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Monday, July 29, 2013

Status 29/JUL/13: A new heroine appears!

A lot of work is going on behind the scenes as usual. I'm afraid I don't have time to go into detail as much as I'd like. Today is unfortunately a busy day.

However, the design for our cute Basque Lamaak heroine is getting closer to complete:

Mapping is progressing well, and I'm in negotiations to add another artist to the team. She's particularly skilled. No name drops until she's officially on the project, though.

I've also created a new feedback thread on the forum.

Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions there. I, my mapper, or other parts of the team might occasionally leave things there for you to comment on. Don't take it as a given that we'll do all your suggestions (because we won't and because that's a good recipe for chaos) but do take it as a given that we'll read them and consider them. You know I do.

I'll try to make another post later this week to go into things more; perhaps another background and story post.

Monday, July 22, 2013

22/Jul/13 Progress Update

Work continues. Not much to tell you this week I didn't last week or in previous weeks. Translations are ongoing, art is ongoing, remapping is ongoing. Plans are being made for the next module.

This is one of those periods where things seem quiet but a lot is going on behind the scenes. I'll try to have something a bit more substantial for you all next week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Overwhored Progress Week of 16/Jul/13

Progress is going just spectacularly. Images are being drawn, translations are being translated, and plot is being plotted.

The German translation of the game is coming along REALLY well. A significant portion of the game has been translated. To this day I can't quite figure out why Germans seem to like the game so much, but I'm more than happy to accommodate them. The translator, Braindeadmaster, is hard at work and doing a great job. Many Zaftig ladies shall be added in his honor.

There's also a Spanish translation just starting. Here's to hoping it turns out well!

If you speak any language other than English fluently and you're interested in translating part of the game, let me know! This is especially true for Japanese. The Japanese community doesn't even know that this game exists. After all the inspiration they've given me (their RPG Maker games were a heavy influence) I'd love to give some back.

The shining star right now is the mapping. You would not believe how much EVERY map being worked on has improved. 0nymous is really rocking it.

Compare these two maps for an idea of how much these maps are improving the game.

This is the outside area I created forever ago.

This is the WIP area he created for the same location.

Yeah. Progress is going well.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My much belated vacation is starting tomorrow. I didn't know this in advance, so you get to know now. I'll be gone for a week. As a result, I will not be doing any work on Overwhored while I'm gone and I will not be updating the site on Monday. My artists will still be arting and my mapper will still be mapping however, so work isn't really going to stop.

Please continue to leave bug reports and feedback and I'll get to them when I come back.

I'm going from a place that has been 110 degrees and having 80mph thunderstorms (and thanks to said storms, about 100 degrees during the night) to a place that is a wonderfully frigid 85 degrees and has delightfully mild weather. It's quite likely I won't even be attacked by bears or mountain lions there! That'll be a nice break for a week or so. There's also much less in the way of roving packs of coyotes up there. Though I will admit that's a bit of a disappointment, as it's pretty fun to sneak up on a pack of Coyotes in the middle of the night and scare the hell out of them. I don't shoot 'em like most people do around here but I do like messing with them. Just don't try it with bears.

While I'm up there I think I'll do some hunting and fishing. Ought to be fun. Well, not fishing, because it's horribly fucking boring. But fish ARE tasty, so it's worth the time. I don't think I'll arrive early enough for the fireworks but hey - if I do, there's always good food at those celebrations. Not that it matters. If I really wanted 4th of July fun I'd stay here to watch the crash derby. That's a sporting event where a bunch of elaborately painted cars are in a mud pit surrounded by big logs and a chain link fence and slam into each other repeatedly until only one is still "working". You sit about four feet away from the ring and get splashed with mud and occasionally almost crushed by a car that goes over the logs and through the fence. When I was young I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world but they've made it too safe and boring these days. (I used to collect autographed car parts that were shredded in the ring, in fact.) Plus I can't watch it with friends and family any longer so I can't be told who to boo and hiss at and who to root for because I don't know any of the drivers. Besides; when I was a kid they played all kinds of music but these days they just play really bad country music during the whole thing. I hate country music.  Ah well. They still have tasty tiger's blood snow cones and Chorizos, but those alone aren't worth going for. I can get those anywhere.

In any event I'll see you in a week!

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mapping, New Character Previews and More!

Work is going well here as new things are added to the game. I have added a new person to the team by the name of 0nymous who is working on maps.

I suck at mapping. This is a secret to no one. This individual is very good at maps, and this makes me happy. So next version get ready to see all new maps in the game! Much, much better maps than I make. I'd love to show you but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want the WIP pics out. Shame. They look fantastic.

Some other work is proceeding well as well. Today I finished up a sprite for the dwarven heroine Audr, the very undwarvenly dwarf.

One of her two sex scenes are already done, so it looks as though she'll be the next heroine you fight. I've posted an earlier version of this before, so this is what she looks like in her scenes:

Work continues on the other heroines as well. Steveman has already finished two pictures for the three slaves sex scenes where you get to impregnate them, and is redrawing the sex scene with all three. Enjoy these heavily cropped sketch previews!

This isn't the end of the art, however. The skilled artist from PlanetofJunk who designed Audr has also begun to do the character design for the cute brown basque halfling girl Bilbene Bengochea. For the sake of not getting sued or the project shut down I may end up calling her people Bilbaoans (the name of the country) or Laminaks, though I'm not sure I  really want to alter her design to give her duck feet. (Basque mythology - go look it up!) Whatever I decide it'll probably make a difference on the end culture, as Bilbao means (or rather is guessed to mean by experts) "Beautiful River Crossing", or a few similar variants. The Laminaks are river spirits. Also modern day Bilbao is a manufacturing center of Iron and such, and this heroine was designed to be an alchemist/mechanic from the beginning. Just wait until you see the golem suit!

While many Basque ladies aren't brown, I grew up with a number of family that were a mix of Basque and Mexican. It's a look I'm rather fond of. Plus ancient arab invasions, fantasy world that doesn't have to be 100% the same, etc.

PlacidAndy has been doing some character battle sprites recently which I'm sure you noticed in the last version.

This is a sketch he did to warm up I'm happy to share with you:

And to finish things off, here's a preview of the Audr sex scene:

Delightful satisfaction.

Oh, one last thing - the Finnish Ice Queen has finally been given a proper name. I'm going with Ilmatar. For the life of me I can't figure out why I decided it was unsuitable the first time I went through.