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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Slight Delay

Hey all! I'm polishing up stuff, some content is done but there's a bit of trouble with the big battle. I'm getting it fixed. It'll take a few days and I may not get this out on the 1st, but don't expect more than a day or two delay.

I sincerely apologize as it was my fault for giving the programmer direction that didn't detail certain loss conditions. 

To cheer you up, here's a picture of the game's most adorable character: Captain Oola.

Captain Oola is a delight and once I start the rewrites I'm gonna give her a bigger role. Maybe make her a party member. She's too adorable to just leave as a nobody.

Oh, and those of you who get into the beginner's hall as a reward for an $20 patreon - obviously it won't be in this version. After I've contacted all the lucky winners and finalized names I'll build it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

$1k goal made and new bonus gallery!

Hey everyone! I'm overjoyed to announce that I have now made the $1k goal on Patreon! Every cent I make above $1k will go to future games, and this means I will continue making stuff after Overwhored is done!

That's looking closer and closer. There are two chapters left, and the big battle WILL be done and in a release by the 1st of next month. Everything I wanted to give you before will be in it this time, bugs sorted and things fixed.

New character art is in the game for the heroines, done by Sleepymaid! Additionally Mindwipe is making some new faces for various characters. 

This is the lineart for the Ice Queen/Nature Spirit heroine, Luonnotar: 

This is the lineart for the dwarven mayor, Erna Brundtland. (I expect one of my Norwegian fans will comment on where that name and her design comes from one of these days...)

I've spent a lot of time lately working on the big battle. Victory in which will result in a Dwarfy Mayor sex scene:

So all the art for the game is now done! 

But wait, you say! Aren't you doing more faces and redraws and stuff? Well yeah, but the game itself has all the art to be finished DONE. I'm doing the redraws out of the Patreon funds in order to up the quality of the game, but the game can absolutely be finished without them. 

So what do I need to do gameplay wise?

Two chapters worth of content. The Ice Queen and then the finishing chapter. Then Overwhored will be done and I will be able to move onto other games I have planned out. Pretty damn sweet. It's all thanks to you.

Although farming still takes up a lot of my time I'm pretty confident that I can get those chapters done within about three months at one release per month. At some point during this time I'll also be rewriting Audr and Bilbine to give their characters the same sort of impact characters like Nanshe and Branda do. Remember, writing isn't writing - it's rewriting. This entire game is essentially my first draft right now, I WILL be refining the humor and detail as new releases come out. Expect the "final" version of Overwhored to be out barring any unforseen hindrances on September the 1st. I will be constantly adding content until that time, and I will be giving a lot more status updates. 

There's also a new, very spoilery bonus gallery on my Patreon page now for $10 and up donators.

Look forward to it folks, and a HUGE thanks to everyone once again for your contributions! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bugfix Version Up!

I uploaded a version of the game that's more or less the same as the last, but fixes the various programming bugs I couldn't fix myself.

I'm currently working on the battle and a number of other things. I'll let you all know how things are progressing as time goes on.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Goals and Labor

We reached the $800 goal!


Then we didn't. It's currently a few bucks below.

That's quite alright. I've gotten enough names from the $20 tier and will be removing it soon anyway, I imagine there will be a revenue drop from that as well. I'll think up a new $20 tier. If you paid for it I have a record of it and I'll work your name into the Beginner's Hall.

As you may be aware no matter how much money I make my primary job is, and will stay, farming. I cannot quit that job or set it aside as it's a family responsibility. Family must come before any amount of money. At this time of year I've spent a lot of time working outside digging irrigation ditches and fixing pipes and not so much time working inside. Hence no release on the 1st of this month.

Far from just taking your money and running, however, I've justified taking it by putting all of last month's funds back into the game by commissioning more artwork. At this point the artwork for the game is all but done, so I'm going back and getting some redraws done of some pictures that I feel needed more work. I promised more Sleepymaid art, so I'm having Sleepymaid do the bulk of it. Here's some examples of battle sprites I've had Sleeps working on lately.

I'm also completely redoing the sex scenes for the Ice Queen.

In some cases these are redraws of stuff that had been done by another artist. Please note that this is NOT intended as an insult to the artists who had previously done work on this stuff. I have made compromises during the creation of Overwhored. There are a lot of things I'd like to do or would like to have done that I could not have before Patreon. This is letting me take things closer to my original vision. I'm proud of the people that have worked for me in the past.

I bought myself a pizza a few days ago. That has been the extent of my personal patreon profits for a while. Everything else has gone back into the project in one way or another. So in other words it's all just going back to you.

As a side note this month I'll be doing something besides hiring artists. Hiring Programmers.

You know what I like? Writing. You know what I DON'T like? Trying to play programmer when I don't know the programming language and don't have the time to learn.

What takes me forever will take a team of programmers a day or two. So I'm just going to pay some programmers to take care of the stuff so I can start moving to an actual monthly release schedule. No matter how much I work I won't manage it if I'm trying to play programmer. That's why I stuck monthly releases at this price range; so I can afford this.

I'm good at team management and writing, so that's what I'm going to stick to. The more work I can get other people to do that I'm not good at the more content I can add.