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Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Release! Ver 0.5.5

Hey all, the combat beta is now done. This release is mostly updates to enemies letting them have more abilities for combat but there are also a few new sex scenes. The new Mayor of Bilbao will give you a warm welcome, the Kitsune (fox-girl) in the monstergirl village now has her scene in and new artwork is put throughout. It's in the usual place. Enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2015

On the next release

I'm gonna open up the combat beta and make it a public release in a few days. I wanted to get it done today but the truth is farmwork doesn't have weekends and I've been working pretty much endlessly. On the plus side I'm starting to get fresh corn now and it's really, really tasty!

There's a bunch of new pictures going into this one, as well as some new art. Zko is well-known in the erotic mind control community and will be added to the list of artists soon; he did this replacement for the Lamia nuns!

Zko is well known in the mind control art community. You can check out his art here on hypnohub, he's done quite a bit!

I'm also working a lot on the pre-production of my next game. The expansion for Overwhored, Overwhored II and other games will happen after it. It'll be a big, fun deal! I'll give you all some more details later on - including a fun surprise collaboration with another author for the upcoming visual novel!

See you in a day or two!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sleepymaid Stream

If you're lucky enough to get this while it's going, congrats! Sleepymaid is streaming the redraw of Crystin for Overwhored.


The Sleepystream is over, but let me give you some previews of the work Sleepymaid did.

Redraws of the Merchant and Crystin (There are multiple versions of these):

And some "youtube ready" versions of the opening pics for a trailer I'm going to have ready soon! Much thanks to the anonymous fan I think of as my "Italian Mafia" friend for the new computer that makes it possible!

Monday, July 13, 2015

On Betas

Hey all. I haven't been communicating with much of anyone lately. I managed to work hard enough that I got pretty sick and I've been in bed for a lot of the last week.

I put the beta up on the Patreon and figured that might be enough but judging by comments nobody found it or knew it was even there. I'll be sending out an actual e-mail later today to the old mailing list that includes all paypal donors. My apologies to paypal donors for the delay. I meant to send it the day after putting it up on Patreon but being in bed sick and sleeping all day and night caused me to lose track of the days.

Since I got no feedback and have been sleeping off being sick for the past week there isn't a second beta, so the e-mail will be of this one. I'll give it a few more days for people to send in info.

I'm still sick so I'm not likely to send back a lot of feedback for the next few days. Once I'm better I'll take your feedback, tidy things up and ready a public release. Then I can start working on the Ilmatar chapter.

There are only two chapters left in this game. I'll be happy to see things finished up so I can start working on more games for you all to enjoy.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Post will be late tonight

I'll put up the beta late tonight. It'll probably be around midnight US Mountain time.

I want this to be about the combat changes and improvements mostly, so I'm leaving out some of the rewrites. The other Bilbine rewrites are out because I need to change the art.

Keywords being "some".

I know, I know, you want to see that stuff. Right now I just want to make sure nothing is broken. I'll use the time for the beta to continue improving the rewrites because I'm not fully satisfied with them.


To tell the truth, I'm utterly unsatisfied with the state of the rewrites. I just don't know what I'll do about that. I'll hopefully force a resolution to the situation by the end of the beta. For now you can expect to explore a post-Bilbine Bilbao, but with a minimum of commentary by her or Audr. I just haven't fixed them and it pisses me off. It would probably be easier if I didn't have to spend so much time doing so much blasted farmwork in July during a heatwave, but that's no excuse. It irks me severely that I'm stuck doing this crap for now (the nonwinter months are always farming heavy times), but Overwhored is going to have to start taking priority because you all have been way more generous than I think anyone expected, not the least of which is me.

I'm not quite sure what I'll do. Maybe - in spite of it being something that'll get me into trouble - I'll let one field go to weeds. I dunno. I hate taking a month and spending almost all of it tilling the fields when you all are here and are willing to pay me decent money to do something I enjoy a lot more. If this weren't a family thing I can't imagine I'd ever bother. That being the sticky bit. I can't just abandon that work. I dunno.

