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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Art Stream

Hey all, a member of the art team is streaming some art at the moment; if you want to watch some drawing being drawn take a look!

There might be an Overwhored pic drawn sometime tonight, but no guarantees. Either way you'll see some fun stuff.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Indecent Gaming Podcast Episode 2

Turns out this has been up for a while but it never got updated on the main page of badkitty games and I didn't know about this page.

Check out the podcast featuring NoMoshing, MagicWhitelady/Chibi, and myself.

A German Game - Maybe Recommendation?

Alright, so I had a couple of people ask me about this in the comment section of the last post.

There is a German made H-Game I am aware of. It's entirely in German, a language I do not speak. So let's start with the disclaimers before I recommend anything.

First, my understanding of this game has been pieced together from some very limited personal translations, discussions on various sites and so on. I could be completely off about it. This is a Renpy game and I have not yet found a good way to translate Renpy games so I've played very little of it myself.

Second, this was made by Krautchan. AKA the 2chan/Russian 2chan/4chan of Germany. It's a chan game, which means that it's going to be very politically incorrect in just about every respect. And much like 4chan's Katawa Shoujo, it seems to be very high quality in every respect, especially the art. But that doesn't mean it won't be offensive, because it's almost certainly meant to run on offensive humor. I'll go into that below.

Third, and this is the big one, the entire game is focused on lolicon. AKA sex with cartoon children. If you are from a country where that is illegal (I am not) you will want to avoid this entirely.

I'll talk about that subject for a moment now. First, people who cannot separate fantasy from reality scare me. It isn't just that they want to ban everything, it's also that they legitimately think that people who read Moby Dick will go out and hunt white whales, people who play Call of Duty or watch Rambo will go out on violent killing sprees. They also think that people who play games with lolicon will go out and rape actual children. There's a pretty distinct difference between fiction and reality. Reading books, playing video games and watching movies is not a form of mind control.

In real life you choose every action you take and you should (as far as I'm concerned) take full responsibility for all of your own actions. You should not be able to blame books, television, video games or the devil for your own evil actions.  The only exception is if you are legitimately insane, in which case the media you consume will not change the fact that you are insane.

I do not include content like this in Overwhored for many reasons. The main reason is that it would kill mass appeal and would probably lead to me being harassed. I have no desire to deal with that. There's the equally important secondary concern that I just don't feel that it fits with the setting or content of the game that already exists.

So my big disclaimer for this game is this: I don't give a damn what fictional content you get off to as long as it remains in the realm of fiction. Pixels, words, and ink cannot and do not feel pain and the reality portrayed in a fictional world is, as often as not, NOT parallel to our own. Do not assume that fiction and real life are the same thing. That's insane.

If you live in a place like Canada, Australia or the UK your government does not agree with that sentiment. Lolicon is illegal there and in Australia a man was convicted as a sex offender for having porn of The Simpsons. Better safe than sorry.

People from those countries make up a large portion of my fans. So I will specifically NOT link to any actual adult content from this game; I don't want you afraid to come to this blog.

Now that the long, rambling disclaimer is done, let's talk about the actual game: Unteralterbach.

(This picture is the cover of the soundtrack but is the closest thing to an actual decent cover I've found for it, so I'm going with this.)

Unteralterbach is a game where you play a Krautchanner selected more or less by accident to run an organization that goes after pedophiles. If you're an American, this is like putting a /b/-tard in charge of the FBI.

Of course it doesn't end there. Major characters in the game appear to be based on various moral crusaders in Germany. The plot would probably be best understood by Americans like this.

Imagine if Chris Hanson had children and under his nose they were doing everything they could to get laid. While he's out doing "To Catch a Predator" his daughters are trying to have sex with the krautchanner responsible for an organization that's supposed to keep kids from having sex.

Everything I've been able to tell would indicate this game is highly politically incorrect, full of satirical, sexual, and black humor and is really damn funny.

I can't even really understand the language and the base concept of it still cracks me up.

I have seen the art - the artwork for this game is amazing and I seriously wish I could steal their artists, though I doubt I could afford them. It's totally consistent and high quality.

Again I'll state that because it's a chan game it's based on offensive humor. The lead writer goes by the name of Anne Frank, for instance. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Also when you download the game some people are concerned that the name of the file is "bundestrojaner_win". It's not a trojan; it's a pun. It means "Federal Trojan", the name of an actual bit of spyware used by the German government to collect data from suspects. In this case it has an obvious double meaning.

