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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Good progress is being made on the game, and things are definitely on schedule for a complete conversion by the end of this month and release of a new chapter by the end of the next.

The scale of the work needing to be done is, frankly, staggering. But I've had my regular work decrease and as a result have been able to put a bunch of eight hour days into working on the conversion.

What needs to be done? Every single item had to be remade or tweaked in some fashion, and as a result so did every appearance of any item in the game. I haven't totally finished with the items yet, but I've made good progress. Shops haven't been remade but the the items are sorted, working, and chests now contain what they used to.

Skills had to totally be remade. 0nymous made some really good additions to the Overmind's commands and other skills right before the converstion and those needed to be redone after. Thanks to VX Ace's "tp" system, I can make greater use of the Overmind's commands without breaking the game and making it too easy. Most skills are remade, though many are placeholders.

Weapons and armor all needed to be remade as well. There are currently placeholders for everything, including the metal tiers I mentioned in the last post. Actual balancing has to wait for now.

All the monsters had to be more or less remade. All the skills getting tossed out meant all of THEIR skills were tossed out and the conversion program didn't bring over their stats right. HOWEVER, they are functional right now after a lot of work on a purely "basic attack" basis. I'm working on tweaking them to have special attacks and abilities. One of the common complaints about Overwhored was that combat early on was boring. Thanks to VX Ace making it much easier for me to make conditional enemy attacks and the TP system making it possible for me to have abilities that don't just use MP I'm working on making combat much more interesting.

Something else I need to do - some cutscenes in the game are broken due to timing and such working just a bit differently.

However, just to list off some of the progress so far:

1: Items have been remade and work.
2: Weapons and Armor have working placeholders (unbalanced)
3: Skills have been remade and work (unbalanced)
4: The game is playable through at least the first dungeon (I haven't tested more than that with actual platests yet)
5: Name tags have been updated up to Sayda, which still needs to be fixed. Everyone has appropriate name tags and custom actor images with multiple expressions now.
6: More art is done, including one bit of art for the monstergirl village.

I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support of the project. Also, our sister project, Harem Collector, has just had a release. Go to BadKittyGames and check it out!

I look forward to a Christmas time release of Overwhored for you all!


  1. Your efforts are much appreciated sir.

  2. Thanks for the update. Appreciate what a huge undertaking converting the game must be and good luck with whats left to do. Looking forward to Christmas now.

  3. I don't feel you get nearly enough recognition for what is, at the end of the day, some really good smut.

  4. Tp?

    I haven't played any Ace games in a while, but was that the incredibly fucking annoying system that was basically randomly generated for every battle, or reset to Zero every battle, and either way, it certainly couldn't be raised outside of battle?

    Because if so, I'm REALLY not looking forward to that shit.

  5. I believe it to be a matter of execution. Poorly executed the TP system is stupidly frustrating. Properly executed it allows your characters to have very powerful attacks without them breaking the game. It restricts how often you can use them, which is basically better than just giving them a very high MP cost. If you do that players will just save them for bosses and spam MP restore items every turn.

    Properly executed tp lets you do something overpowered every few turns. It's NOT a replacement for normal abilities.

    Everything that relates to TP in my game will be more powerful than anything with MP attached and costs low enough that you should be using them every few turns.

    TP will let me power up the Overmind's buffs and abilities without worrying about them breaking the game, for instance. So you'll be able to get better buffs than the previous version of the game.

    Basically if you want to I intend to design the game so that you can go without using tp-related abilities if you so choose. You'll still get a normal list of spells and attacks that use MP to function. TP's will be strictly designed to give you an extra hard hit or strong support effect every few turns. Think of them like mini-limit breaks.

    If you don't like it AFTER you've seen how I handle it, let me know. I'll go about refining it or simply striking it out of the game if most fans hate it. I won't ask for a leap of faith, but please wait and see.

    1. Hmph.

      If you can go without using them and have a challenging but not overly difficult experience, then indeed I'd think of them as nothing but bonus material, little "mini -limit-breaks" as you called them, and I'd have absolutely no reason to complain about them existing at all.

      I like my MP-consuming strong moves and my restorative items, so I'm entirely relieved to hear that these TP things aren't going to be a replacement for normal abilities.

      Seriously, having the TP-abilities be particularly important - and then realising there's not a fucking thing you can do to ensure that they're AVAILABLE when you start the battle - is one of the more annoying RPG-maker-related experiences I've had.

      But I guess I temporarily forgot that you're a pretty intelligent guy; as long as you're aware of the problem, I'm confident that you can avoid it.

  6. Good work. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.