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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Current Progress:

The Chapel is done, and I'm working on the next town, which is fully mapped (except the heroine's palace) but which is maybe 25% done event wise. This is going to be the biggest release the game has ever had.

The two pics needed to do this release are done, a LOT faster than I'd anticipated. I guess that's what happens when you ask a friend to do things for you. They just do it all right away!

Here's a preview of the pic for the next release.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Extras In Detail

 Alright, it has come time to break down the extras in detail. I've expanded them a bit due to private requests.

1: A quest to gather maid slave girls, similar to the quest in the original Overlord game, but with a sexy twist. This would be a series of images.
Projected Images: At least three. Projected Cost: $150

2: An image to accompany the opening scene, where the slave girls rub their boobs in the Overmind's face to wake him up.
Projected Images: One. Projected cost: $60-$80.

3: I had always intended the slave pits to have an accompanying picture, but this was cut for reasons of cost in favor of advancing the story. You would get to see the girls hanging in the air, suspended in crystal, in perpetual orgasm.
Projected Images: One. Projected cost: $80

4: Without spoilers, I intend to incorporate a cowgirl farm in the future. This would give images for it.
Projected group Images: One. Projected cost: $80
Projected Individual Images: Three. Projected cost: $150

5: An extra, optional, unlockable sex scene with the Tower Mistress.
COMPLETED.  Because it was so popular, I took care of it. The money for it is already reserved, and an artist has expressed interest in it.

6: Individual sex scenes with the three original slaves, and a scene with them all pregnant.
Projected Individual Images: Three. Projected cost: $150
Projected Group Images: One. Projected cost $80

7: Heroine introductory images, showing them pre-transformation. For instance, you'd see Nanshe sitting on her throne backed by blue flame, staring down the Overmind. I'd like to eventually have one for each heroine if possible.
Projected Images: Seven. Projected cost: $350

8: Sex scenes with captured village girls when you take over a city.
Projected images: Seven. Projected cost: $350

9: Hand drawn faces, rather than the machine made ones.
Projected Images: Fifteen to Sixteen. Projected cost: $150-$160

10: Battle images for heroines and monsters, custom to the character.
Projected Images for Heroines: Seven. Projected Cost: $280
Projected Other Images: At least five. Projected cost: $200

11: Some sex scenes with monster girls. A goo girl, Angel, Naga, fire elemental, etc. 
Projected Images: At least five. Projected cost: $250

12: A cover image with all seven heroines and the Overmind.
Projected Images: One. Projected Cost:  $180

13: Extra Heroine Scenes:
Projected Images: Seven. Projected Cost: $350

Total Images:  67
Projected Total Cost: $2810

How did I figure the costs? Why don't they all average out to $50?

It has to do with individual images costing different amounts. Plain faces with no background don't cost a ton. Battle sprites which are of one character with no background don't cost a ton.

$50 is what I use to gauge the average cost of an image with two characters and a simple background. I can find good artists in that price range willing to do images for me. Some give discounts, some cost a little more than $50. It tends to average out about there. Obviously I try to save as much money as possible without sacrificing quality. I've also inquired about some of these images and certain artists have given me their price projections.

Some of the above figures are probably lowballing the cost. Some are possibly higher than I'll actually end up paying. These are my best estimates for cost.

On Donations: 

I will put up a poll and fund these projects in order of popularity.

I will also allow someone to fund an extra that they like if they donate for it specifically. I will request that you donate to the common pool if you're only donating a small amount though. While all donations are appreciated, the more time I have to spend keeping track of money, the less time I have to spend on the game.

Now, I had been considering leaving it to donator group vote - but I took a good, hard look at that option, and realized there's a lot of reasons why it's a bad idea. It'll take me a lot of time to organize all the donators. It'll take a lot of e-mails, which may or may not be responded to, and may not be responded to in time. A poll is fair and lets everyone express their opinion, and people can still donate to a specific extra if they want to.

All donators will get credited (if they wish to be, and as they wish to be) and get access to beta tests of the game early.

My sincere thanks to all of you for helping get the game this far. Even if I don't get another cent, the game WILL be finished thanks to you!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Extras post soon

Sorry about not making a comprehensive post about the extras yet. I'll get to it soon.

A bug came up and has basically broken the game. It's related to a battle script that can be removed (allowing the game to work just fine), but because it makes combat a LOT faster and easier, I'd really rather not remove it.

