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Monday, September 30, 2013

Boat Scene Progressing

Sorry for the lack of update last week. It seems I was much more sick than I thought I would be, and between work and passing out in bed I had no energy for anything else.

Currently I'm working on a boat scene. Unfortunately I do not have the budget to include a full musical number, but it will be a fun part of the game. The mission that sends you from one continent to the other is finished.

There's also been some art finished, and all of it is good! You'll love it when it's up, I may post a preview of some of it next week.

 I have decided that Skeletons have gotten old, so I have decided to change the blog so that you will get the full guidance of the Chinese Legalist philosopher Shang Yang. He is one of my favorite philosophers. Yes, the fake caption is essentially what his philosophy boils down to.

But to give 'em one last shebang, I have created a story out of a series of entirely unrelated skeleton themed images.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quests begun Questing

The Quest to go to the new land has begun, though it hasn't gotten too far. Real life concerns remain time chompers. The tower mistress issues the mission now, and some new NPC's are done.

The servant quarters are done, so I can now fill them with cute maid girls. Unfortunately I have no maid art, so the actual sex scenes are going to have to wait.

It's starting to get cold here, and my body is reacting as it usually does - by trying to pretend it's an extra in a horror flick and doing its best imitation. That is to say, lots of nosebleeds, colds, and aching in all the joints. I can handle all freezing cold, I can handle all scorching hot, it's those blasted parts of the globe with seasons that mess me up. It's not about age (I'm not old); I've always been this way. At least I rarely wake up in pools of blood from midnight nosebleeds anymore. And you thought wetting the bed as a child was embarrassing! But since thinking too much about this particular topic is making me a tad woozy, I think that's all I'll say on the matter.

Since I am sick and likely to keep getting sick for a bit, It's likely I'll find more time to do this rather than real life work. Believe me, it's better than bed rest.

I also want to take a moment and thank everyone for assisting me with examples of backhanded charity.  I will put your examples to full use. Also a special thanks to the individual who has been corresponding with me via e-mail about Norwegian culture. The information I've gotten is extremely useful.

I don't have anything else that's particularly useful to say. I've been sketching a bit lately, and will share some sketches with you all. If my crappy art doesn't interest you, this is where I'll wish you well. See you next week!

This last one is a character I'm designing in case I ever do a game with my own art. I'm still highly unsatisfied with my skill, and nearly broke myself trying to draw this simple goddamn face. Maybe another year or two.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Work Resumes!

You know what I like? Working on my game.

You know what I hate? Not being able to work on my game.

Fortunately, as of last Monday I've returned to work on the project. Real life concerns are still real life and concerns, but I'm forcing them to take a backseat to the extent that I can.

To show you what has been done and what still needs doing, I've compiled this list. This way you'll know exactly what will needs to be done.

At the end, I'll have a small project you all can help with!

What's Been Done:

 - Practically every map in the game has been remade or retweaked. There's about 100 maps at this point; this was not a small undertaking. The project mapper 0nymous needs lots of thanks for all the hard work for this and several other things.

(Addendum to the above - two versions of the new tower are complete, one ruined, one restored. It's a spectacular piece of work.)

-Dungeons I'd always intended to add but didn't add due to time and the fact that I flat-out loathe mapping were added! The Mountains are now a dungeon between the starting village and burned village, and the Smuggler's Tunnel between Sayda and the Bandit Camp has been added. Both are short, simple dungeons.

-Monsters have been added to the smuggler's tunnel.

-New animations have been made for combat.

- A huge amount of fluff has been added to the first village and burned village. The starting village is now named Wardhaven. (Subject to change) Additionally, it is now possible to choose whether or not you kill people in the first village or let them live. There are benefits to both decisions.

-To reflect the increased size of several locations, new NPC's have been added to places such as Sayda and the Bandit Camp, as well as other places. They're now far more alive than they were before.

-Several new monsters have been added to existing locations

-Many old events redone (due to the new maps)

-Lots and lots of new books added to bookshelves with unique things to say; my goal is to fill every bookshelf with something to read. A small short story was completed to be scattered amongst bookshelves across the world.

-Artists have completed many new pictures

What Needs To Be Done:

1: The servant quarters in the new tower have not been constructed yet (For maids and non-battle characters)

2: Sayda's maps need a bit of touching up to finish, but are largely done.

3: All event pathing needs rechecked

4: Adding monsters to the mountain pass and rebalancing monsters. As it is, combat takes a bit too long.

5: Story events for Sayda going to the dwarven city; story events on the new continent.

