators and did not receive ANY message make sure to e-mail me. Also e-mail any bugs to me at

Please note that I HAVE been getting your messages, but as I'm getting quite a few it's unlikely I'll be able to respond individually to them. Please keep sending them. If there are any other bugs like this it's important that they get fixed promptly so I can move on to adding new content for the December release.

Thanks again to all contributors!


  1. Hey, Cypress, one of the donors here. I found a game crashing bug when you try and buy items from the tower shopkeeper.

  2. Hey, I found a small bug where the speech of Kael and the Tower Mistress shows b[] around their respective names when burning fruit crates in Wardhaven inn, I can also confirm the above bug

  3. That shopkeeper bug has apparently been fixed for next release.

    What I'm having most problems with right now are items that appear blank in the inventory. In the items menu it doesn't cause that much problems other than not being able to use them, but in the equip menu the game crashes immediately if you happen to highlight a blank item.