Do I recommend it? I don't speak the language, so it could be something I wouldn't recommend. However, what I can understand seems to indicate that it's a funny, high quality game. So I say go for it.

And if you're a German fan please go slap their team up side the head and tell them to hurry up with the English translation already. I want to play the game!

(Not that I'm one to complain since I haven't translated my game into German yet, but my game isn't even done; theirs is.)

Seems I was wrong about the meaning of the Bundestrojaner thing, it's an in-joke. See the comments for what it really means.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Audience and Inspirations:

Well, I did a round up a while ago of who looks at this blog the most. I love information and data so I pay close attention to statistics, referring sites and so on.

So let's look at the stats again.

 1: United States

2: Germany

3: Japan

4: United Kingdom

5: Canada

6: Australia

7: Poland

8: Russia

9: France

10: Sweden

So we have some big changes now! This sort of thing fluctuates over time, but basically the top contenders have regularly been the UK, Germany, US, and Canada. Germany has basically always been #2, because apparently my game appeals to Germans in a big way. Why? I have no idea. Maybe Germany has a big mind control fetish?

Anyway, the big news is the new nation on the block, Japan. I have not gone out to gain any sort of publicity in Japan whatsoever. I don't speak Japanese and frankly there's so much competition overseas that I never even began to think anyone there would care. But apparently they do - they've knocked the UK out for the third place spot. Where are they coming from? Yes, apparently they're actually looking me up on google independently - I have no idea how they found out about this game. But I'm happy! Japanese games have been a big inspiration for Overwhored, and I sincerely hope that the new Japanese fans enjoy the game.

Frankly I'd be overjoyed to have a Japanese translation done. As it is I do have someone working on it, but to date no translations (for any language) are complete.

Australia has actually fallen on the list; a bit of a disappointment I think. I did base the goblins on your country, after all. Mind you, I probably didn't do a very good job of it, but I like Australians!

... Okay, I like Australian women. That accent is amazing. Just gimmie all your women Australia, that's all I'm saying.

On that note I'm going to be putting the goblin sex scene in the game pretty soon. The art for it is done so I have little reason to hold off on that.

 I don't think I'll go into humorous diversions on all the countries this time. I will say I found a site referring to this one from Russia and BRIEFLY panicked before I realized they weren't out to burn down everything. They're just normal fans of the game.

I have an odd relationship with Russia; I grew up in a military family during the cold war and grew up CONVINCED that when the evil Russians decided to destroy the world with nuclear hellfire I'd be a soldier fighting them. Turns out I never did get to fight the Russians. Just as well though - every online game I've ever played where Russians were allowed to participate is like hell come to Earth. I have yet to be convinced that Russians are totally human and not demonic griefers wearing human skin, but I'll hold an open mind for now. I can't really hold their quest to capture all the cute Ukranian girls against them, I mean - would totally invade Ukraine so I could have all their cute women if I could. They're pretty cute.

Also I'm pleased as always to have the Scandinavian nations such as Norway be fans of the game. They love buttsex, I do too. I think buttsex with a cute girl is a pretty cool sex act, I'll do my best to put more of it in the game for you all. Since the Dwarves are based on Norway maybe I'll see about getting some dwarf girl buttsex in.

By the way, I noticed one of the most common search terms (and one of the oft repeated questions in that thread) was where the docks are in Sayda. There's a secret girl you can collect there who will have a sex scene eventually (her art isn't done yet, but you can collect her) who dies if you don't find her before defeating Branda.

I'm remaking some of these maps, but the entrance is now much easier to find. This is what it looks like now:

The entrance is in the same place in the current version of the game. Just follow the giant red arrow.

The second thing I wanted to talk about today was one of the big inspirations for my game, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

I draw inspiration from a lot of old games - Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Tales of Destiny being a few, but the Lunar series has been one of the strongest influences on this game. Often I've tried to make the game play more like Lunar only to be stopped by RPG Maker's limitations. 

I originally played Lunar 2 on the Sega CD. Years later when Lunar 1 and 2 were remade for the playstation I bought the hell out of them; Working Designs did an AMAZING job with the localization of the remake. And the swag it came with was phenomenal. 

