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Friday, December 26, 2014

Beta Update

There will be a new beta tomorrow as there is a game-breaking bug with the diplomatic symbol. I thought I had that blasted problem fixed but it seemed there were two points of failure, not one.

I'm going through and fixing all the bugs mentioned by you, the fans. It should all be done by the public release.

I was going to upload a quick fix to the game breaking bug and a bunch of minor ones today but for no particular reason I can understand my internet connection is reverting to 56-damned-k levels. This is divine punishment for living in Idaho, one of the places officially known to be in the bottom 5 of states in the US for internet connection speed. Connection speed also drops here for no reason whatsoever for significant periods of time and you cannot actually buy a fast connection if you want to. Meanwhile our neighbors Washington and Oregon have some of the fastest speeds in the US. I think Washington may be #1, actually.

So as I said, divine punishment. The people of Idaho suffer that I may make you dirty games.

(It took me quite a while to actually load up that video for that gag, by the way)

I tried to upload it and my upload speeds were going so slow it would take about six hours to upload something. I may as well just take the day and fix a bunch of bugs in that case. It'll be back to normal tomorrow, most likely.

As a side note I have been asked a few times how much you need to get into the beta. The answer is $0.01 cents. Betas almost always start broken and really are given to help me do a lot of bug testing. Public releases rarely come more than a week or so later. If you have -EVER- donated any amount I'll send you the beta link. The reason I don't do open betas isn't just to reward donators (although they deserve that and more) it's because listing out bugs takes work. If you can't take the effort to donate a single cent you probably aren't going to help bughunt. In which case it's better to have you wait until the public release so you don't get frustrated with game breaking bugs and restarts. I value all my fans including the people who don't donate. You support me in other ways, not the least by just talking about me and my game in places. That said, I know not everyone is well suited to testing for bugs, particularly with the game as rough as it is after the big code rewrite and a new chapter getting hammered out in a short time.

Much as I wanted a public release on Christmas some of the comments for the last post should show you why I put up a beta. I try to fix as many as I can and hammer down a lot of them you'll never see but this game is, at its core, still mostly a one man show (though 0nymous had added a LOT to the project). And this release certainly is programming and writing wise. In a few days all the big bugs should be smooshed and things will be going well. Then you can enjoy a nice, smooth experience.

As a side note please go give Mindwipe some support on his tumblr. I want him to know he's loved. He's a rockstar and he's doing a lot of the art you now enjoy. He does it fast, on time, good quality and always goes the extra mile and then some.


  1. Cypress from what i understood from reading the public release won't have everything you had in mind for it i was just wondering when you do release the content that couldn't make it to the public release do you think we will have to start a new game not to miss anything or is the stuff you adding later going to be part of a future chapter?

  2. fuck, came to the party late, just dled the beta, will go over any bugs i find