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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Request For Aid

Hi All! I'm starting my work on connecting game developers and sending them invites to the irc. Eventually I'd like to start a forum dedicated to adult game design and not just piggyback on the HHS Forums.

What I need from YOU is a list of other developers websites. We're a scattered bunch. I want to find other amateur game devs and send them an invite to the irc.

Or if you know them personally (or are one) cut out the middleman!

The chatroom is:



Send me the links! I added my contact info at the top right of the screen since so many people were asking. Send all messages to THAT e-mail address.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Come watch this thing:

 My friend sleepymaid is doing a test Choose Your Own Adventure stream to see if the format works for their writing style. Feel free to hop in and participate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Working and Contact Stuff

First, my sincere apologies to you all out there who have tried to contact me and offered to help on the game that I have not gotten back to. I'll try to respond to your e-mails in a day or two.

Between work and hospital appointments I've had basically no free time and no energy to write up posts.

If you want to get ahold of me directly without waiting you can always hop on #hgamedesign on

We now have several new musicians and several new translators. I'll wait to welcome everyone until I've finished responding to these e-mails. Thanks!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Some doodles

Well, lots of news about team expansion - but I'm not gonna give it today! I've felt totally out of energy the past few days and wanted to take a bit off to draw and write.

Before I get started though, my friend Sleepymaid - the one that drew Nanshe and Branda in the game - has a new stream! It's on now!

I just wanted to relax and doodle today; the anatomy is off and it kinda sucks, but eh. I am not going for perfect, just for something that makes me less grumpy.

And Espurr with Bismuth crystals, the most hypnotic combo of them all. (Wish I could draw bismuth better)

Also some first drafting on a youtube trailer I'm going to assemble soon:

I've got two voice actresses inquiring about it; as an FYI if you're female and able to do voice acting let me know. I'm sure I can find something for you to do.

I don't think I'll ever go for Legend of Queen Opala style fully voiced sex scenes, but eh, who knows.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Overwhored Ver 0.4b Bug Fix Release, The Future of Funding, and How You Can Help The Overwhored Project!

The New Release:
Ladies and gentlemen, the new version of Overwhored is out. This fixes several bugs, notably the prison and toning down some of the jungle monsters.

The big changes aren't in this one; there will be another release in a month or two with those. I intend to rewrite several shorter sex scenes, add the monstergirl village, redesign several maps I've gotten feedback on, redo the Orb of Dominion, fix up the chapter skipping option, redesign monsters and character skills and much more.

Funding Goals Met:
I cannot express how thankful I am to you, the fans, that the funding goals for the project have been fully met. But things do not stop here.

Those goals were for art. With additional funds more things become possible - such as custom music and sound effects, payment for custom sprites, and so on.

That said right now I'm satisfied with the assets. I want to save up most of the money for two future games I already have the plot planned out for. An expansion to Overwhored called "Overwhored: Fall From Heaven", which will feature the Overmind's invasion of heaven, and "Overwhored Two", which will feature a different protagonist in a new story. The Overmind's first daughter is a character you will see sealed away inside the monstergirl village in this game.

I would also like to spend a small portion on advertising so more people can know about and enjoy Overwhored. 

I would eventually like to turn making H-Games into a commercial endeavor to help create an industry like Japan has in the western world. Overwhored is largely a testing ground for this. I didn't start with any particular expertise, and there IS no commercial market for adult games here. I partially want to use this project as a way to prove that I can make a game and build credibility, but also to build a team of creators so we can all have the necessary skills to make great and professional games.

I know I for one am tired of waiting for translations of Japanese games, dealing with companies that don't even want to sell to anyone else in the world, let alone listen to your feedback.

I'm obviously not alone; you; the fans of the Overwhored project, are from all over the world. Not just the US, Canada and the UK, but all over Europe and even in Russia. We all want more than we've been getting, and I want to see if I can start the industry we all want.

Overwhored itself is free and will remain free. You paid for it already with your donations; now the whole world can enjoy it.

Thank you.

But there's still a lot left to do.

How You Can Help:

If you have any skills which can go into helping the project, let me know! Part of building up a team now is finding people with skills to make something wonderful later. These positions are unpaid at the moment, but you'll get credit and if you do good work I'll retain you when I move on to commercial game projects. Here's some areas I'm looking for people with skills in:

Art: If you are a talented artist who is interested in getting into doing art for a game, contact me. But I'm not just looking for traditional art; if you are capable of making sprites from scratch or even simple recolors let me know. I can always use new, good sprites.

Music: The music I'm using right now is free stock music. If you can create music, contact me. I'd love custom music.

Sound Effects: I always need sound effects. Free sound effects often suck; stock sound effects occasionally cost $3-$4 for something as simple as the sound of a punch. That adds up. If you can make custom sound effects I want you on the team.

Mapping: 0nymous does a great job but I can always use another person to help out with maps. I don't touch them anymore myself if I can help it because I suck at mapping. More talented mappers will be very welcome.