I've spent all day trying to fix it and got Regless, who was kind enough to customize the script for me initially to assist me. Once I get this tackled, I'll make a post about the extras.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress Update

Recently we hit our funding goal, so it is time I talk about the overall progress of the project.

To make the game "done", this is what needs to be completed:

All seven heroine dungeons, regions, and scenarios completed in game.

All seven heroine pictures created, plus the "end image" for a total of fifteen images. 

That is the basic outline for what would be required to get the game to a state where you can play through the beginning and get to an ending, making a complete and cohesive story. And delivering lots of porn, of course.

This is not the "full game". The full game incorporates extra images, quests, and regions which are not directly related to the heroines. However, the "basic game" will be completed long before the "full game" is.

Here is the current progress for programming:

1 Heroine area completed (Nanshe)
2 Under development
4 Not yet made

Of the two under development, one needs the boss fight programmed and the monsters tweaked and made battle-ready.

The other region is about half-done, but significant work remains on it.

Here is the current progress of images:

2 heroine images done. (Nanshe) (This takes the total to thirteen, back to the basic monetary goals you donated for)
2 in development (one almost complete)
4 in negotiations with one artist
3 images reserved for another artist
4 not yet commissioned.

I have notes on each region and heroine, detailing what needs to happen with each one, and allowing me to give direction to artists working on the project. The only other thing that needs doing is ensuring that the credits are sorted and properly arranged so that everyone gets the credit they deserve for helping with the project.

So what you're probably REALLY wondering at this point is, "When will the next release be?"

Well, that depends on when the art is drawn for the heroine for that particular region. When the two currently in development are finished, I'll make sure the game is tidied up and ready a release. I have to finish programming a region in order to make that release, but I believe I'll be done with it by the time the second image is finished.

Specific dates are impossible to give right now. It will probably be another month or so at the absolute most, but now you know why.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

100% Funded!!!

Allow me to state here and now that you are officially the best fans in the history of anything ever.

I opened the project to donations last month, and you have already provided the $650 needed to commission the essential pictures for the game to be finished. And that is just downright fantastic.

I'm going to open donations for extras soon. I'll reserve the current $670 for the essential pictures. Anything after that will go into making extras happen.

As for how that'll be handled, it'll most likely go like this: If you donate enough to get a specific picture for an extra done and request that extra, that money will be reserved for that extra straight out. (This is generally calculated at $50 a pic.)

There will be a common pool for nonspecific donations, which I'll decide what to spend on. Before I spend any of the "common pool", I'll ask the previous donators to see which images on the list they want done first, and spend on that. Ultimately it's my project and I will finalize the details of those extras myself, but this game is something I'm making for all of you.

Whether you donate or not, so long as you enjoy this game I will be happy.

I will give you an update on the progress of the next release tomorrow. For now: Celebrate! 100% Woooooo!

PS: I'm talking with various artists right now to try and get more art done. If you are an artist and are interested (or you have an artist friend who wants some commissions), tell me! These delicious cash monies are here to be given to you. 

Mentions of how money will be handled are no longer true. See here for details.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


So I put up a post very recently stating that we'd reached 50%. At this point we are now at 80%.

We're almost there.

Wow. Just wow.

And thanks to all of you for your support!

Friday, January 11, 2013

50% Funded!

Wow, awesome thanks to everyone who has donated to the project! Thanks to you, the core game is 50% funded!

I have to be honest and say that I wasn't sure just how much I would get when I opened this up to donations. Your generosity ensures this project will get done much, much faster than if I had funded the whole thing myself.

A huge thanks to every last one of you. Let's keep it up, and see if we can finish it off!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Art Preview

Good news for those of you that have donated so far. Your dollars are NOT sitting idle! I'm currently working with the artist Sleepymaid (who did the Nanshe sex scenes) to do the sex scenes for another heroine.

This is a tiny preview of the picture currently in the works.

Also, Happy New Years Day everybody! I hope 2013 turns out to be a great year.

Oh, and as a final note. There's still about a day to go to donate to the War For the Overworld Kickstarter, and then a while more to pay into their paypal account. It's not at all related to my project (and I'm not sure they'd appreciate me pimping their project considering the content of my game) but it's something near and dear to me, as it is basically Dungeon Keeper 3 in all but name. Considering that games like Overlord and Dungeon Keeper are ENORMOUS influences on this game (without them this sexy parody game wouldn't exist) I will encourage you to contribute.