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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Donator's Beta Release on the 1st of November

Well as of tonight I can say one thing with confidence:

You can play the game up until the current story is complete without bugs crashing the game in the new system (if you just play through straight without TRYING to break the game).

This doesn't mean stuff is complete though! I will have to crunch hard for the rest of the week on this because a few things still need doing.

These things are:

1: Rebuilding all shops in the game

2: Rebalancing weapons, armor, levels, and characters (about 30% done)

3: Balancing XP ratios by area

4: Add all new picture and text sets to the game (Mostly complete until Sayda)

HOWEVER, I'm actually very confident that I can get this done by the 1st of November. Why? Because all the groundwork is properly laid, the system is carefully and properly rebuilt, and I've already completed a few simple playtests.

As such I'm going to make a donators-only beta release We'll call 0.4 Ace.

This will NOT include new content for the most part. This release will purely be a bug testing release (though I'll try to squeeze a few extras in). The game has swapped platforms and as such will probably be broken in a few areas. I need YOUR help to make sure it is working right.

Remember, donations of ANY amount allow someone access to the betas.

By and large the game will look very similar to the last released version. Worry not. Next month will be devoted to building the city of Bilbao and the adventure there, as well as adding in all the art that has been completed since the last release, and that's quite a bit!

If you aren't interested in beta testing what is essentially the same game as last time you're better off waiting until Ver 0.5 in a short while. That will probably be somewhere in December.

To wet your appetite for more, have this nice sketch done by Mindwipe of the Baker's Daughter and Saydan Chef! The sex scenes for these two are already done and WILL be in Ver 0.5.

It won't be long now! Look forward to it!


  1. Awesome! Looking forward to trying out this new version. :D

  2. Hello, could you reupload your previous work 'hypno master' please?
    It's sad to see a project die like this because of dead link.

  3. For the skill system couldn't you do it like a skill tree where skills cost points to get, and to make it not so broken you can make stronger spells cost more points to get and upgrade. Kinda like buying them i guess.