Sleepymaid and I have given a bit of thought to roomating together in a city. It isn't doable yet. I put all my money back into art or other stuff for the game right now and even if I cut it down to $500 a month I wouldn't be making enough to live comfortably and put a bit into savings. Sleepymaid would need to save up. If it happens games will happen a lot faster. Neither of us are totally sure it'd work, though. The farming season will have to be over first whatever else happens.

And this is no place to complain about my personal life, it isn't professional, but.... well. I hate this place. I hate working on this farm. I hate the people here - not that there are many - and I'm burning to escape this sad, dying place.

I'm sure as hell not asking you for more money, though. I'm well aware of what the average pledge amount for me is, and it's fucking crazy. I don't know what I did to get you all as fans, but I know I don't deserve you. Pay only - ONLY - what you can comfortably afford. Don't give me money if it's a choice between me and Ramen Noodles, even if you love Overwhored. Or hell, a choice between a diet with Ramen Noodles and one without. Just don't. Friends don't let friends eat Ramens.

I've pulled an all nighter again. Some of family visited for an entire damn week and kept me from working for the ENTIRE flipping week. Thank goodness they're gone now and I can have a day to myself again. That's the real reason this thing will be coming late tonight. In a few minutes I'm going to go fall in bed because I haven't slept in much too long. At some point I'll wake up to someone's yelling and crawl outside to whack at the ground with a hoe for a while, then come inside and grind on this later in the day to make sure it's ready for a midnight release.

I've gotten a lot done with the combat system and art, but I'm just damn sorry it isn't more. Try as I might I have a lot of trouble squeezing out creativity when I'm bone-tired. That's an excuse and not a solution, though, and the only solution is a rough one. For the rest of this week, come hell or high water, I have to say fuck the farm and work ONLY on the game. My family won't be happy, but that's how it goes.

Well, I'll see you at midnight. Probably putting this on MEGA since last I heard NoMoshing is still moving. Time to fall on the bed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rewrite Release Monday

Hey all, I'm gonna put out a new release on Monday. This is going to mostly be combat fixes, rewrites for characters like Bilbine and Audr, and so on. I'll be putting it out as a Beta first (I learned my lesson the last time I put out what I thought would be a "minor" update without one). Once I'm satisfied it's all stable and working I'll put it out in public and then start working on Ilmatar's chapter. After her there is only ONE more chapter.

I figure Overwhored will be done in about three months. Two months for heroine chapters at one month per chapter, and a month for tweaking and fixing things.

So this brings up something important - what happens after?

If you follow this blog regularly you know I'll be making a Visual Novel. It'll be short and simple and focused on incest and mind control. Once that's done I'll make the expansion, Overwhored Fall From Heaven, and then Overwhored II and other games I have planned.

I have gotten some concept art done for the game which is available for people donating to the patreon at the $20 level. I'll put it out to the public later on. The concept art was done by Mindwipe. Have a preview of one of the characters!

Some pics I don't mind showing you are below - new heroine intro scenes! These were a collaboration between Sleepymaid and Mindwipe. Mindwipe handled the lineart, Sleepymaid did the color.

There are also going to be redraws of several early pictures. This will cover the Alexia, Iskis, and Kael triple blowjob, the Merchant girl Thalia and if I can get it done in time Crystin. There's a preview of one of these below. There are a few more stages to this pic, so it's fun to just show the start.

Finally a bit of sillyness; this is a picture done to represent... me. I've gone a long time with a cat in the game representing me. I had Mindwipe mock up a little design I'll be using in case I have any little admin announcements in games I make in the future.

I might also get some custom monster art done to replace the non-custom stuff in now but I haven't decided yet. The costs would be fairly high for that.

That's all for now! See you Monday!


A friend of mine, Zyii, just doodled a picture of her Kitty-Zyii hugging the Kitty-Cy. It's adorable!