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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre-Release Status Update:

Hi everyone! I am just getting done with about fourteen solid hours of work on the game. The past few days I've been working about 14-18 hours straight trying to get this release done.

So how close am I? Well...

The truth is that right now I could spend tomorrow working and have a Christmas Eve release ready, but the chapter would end up much like other chapters before it. Which is to say I won't be able to do the special stuff I want to do.

See, I want to do a group battle scene like - say, the defense of Narshe in FFVI. I also have a script for it. I want that army you get after Audr to have some relevance. However that isn't simple. Programming in the switch is very much doable, of course. However a dungeon needs to be programmed with that specifically in mind.

Right now I have a fairly standard dungeon just prior to Bilbine as a placeholder and I'm debating whether to spend tomorrow fixing up Bilbao with that in mind or whether I should scrap that dungeon and redo it with the army and push the release back. I could still push back the army battle to the next release - I had always intended to have an army battle in that chapter. So I'm honestly not sure. I'll probably just try and make a Christmas release and stick with what I've already made though.

I also spent about four hours tonight working on this:

Behold the adorable final boss of the chapter. Sprites take forever, and making this was pretty difficult. I'm just glad it works. It'll definitely be worth the ten seconds of cutscene and battle, haha.

So let me go over some things that will be in the next version no matter what:

1: All the sex scenes that said, "In the Next Release". Guess what? They're actually in this one. I brought in a friend as a writing assistant so I could focus on Bilbao and still get those done. Don't worry about the quality though. Said friend is uncredited by request and has already written a few sex scenes for the game in previous releases.

2: The three slaves optional impregnation scene. The art has been done for a while but I didn't to take them out of your party until after Audr.

3: Intro Pics for Rubati and Nanshe. Now you get to see them looking all kickass before you fight them.

4: A finished Dwarven Chapter. Now you can finish resolving things with the goblins and dwarves, get Audr in your party and explore post-victory Beerenberg.

5: Lots of new and fixed equipment.

6: Lots of new abilities.

7: Battle system improvements with your party having sprites on the screen like the old Final Fantasy games.

8: A few sex scenes you didn't know about, like getting to bang one of the goblin girls.

Stuff that I intend to do that probably won't be in this release:

1: A finished Orb of Dominion system. I have a script for it but haven't had the time to deal with setting it up. For now you just gain the abilities via leveling. As much as you get it at the start the Orb system has always been really low priority; it's more of a post-core game finished polish thing.

2: A proximity based monster chase system. This would make it so that monsters wander randomly until you get close, then they try to chase you to initiate combat. They would be restricted to certain areas as well. I have the scripts but not the time to go back and do this to everything so I'll probably leave it out until the next release.

3: The option to corrupt the Sayda Princesses and build a cowgirl farm. This would let you bang both princesses.

4: Who even knows - tons of stuff. I'm a bit too tired to think of more, but I know there's more.

Note that although I really wanted the Monstergirl Village in this release there were some issues with getting the art. So I will NOT be including that until the art is finished. Said artist started University half a year earlier than expected, so at least the delay is for a good cause.

I'm working with artists down to the wire to get all the art I can into this. Thanks to that I want to show you something very special.

This was a special gift to the project by the artist Mindwipe, one of my favorite members of the art team. He is an AWESOME guy, so check out his site! He provided this awesome sketch of Rubati as a gift:

I'm going to try as hard as I can for a release on Christmas Eve, but if I don't manage it I'll go for Christmas Day.

Thanks for being fans!


  1. 3: The option to corrupt the Sayda Princesses and build a cowgirl farm. This would let you bang both princesses.

    Really nice :)

    And Mindwipe really rox - love the pic :)

    1. yeah, finally both of them got corrupted. I'm waiting for the next release

  2. Well thanks for creating an awesome western HRPG. Not many games out there like this. (LoQO I+II being one of them) Also if you release it after the Eve then Merry Christmas to you! :D

  3. take your time, there is no need to hurry :)
    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays
    Whatever you want :D

  4. Sweet, don't rush it though take the time needed to get the realse the way you want it, with OW being such a fine HRPG I think you won't get to much flack if you delay it unti Christmas.

    All in all I wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Christmas and new years.

  5. as the above people are saying i dont think any of us mind to wait for a little bit longer to get all finished instead of doing last minute rush it would be late xmas present in a way

  6. Like has been said, waiting isn't an issue. Take how ever long you need. Happy Holidays to everyone and am glad to see the corrupt both princesses is going to be a thing.

  7. My vote:

    1) Hit the Christmas release. Even if you think you can have it ready for Christmas Eve, have another look at it on Christmas Day and then release it. More time for review USUALLY leads to better results.

    2) Get the Army War stuff done later. It's probably going to introduce all kinds of unforeseen bugs and shit. Don't bite off more than you can chew for this release.

    Also, finally we get to corrupt both princesses.

    (If the end of the game sets up for the rising of another monstergirl's child who will cause all the Overmind's work to go to waste again that'll be a monumental shame, but we'll burn THAT bridge when we get to it.)

  8. HI, id like to say something i think its like a bug
    when you spare some old men in the second town, some of the bodies cant be passable so you can get stuck

  9. Hi, Cypress, mb it makes sense to upload ready material? To you it will be simpler with correct bugs, and when u done with "stuff that you intend to do that probably won't be in this release" ( ^_^ ) , just upload again?)