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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Conversion Process Continues

This is gonna be a fairly short post. I just wanted to mention that yes, I am indeed working on the game quite a bit. There's a lot of busy work to do in converting between systems - not everything converts over cleanly.  Sometimes the differences are very minor but have a big impact on the game itself.

For instance, in the previous version of the game name tags were inserted with the code: \nb[Character Name]

However, the new version of the game also has a script that provides name tags. This system is slightly different, in that the code is written: \nb{Character Name}

This slight difference basically means I have to manually go through and rewrite every single name tag in the game. That's an example of busywork. I also have to redo every single monster, every single skill, most items, basically every character, and so on. Thankfully the dialogue and actual scenes in the game translated over pretty well.

0nymous has been working hard on this as well. Together we're making some nice progress on maps and on the system. Before long we'll have finished the basic conversions and will begin working on Bilbao, the city of chapter 5.

Of course the art is coming along as well. I just got some nice scenes of the Sasquatch girl who will be in the Monstergirl village. I think you all will enjoy it when you see it.

Finally, NO I do not have a timeline for release! I haven't got the slightest clue how long this will take, as converting between systems is bound to throw up a few little roadblocks here and there I have no way of predicting. Making a new chapter alone should take a month or two when I can knuckle down on it (delays in previous releases were mostly me fighting with the system to get it to do stuff VX Ace does without anything special) but converting I have no way to predict. Hopefully soon.

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll see the next release of this game before the end of the year. Probably sooner than that.

Donators: I might send you an early copy before chapter 5's content is done to see if there are bugs in the conversion. This will be identical storywise to the previous versions, but will be focused on testing how well the game works in the new system. Once again I do NOT have a release date for this, it's just an advance notice.

Thanks again for being fans!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thanks for the Pizza!

I wanted to pop in today and give a special thanks to those who donated lately. I had my first pizza in a year yesterday. It was one of those very delicious ones with all the veggies, especially artichoke heart which I find delicious. It was like a group of veggie-based monstergirls had an orgy on top of the pizza. Very tasty!

I've been getting a bit more work done on the game; it seems I may have to redo skills. That's just as well since I intended to redo them anyway. I had already created new abilities for everyone and hadn't filled them out yet. Plus side: Regeneration should be pretty easy to pull off, I think. So much frustration with trying to get that to work in the last damn system.

The Sayda Sisters pictures are almost done save for the orgy scene with the two of them and I've gotten back some sketches of monstergirls from one of the coolest members of the art team; Drew.

I'll show you some sketches. I won't be using Drew's Yuki-Ona because I've already got an Ice Spirit in the game (She's a main heroine!) but I will show you a couple of preview sketches.

First off, some previews of art from Mindwipe:

And second, the sketches by Drew!

Out of those sketches the Sasquatch girl is by far my favorite. My thanks to whoever suggested it forever ago! The sketches by drew (except the last one, the Yuki Onna) represent girls you'll find in the Monstergirl village. I'll add in some others to replace her, don't worry!

Thanks again for all the support, and especially for the pizza!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Converting the Game

Hey all! I wanted to go ahead and update you on the game.

First off I work on a farm as one of my jobs. As such I'm ALWAYS very, very busy during the summer, to the extent that I did work myself sick twice recently. For most game devs this would be bad news and excuse not to work on a game, but for me that's fairly good news. Why? Because when I'm stuck on bedrest during the periods where I'm awake I can actually have time to work on the game. And what work I've been doing.

Long story short the biggest thing I've been doing lately is converting the game from RPG Maker VX to RPG Maker VX Ace. To 0nymous's (The team map maker) credit he wanted to do this a long time ago and I avoided it because I hoped I could work around some of the problems with vanilla RPG Maker VX. I eventually did decide it was just too much bother. It's an incomplete and dead system and an endless headache. VX Ace is complete, has new scripts, and frankly does every damn thing better than VX vanilla.

Good news: There was an automatic converter that did 99% of the work for me, and I've mostly been looking for game breaking bugs and converting over the fair amount of stuff that didn't make the transition. Well that and working with scripts (custom programming for the game).

You as players probably won't notice a lot of difference in the end, but *I* will, and I know 0nymous will. Mapping is infinitely easier now that we don't have to use SwapXT. You see - in VX Ace you can use as many tiles as you like, but in Vanilla you got the default and one extra small page worth of customs. That's IT. SwapXT lets you get around that but it's a pain to work with. That's just one example of the MANY artificial limitations VX vanilla forces you to work around.

Everything is 100% easier in VX Ace, basically. I had always intended to do any sequels and expansions in it but hadn't expected to make this transition. I was simply working on the game one day and after the fifth time of running my head against one of the limitations of the very crappy and incomplete RPG Maker VX vanilla I just decided to convert. Good news: Everything is just a hell of a lot easier now. I don't expect it'll take very long to complete the transition.

I have a lot of new art done, including the VERY LAST sex scene in the game. Because there's a LOT of spoilers involved in this I can only show you the background, but damn. That is a fucking awesome background. Sleepymaid has outdone even the normal crazy good standards of her work on this one.

I'll dole out more art previews in coming weeks. As for an ETA - because I know you'll want one - depending on how much real life work I have to do (which will probably be a lot) and any snags during the conversion I haven't hit yet I'm expecting somewhere between 1-3 months.

Also I may launch a Patreon soon. While the game is fully funded I've also sunk a lot of my own money in the game and wouldn't mind recouping some of the costs. Won't be too choked up if I don't but hey, I haven't had a pizza in a year. I'll prolly buy one if I get cash enough. Apparently you can still make donations to my Paypal right now so you can still take advantage of that if you want.

Thanks for being fans!