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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Paypal donation button removed

Hey all, just a quick notice here. The paypal donation button was recently removed because paypal suspended my account. The requirement for reinstatement was removal of the button. I have complied with this in full. I have contacted their customer service department and e-mailed their review department; hopefully the account should be un-frozen soon.

I left it in place because fans wanted it as an option for donation to me, rather than the game. The game is non-commercial and no product is being sold. But just being on this blog was considered a violation of their terms of service. I apologize to the fans that cannot use Patreon, but Paypal has tied my hands here.

Fortunately I have other methods to get money and send money, so I am not crippled by this if they do not decide to unfreeze my account. I'm also glad this happened BEFORE I got my monthly check rather than after. I'll be out the small amount left in there but I'm smart enough not to leave a large amount of money in paypal.

None of this would have been an issue if they had simply asked me to remove the button before suspending the account, but alas - paypal doesn't operate that way. The best resolution if you believe issues like this are a problem is to write your congressman (if you are an American) and request that Paypal be regulated as a bank, which it currently is not.

I don't expect anyone to take up arms because of my small issue and do not ask you to do so. It should be resolved shortly. You do deserve an explanation of why the paypal button was removed.