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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Direct Download Now Working

Sorry about the delay with the direct download, folks. A problem with the directory was messing things up, it should be smooth sailing from here. I personally tested it and it works.

Quick Status Update:

Working on the list of bugs. I'm also fixing up areas that need better direction to help people find their way around.

If you cannot find the docks go here:

Note that the sign and the guard aren't there in your version of the game, those are some of the things I'm adding to address the issues of people who got lost looking for areas in Sayda.

I also have an artist working on some new hand drawn face sets. I had to swap artists because the last one was forced to drop the commission at the last moment, hence the placeholder for Audr's face. The one working redrawing all faces for the game now is the awesome Mindwipe. Go thank the guy, he is doing an awesome thing picking this up on such short notice.

A kind anon has also upgraded the Overmind's look with this nice recolor:

And finally we have a nice bit of fanart from one of our French fans, samsufi. I love seeing fanart! Send in yours and I'll put it up on the blog.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Direct Download Now Available

It's a wonderful thing - no more mucking about unnecessarily with free download sites that cause you problems!

NoMoshing, my H-Game Little Brother and maker of Harem Collector, has offered to host the game on his business's site, Bad Kitty Games.

Nab it here!

Sorting through bug reports

Well, the good news is that most of the bugs aren't bugs. They're placeholders I'm working on filling now.

I intend to completely replace the current system in the orb of dominion. I have the framework for it, but I decided to not half-ass it. I'm also going to completely revamp skills in the game, making sure each character has a full list of skills and defining various things that can and should be upgraded. I'll also overhaul the Upgrade Center and Blacksmith.

So reporting bugs with the current orb is nice but kinda pointless. I don't think I'll have that in my bug fix release in a week. In about a month I'll do another release with the Monstergirl Village, the rewritten scene some of you stumbled across in the prison in the dwarven city and accidentally broke your game with. Remember to save often and STAY OUT of the prison. I forgot to lock the door in this version and it turns out walking into half-written incomplete events can break your game. Who knew?

The "clean up spot" in the pre-repair tower was a shortcut I was using to fix bugs reported in the beta that froze the game. That's fixed for the next version.

Also yes, there's a point to sparing people. It'll matter once you have a military. That'll be in version 0.5 and later.

I'm going to make a post in a day or two talking about what you can do to help the Overwhored project and the aftermath of meeting full funding goals and what happens to donations now.

Thanks again to everyone. The team and I are all working hard, but this could not have happened without you.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Overwhored Ver. 0.4a Public Release is OUT!

Alright all, the release is free! This version has new art, new music, new maps, a new heroine, a bunch of new dungeons and more!

I'm going to update this post with more download options as the file is uploaded to places. The available options are currently below:!CkJVnaga!IKNrpa5oP0btOnEU9s5Ba8GSwNP_VteiTyBmYTiq0Xw

(Now in torrent form!)

The old image previews are out of date - have some new ones!

Remember as always - either post your bug reports in the comments here or in one of these locations:!

Important Side Notes:
I have also created a chatroom in case someone needs to get in contact with me directly or wants to discuss the creation of H-Games.

#HGameDesign on

Thanks so much everyone - I'll make a post soon on what will happen with funds from here on out. Long story short, most of it will go towards future games or further enhancing Overwhored.

This game wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you.

Edit: Do not enter the prison in Beerenberg.

It leads to an event I meant to cut out of this version of the game so I could rewrite it and can break the game. Remember that even with the betas this is still a game in development, so save often!

This won't be an issue if you don't enter the prison. Just remember to save often; I'll tally all bug reports and do another release in a few days.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

If You Haven't Recieved Beta E-Mails and You Are A Donator

This morning I checked my e-mail to exchange some messages with another game maker and couldn't find it, so I checked my spam folder.

Lo and behold, ALL of my recent e-mails from everyone were marked as spam, and I saw something rather troubling. Spam e-mail from me, to me.

Obviously the e-mail was compromised. I changed my password and all account information. No need to worry about donation security, however. I use a separate password for that e-mail than anything else. I also don't store password info there. I just use it to talk with artists and pretty girls.

This makes me worry that ALL future e-mails from my account will automatically go to people's spam folders, and that a number of donators are losing out.

As such, I'm considering making a gmail account and sending future betas from there.


My new e-mail address is Send all future messages there.

Beta Bug

So I noticed there were some complaints of the game freezing after you finish Rubati's tower and talk to the Tower Mistress for your next mission. I figured out why and it will be fixed for the public release.

For now there's a very simple workaround: Repair/Upgrade the tower.

The Pre-Repair Throne Room and Post-Repair Throne Room are actually separate maps, the bug only afflicts one of the two. When we copied over the events (programming) from the old maps to the new a lot of things had to be adjusted to work right; this was one we missed.

Thanks for being so thorough with your playtesting, everyone. You help immensely.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Overwhored Beta 2b is out! Public release soon!