Programming/Scripting: I want someone who can write custom scripts for RPG Maker VX or is at least talented at making the ones I've got play nice with each other. I am NOT a programmer and the headaches this has given me and the fandom are more numerous than the stars. Eventually I'd like to have someone create a custom program to allow work on a whole new platform altogether. RPG Maker is very limited and only works on Windows. I don't want to leave out Mac users any longer than I am forced to.

Advertising: This is a headache; there are currently no avenues beyond word of mouth that are effective at advertising adult games. I can do this but every day I spend working on this is a day I'm not writing for the game.

Finance: I'm not going to accept people I don't trust to handle project money (I'm not a naive idiot), but figuring out how to make credit card companies play nice with an h-game developer is a big freaking deal. It's half the trouble of making an adult game for commercial production in the first place. Once again, every day I spend working on this is time I am not working on the game.

Writing: I write Overwhored and I have an iron grip on the storyline, but I wouldn't mind assistant writers to help out with writing some filler and fluffing up some of the sex scenes so I can focus on the game itself. If I can trust you to write for me now I'll probably be able to trust you to write for me in future games; maybe even putting the team behind a script you write. Just keep in mind that this IS where I'm trained and this is the one area I'm going to be a perfectionist asshole. I demand good writing.

Translations: I currently have two translators; one working on a Spanish translation, one working on a German translation. I'd love to have a translator put the game in Japanese and one put the game in Russian. But honestly I don't care what language you speak. If it isn't English and you think you can do a decent job of translating then contact me. I want this game to go out to the whole world.

Teaching: This isn't strictly a position for the game per se. I don't just want to develop games in a vacuum; I want every amateur that can to take up designing adult games. The more of us there are the more we can enjoy and the easier it is for us to build a professional industry. So if you can do anything relevant and important to the development of adult games and want to give out some lessons and advice, I want you doing it. The more people know the better. Once I start being able to make these positions paid positions I'd like people who have had practice making their own games to hire from.

Data Hosting: NoMoshing of Harem Collector fame has done an excellent job hosting game data and freeing you from having to use the filesharing sites.

Anything Else: There's a lot of miscellaneous things I'm leaving out here. I'd like someone to do little detail work and 'busywork'. The boring, tedious stuff that needs doing and takes up a lot of time like attaching name tags to events. But if you have any skill you think can assist the project, contact me!

If you can do several of these things that's even better. Eventually I'd just want to run a team of skilled people and write because management and writing are what I enjoy doing.

If nothing else, write about the game on every forum, chan, subreddit or wherever else you can. I want people to know about and get to enjoy this game.

Thanks for being a fan, and I hope to welcome new members to the team soon. Enjoy this new release!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bug Fix Release on Monday

Sorry folks, I've been utterly CONSUMED with work this week. I meant to have the bug fix release out on Monday, but I haven't had any real free time at all.

That said, I'll have it out on next Monday. This is all the news I have to post. The rest of this is just pointless silliness.

Now that said, I'll chat a bit about non-game stuff I've been doing.

Like I said, I haven't had any real free time lately, but since Twitch Play's Pokemon came out  and was super interesting and because several of my friends talked about it nonstop for years, I recently decided to go back and play Pokemon Red.

I was never into the games as a kid. I watched the show (first season) on occasion but it was all aired out of order and irregularly. My family was FAR too poor to afford a gameboy, either, so I simply never bought any. As a result I really know basically nothing about Pokemon, except that I had the biggest crush on Sabrina watching the show as a kid. (Definitely a sign of my interests later on)

Besides, I know what my tolerance for grinding is. Roughly half of an Atlus game that I really like. And I knew perfectly well that I would have to tackle this in VERY small chunks or I'd quickly burn out and never play another game. Fortunately my emulator has a fast forward button and the normally very drawn out walking sequences and fights are over in just a few seconds. In ten minutes I can easily level up any new catch to the level of the main party going at 4000x speed.

I think I'm about halfway through the game, as I just got surf and beat a gym there.

My current roster.  A Hypno, A Haunter, A Dux, a Pikachu, a Gyrados, and my starter which became an Ivysaur.

Sleeps got a kick out of being named after a hypno. It made me think about what some of us in the MC community would be. PChronos would definitely be a Espeon, since he did quite a bit of MC art (which was not to my tastes, but pretty funny) featuring that one.

Still - I had to wonder. What would I be? Obviously psychic type. They're my favorite type anyway. Not terribly powerful, not high leveled. But I wasn't too satisfied with the ones I was familiar with, so I looked up a list. Kadabra? No. Psyduck? Amusing as hell, but no.

And then I came across this one, Espurr:

Cat-like (I'm a cat-person), psychic, big dead eyes. Hmm. Promising...

Oh my.


Well, now that I'm decided that this is definitely my favorite, I guess I've got just one question.