6: The following maps still need work:
Raided Village (Not started)
Tunnels Dungeon (Needs Monsters)
Tropical Island (In Progress)
Golem Fort (Small map; not started)
Dwarf City Beerenberg (Not started; about a dozen NPCs done)
Hidden Monstergirl Village: (Not Started)
Audr's Volcano Olavtoppen (Not Started)
Ship: Complete (story work pending)

7: Full rework of characters powers/skills and stats needed (may not get done in this version)

8: Careful detailing of Audr's History/Personality

And probably one or two things I'm forgetting. I say this every time, but this is by far the biggest release yet, especially because almost the entire game has been remade.

 The heroine for the next chapter will be the Dwarven heroine Audr. She is the heroine of Charity.

This is where you can help.

I already know who Audr is, and just what it means that she's the corrupted heroine of Charity.

What I need are details to let me figure out how to best present her.

I need you to give me examples of backhanded charity, backhanded insults, and the craziest of crazy tumblr social justice bloggers. As in; people who think they're doing good, but are actually just dickishly insulting everyone or holding everyone back. Not just people you disagree with, but actual examples of backhanded behavior.

I have examples of this, but I want you to try to find or come up with your own. The more examples you find, the more interesting the end product will be.

Additionally, I need details on Norwegian culture. The dwarves are based on Norway. I don't just want typical dwarf stereotypes. I'll figure this out sooner or later myself, but easier, faster, and better with the aid of actual Norwegians.

Audr is the heroine of this chapter; she's what everything will revolve around. Thanks in advance for your help.

One last thing for those of you patient enough to have read to the end.

For those of you eager to see the Melita/Tasa sex scenes, HombreBlanco has completed one of the images!

Princess Melita has the first scene, the next will be Tasa, and then a sex scene with both of them. Thanks again everyone.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Quick Game Plug

I'm going to do an actual status update tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment to plug this game:


You know, there's something I really value in my porn. Much like I value in everything in my life; surreal experiences and weirdness.

This is an adult platformer filled with a lot of that, and it's best that I don't say too much. The sex scenes aren't too gratuitous, but honestly I just like it as a game.

Mind that unlike Overwhored this IS a commercial game, but you can still try out the demo for free, which is enough to help you decide if it's an experience you'd care for.

By this point I'm a pretty jaded guy. I tend to view a lot of games that go weird or dark as 'edgy' 90's nonsense. But this triggers... none of my natural cynicism. It's just a fun game, and that's a grand experience.

I should probably go through and give a solid plug to a lot of different games that I like; that may be this week's mid-week update.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feminist Friendly Facts about Overwhored

"Wait, what?" I hear you say. Yes. Believe it or not, I was amused when looking over a few checklists and tests for feminist friendly works, and it turns out Overwhored somehow manages to pass a whole bunch of them.

Now before you flip out, I'm going to mention to things in advance. 1: There's always some sperglord who flips the fuck out at the very mention of the WORD feminism. I would quite explicitly NOT encourage you to douse yourself in gasoline and play with a box of matches, but I wouldn't be too sad if you did. 2: I'm not some jumble-brained tumblr social justice blogger. I happen to actually like women as people in spite of the game I've made, and I find the fact that this has somehow managed to pass a number of pro-feminist tests amusing. I'm going to be pointing that out, but don't ever expect moralistic rants from me.

Pretty much nothing is going to make it past the basic premise of the game - that is, you're a guy that uses mind control to turn women into sex slaves - but funny enough, that ALSO doesn't erase the fact that somehow my game treats women better than a huge amount of fiction.

Bechdel Test: 
Two women speak to each other about something other than a man. 

This one has been passed several times over already, often in the dialogue concerning objects or things, and there are only going to be more examples of it passing over time. Especially during the flashback sequences I'm going to do later where you'll see the heroines during their full glory.

Basically any time any two characters talk about ANYTHING in the story other than the Overmind, this test is passed, since most of the characters are female. It helps that the Overmind himself doesn't talk much.

Plot Significance: 
A female character is featured prominently in the plot as something other than a love interest who is there to be loved.

All seven heroines have their own story, and I've posted a few here, edited for spoilers. Their actions before they met or first fought the Overmind have real significance in the story. The fact that they become his "love interests" later on doesn't really change that. Moreover, even after capture they're all going to have some major individual driving momentum in the plot. When you eventually make it to Chianina or Nanshe's city or some of the others, you will see that even after capture, they do in fact have lives even outside being the Overmind's sex slaves.

Moreover, most city leaders are female (the towns I'm making now have more female leaders) and actually there's a lot more being planned. Nor are all prominent female characters going to become sex slaves. (A lot probably will though, because that's the point of the game.)