This is a fix to some game breaking bugs that were caused by us fixing bugs from version 1a. Once I am sure the game-breaking bugs are found and fixed (there shouldn't be many) I'll make the public release!

I'm going to schedule it for Monday if all goes well.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Overwhored Ver. 0.4 Beta 2a is Out!

You should get an email shortly. If you didn't I probably accidentally skipped you, send me an email.

If all goes well with this I'll put out the public release on Monday.

Also congrats to our Aussie friends, who are currently #5 on the "countries that like playing Overwhored" list I have. I based the Goblins off of you.

The Swedes are #7, I based the Dwarves off of modern Swedes. 

New Beta Later Today

I will send out the new beta a little later today. I'm going to finish things up and then ship it out.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Beta WILL Be Tomorrow

Woke up this morning and felt crappy, went for my morning run. Came back and got overwhelmed with a headache and nausea, spent a few hours throwing up. Got utterly furious about being sick again, moved a trash can next to the computer, and proceeded to work on the game.

Fuck you, nature. Fuck you, body. Fuck you, circumstances. I will finish this goddamn beta today and my body is going to shut the fucking fuck up and like it. I'm sick of being sick and this son of a bitch illness had better get ready because I'm going to spend the entire day kicking it in the teeth until it needs flu-dentures!

Expect the beta release sometime tomorrow.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Slight Delay

I ended up having to work all weekend and work long hours at that, so the second beta will probably come on Wednesday or Tuesday.

It won't really need all the attention the first beta did, however. It'll include one new dungeon, three sex scenes with CG and hopefully the new orb.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Late Donators Beta Link

To those of you who donated after the beta was sent out, I will send you an e-mail in a few hours. I was going to wait to send you the Beta 2a link on Monday, but I will send you the 1a link now instead because there were quite a few of you.

If you want to get in on this you've got two or three hours after this post goes up, otherwise you'll have to wait for the Beta 2a link on Monday.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Overwhored Ver 0.4 Beta1a

Hey all, if you're a donator you should have an e-mail with a link to the beta inbound. I had some upload issues so I couldn't get it up before... 3:41AM. Ha!

Anyway, the purpose of this beta is to try to break the game and find game breaking bugs. Every map has been remade, so there's plenty of opportunity for it to happen even if I didn't see it. To help with this there's a debug character you can add to your party; talk to the duplicate tower mistress in the area right outside the tower to make all fighting trivial.

Some things aren't in this beta; the final dungeon and some sex scenes/events, for instance. Some extras are in; check the crystals in the slave pits for a new pic, for instance. There will be another beta next week with all that content filled in.

If you've never played an RPG Maker game before this should work right out of the box. Just unpack and play.

Please leave detailed feedback about the new maps and music. Thanks.

Now to those of you who are not donators; I'm sorry you cannot enjoy the beta and its glorious content but I do have some entertainment for you.

Enjoy some fine art.

Monday, February 10, 2014

On the Beta tomorrow:

I will release a beta test for donators tomorrow. I have to work so it'll be out late in the evening (my time) when it goes out.

The entire game will be included up to the final Dwarven Heroine dungeon; there is a dungeon with a sex scene (with a different girl) before that. Mostly I want to make sure that the game isn't broken and I still have a bit of content to make before that's totally ready. It isn't much though, mostly monsters and the boss battle and one scene after the boss is defeated.

The amount of new content is rather large and every single map has been remade as well as their being several new ones; a play through should be a fairly new experience. Although I'm playing through this myself several times you all always manage to catch broken stuff I do not. I expect there will be a fair amount of things this time due to the game getting a complete overhaul, I may make a couple of 'fix releases' for any severe breaks you discover before the second beta.

Some things with maps aren't finished, particularly in the dwarf city, but maps are currently playable. There will also be a couple of events that are incomplete as well (a chapter skip feature, a remake of the orb of dominion upgrade system, and one or two other little things). The primary purpose of this release is to make sure the core game is working right everywhere it needs to be working. I'm going to give you all access to a debug character to make running through the battles a breeze. Mostly I want you to do every weird thing you can think of to try to break the game.

In about a week or so all the events should be up and running, then there'll be a second main beta with the final dungeon. That one won't include the debug character.

The monstergirl village is mapped but not written; that'll happen in the next release. There should be a new faceset at some point as well. I was going to have that done but the artist working on it had a close relative die and I decided not to push to meet this deadline.

A big part of the purpose of this is getting feedback on the new maps. Please leave your impressions of them when you play.


Friday, February 7, 2014

New Release Date

Right all, I'm feeling a heck of a lot better! I've been pecking away at the game over the past few days, and I finally feel well enough to really crunch down on it like I wanted to just before the month started. My bronchitis is basically gone, I've moved my coffee maker next to my computer and I've got every image done that we'll need done for now and then some.

There's still a lot that needs done - but I WILL make a release on the date I give here.  At worst, I'll fill in a bit more content shortly after the general release. I've kept you all waiting for far too long while I've been lying sick in bed like a little baby.

I'm going to put the donator release on the 10th; then the general release not long after.