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Monday, January 27, 2014

Nnnnnnnope. 1st Isn't gonna happen.

Well, I was working on it, there's not much left, but then my Bronchitis came back full force. So I'm on my way to the doctor tomorrow. As if I needed more prescription medications than the ten damn pill bottles on the desk next to me (for other things).

Between work and being so sick that I pass out as soon as I get home, that's prettymuch all she wrote. I'm still doing a bit here and there, but hitting crunchtime is a no go until I have the endurance to do more than an hour or two's worth of work after my proper work is done.

Probably won't delay things too much, but it'll be later in February than the 1st. It's a shame, I really do think that was a doable date until I got super sick again.

On the plus side I have glasses so I can now see my work. Turns out I'm making a porn game. I thought I was making a geopolitical analysis of the Czech Republic. Ah well, guess I may as well continue with the porn.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Still on Track

The release will DEFINITELY be in February; whether it will be on the 1st or not I'm not sure. I'm going to try for that date.

I'm afraid I've spent half the past year sick; just now I'm getting over a month-long bout of bronchitis. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to buy some glasses so I can see my work again. But even with everything that's happened this last while, work continues. There are several more dungeons than I told you about before; the maps on those particular bits of the game have been remade for long enough I didn't really think about them.

There will finally be a mountains dungeon in the early part of the game (Yes, that mountain pass was always meant to be a dungeon), as well as a short tunnel dungeon between the Oasis and Sayda, as well as the island and volcano dungeon.  There will be two totally new cities. The Dwarven city of Beerenberg and the hidden Monstergirl Village, as long as some other small locations everywhere.

Right now I need to finish up the events on the island and finish up the monsters/story events in the volcano. The monstergirl village needs characters and events. I know what needs to go there but it's low priority right now; it's something of an easter egg anyway.

Also, if you're curious about the heroine of this next session, her name is Audr. Think of her like a Dwarven Robin Hood. A member of the art team, Mindwipe, AKA Planetofjunk, is previewing one frame of the first sex scene with her in this chapter. Mindwipe is awesome and you should support him 100%.

If you don't mind spoilers, take a look and get hyped!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art Change

So I was talking with my friend Sleepymaid about the changes you all suggested, and I was like, "Hey, know a way I could fix this without spending 10 hours on redoing stuff?"

And sleeps was like, "Sure, I'll do some fixes as a warmup before I draw tomorrow." So I toss my working file into our shared dropbox. This isn't uncommon; talking to artist friends is part of how I improve. Feedback is nice.

The next day comes and I get a popup in my dropbox folder. It's the entire thing. Redrawn, except for the shading. Every single layer. Flat colors.

I laughed for about ten minutes and offered to just pay sleeps if the shading was done. That wasn't why it was done - it was done to help me learn and fix things - but if that much of it is done and it's that much better I am going to use it.

So my art will be replaced by Sleepymaid's art.

This isn't a pride damage thing. I want what is best for the project; always. And Sleepymaid is much, much better than I am. I'll take this as a learning experience, work on fixing stuff in my off time and do something else for the project in the future.

As a side note: Sleepymaid and I use the exact same pen settings. My lines are much thicker because my tablet is less sensitive and because I have a lead hand. Such is life.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Updates and Previews

Thank you for your list of monstergirls. I will look over them and see what can be incorporated in the game.

A quick note:

Goblin girls WILL be in the game regardless; they're a part of the upcoming chapter. The pictures will likely not be ready in time, however. I decided to get some maids done instead.

Cow Girls already have artwork; Princess Melita or Tasa (whichever you chose) will eventually open up a cowgirl farm and you'll have the option to brainwash them both. (Not in this version, but the artwork is getting worked on). They're in a separate payment pool from proper monstergirls.

I'm also almost certainly going to throw in a Lamia and a Fairy. Faeries are a personal fetish; Lamia are part of a theme and a good few have been in the game already.

Now my art. Normally I won't post a full color preview here without some censorship, but I want you to see what it looks like with color, albeit in game size. This was drawn by me; not anyone else. So I want honest constructive feedback on it. There is a sequence of images with this, so this is obviously not all positions/expressions.

Progress continues to progress on the game itself; spent a bit of time working on revamping the upgrade system yesterday. Still needs a lot of work. A lot of maps are coming along very well.

I've added two maids to the new servants quarters you can recruit; there should be at least one maid sex pic drawn before the release (if all goes well).