The Finkbeiner test sounds indecent and amusing, but is a gauge for gender neutrality in journalistic articles. Though it isn't meant to apply to games, I'm gonna try it anyway!

To pass the test, the journalistic article must not mention:
  • The fact that she’s a woman
  • Her husband’s job
  • Her child care arrangements
  • How she nurtures her underlings
  • How she was taken aback by the competitiveness in her field
  • How she’s such a role model for other women
  • How she’s the "first woman to..."
1: I rarely mention the fact that the female characters are female at all outside the sex scenes, and I don't think I really even explicitly mention it much there, since you can see their gender quite clearly with your own eyes. Other than using "heroine" as a descriptive term or describing how the Overmind's magic works only on women, it's rarely mentioned at all.

 2: None of them have a husband and the Overmind doesn't count. Funny that. It's unlikely that I'll ever have the Overmind explicitly steal a woman from her husband/boyfriend (slave owners don't count). NTR/Cuckolding is not my fetish and is something I rather dislike, so you're HIGHLY unlikely to actually see that in the game.

3: This one is currently passed, though I will have some characters mention how they'd rear children in the next release (in a context appropriate scene), and some will be able to get pregnant. So I don't think it'll be passed in the game as a whole, but it won't be an issue for most characters. It certainly won't ever be a major part of the game.

4: Well most heroines will fail on this account because most of them are going to have underlings in some capacity, though Iskis, Kael, and Alexia will pass with flying colors. Christie, for example, will eventually lead your armies. Knowing how various characters run things is important in this game from a storytelling perspective, so there's no way out of this one. Skree will never have underlings, so yay Skree! The naked nymphomaniac batgirl is truly a pillar of feminist virtue. (tongue-in-cheek-sarcasm intended)

5: Really most of the heroines and main characters have utterly dominated their field of expertise. Fairly, I might add, through legitimate skill and hard work (as you'd see in Branda's history). I don't honestly think any of them were 'taken aback' by the difficulty of getting there; they're heroes. It comes with the job. I've never had them say anything like that and probably never will. (Though I reserve the right to have them speak with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm about anything.)

6: Being heroines becoming a role model comes with the territory, but few of the heroines are ever going to actually talk about that. Not that they're really role models at this point in the story anyway.

7: None of the heroines are firsts. They aren't the first women to kill the Overmind. They're simply the greatest heroes of their time, and Branda, for instance, looks at Femcinnatus as a big inspiration, but primarily for historical reasons.

I also have a personal test, which isn't necessarily feminist but is one of my personal pet peeves:

The Not-River-Tam-Or-Buffy-Waif-Superasskicker Test.

I love Joss Whedon, don't get me wrong. I love Firefly and Buffy. But it bothers the hell out of me that you have pretty waifs or supermodels effortlessly beating up everyone. If a woman in my game is supposed to be strong, I prefer that she have some muscle on her or is at least well built. Branda, for instance, doesn't have a lot of visible muscle definition, but she's definitely not a twig (and there's that potion) and is well built. Honestly she reminds me of some girls I knew in the army who were strong but curvy. Audr is short, stacked, and looks as strong as she is, since she's a Dwarf. Heck, even the mage Nanshe has nice abs.

I do have the artists hold off on super-muscle to maintain a broad appeal, but I personally am fine with ladies with good muscle definition.

Something about the whole concept of the waif-superheroine just strikes me as off and probably vaguely sexist, somehow. I'm not sure why, but I relegate it to the uncanny valley of writing concepts.

Believe it or not I do try to give women a fair shake in my game, and if I notice something has a disturbing subtext (other than, you know, the main premise) I'll work to correct it. I'm not perfect; I'll probably screw up in that respect a few times. Help me make sure those moments get fixed.

Considering the main premise I don't expect a lot of women to play my game, but in the event that they do I'd like it to be a game that gives women a fair shake. If nothing else, that's just good writing. Treating women like props and love interests that are just there to be there is piss poor writing, and I don't want to engage in that.

I'm not going to try to defend the basic premise of the game. It'd probably still be viewed as sexist even if the main character was female and the slaves were male (which is a potential idea for a future game I've toyed with). That's just how it goes; you're either going to like mind control or not. But as far as things go, I'm going to work hard to keep explicit sexism out of the game to the extent that I can. Not because I'm a white knight, but because I actually like women as human beings and most importantly, because I want to do a good job writing.

So if you see something you like; comment on it. If you see something you don't, comment on that too. I do listen to your feedback and want to hear it.

In other news the hiatus is over; I'll give full details on what work I'm currently doing on Monday! Have a good week!