Lunar and Lunar 2 were somewhat revolutionary in their day. They did a lot of things other RPGs of the time didn't. They had full voice acting which was surprisingly good by the standards of the time, full animated cutscenes on part with anime, which was very hot at the time, and a whole hell of a lot of little things. 

I don't doubt that it's the whole reason I have a fetish for naked girls floating in crystals. I mean, Lunar 2 started with a naked girl floating in a crystal, and the first time I saw that I was like "Whooooaaaaaah". 

You can watch the intro for yourself (Superior Playstation Remake Version) here:

Truth be told, although the games were often excessively sunny and a bit cheesy at times, I LOVE that sort of thing. Now my stuff is often a bit darker, so that might surprise you. But I adore the everloving hell out of games like this.

If I had a gorillion dollars I'd probably give most of it away (I don't personally care about money that much) but one thing I'd set aside cash for would be to make another Lunar game.

I love the gameplay, I love the story, I love the voice acting, I love the cutscenes, I love the dragon-cats, I love every single thing about the two Lunar games, though Lunar 2 remains my favorite of the two.

Mind you, Lunar 1 had some amazing scenes too , like this:

The original version of Lunar 1 was highly flawed though; it still had random battles rather than 'walk into monsters on the screen encounters' and is heavily dated in many respects. The remake is amazing and takes a lot from Lunar 2 though.

It's also hard not to love the characters. I think this is the main reason I like Lunar 2 so much. I adore Lemina and Leo and most of the cast of Lunar 2. Many of the characters are big hams; I personally love characters with larger-than-life personalities and egos.

Often I wonder these days why there isn't more porn of Lina Inverse or more porn of Lunar. While there is actually not a terrible amount of Slayers porn out there (though I can never get enough of Lina) there's almost no porn of Lunar. There's one really terrible neotare doujin of Lunar 1 and one other that's really short and not very good and that's about it that I've heard of.

This is a tragedy. Where's the porn of Lemina? Mauri? Lucia? This is utterly goddamn unacceptable.

I hereby vow to publicly post some porn of it once I'm a bit better at art. And if you draw some good Lunar 2 porn I will personally give you a cameo in Overwhored. Seriously, show me some Lemina with her ancestor Mia, or some Mauri with anybody or Luna and Lucia or frankly just about anything! If it's good, BAM! Cameo.

I love the Lunar series and if I could, I'd make Overwhored just like it. (Spoilers: The Tower Mistress's True identity is a dragon-cat. Okay, not really. But I'm tempted...) Unfortunately I can't so I won't. I can't afford to hire someone like Zone to give everyone the animations, the system can't handle battles the same way and there's a lot of other things. It sucks.

But I'll try to give you the best characters I can. I hope with all sincerity that you all enjoy them and are inspired to make your own h-games as the Lunar series inspired me.

As a final post here the awesome Nekochan of badkittygames drew a pic of the Tower Mistress a while back. The style was so much like Lunar's style I damn near nostalgiagasmed. I love it. I don't know if I've posted it here before but if I have - well, it's so nice I'll post it twice.

Thanks all! Hop on the IRC sometime and I'll gush about Lunar some more.

It's:  #hgamedesign on

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Musings on Speed and Health

So it isn't exactly a secret that I often go on 4chan. Mostly /tg/, but also on other boards. And if I mention Overwhored the main subject that comes up is, "How's your health?"

Let me answer that right now: Perfectly fine.

And the reason I want to point that out is because anyone who is familiar with H-Game development knows a few things about game designers; often they talk about how terrible their health is and this is usually an excuse to get money from you or for them to quit on a project they're no longer interested in.

I already have health care. I work two jobs and I am simply not the type to abandon a project people have given me money for. I knew damn well when I first started accepting donations it'd take a long while to finish this game, so I resolved NEVER to quit until it's done.

I will occasionally gripe about things. I broke a tooth last year, battled with my once a year bout of bronchitis and I have old injuries related to military service that cause chronic pain. Let me be clear - NONE of these are a reason for me not to work. If anything I do more work on the game when I'm sick. Two jobs, remember?

But most of my work on the game isn't spent on the game; it's spent sending e-mails to people. And most of the delay is just caused by me waiting for art to get done. I don't like releasing sections of the game with placeholder art. I'm always on the lookout for new artists because good art takes time; sometimes it'll take three or more months before I get a commission done after it's been set. That's not a criticism of the team; that's just how commissions work if you can't hire people fulltime. Writing and programming doesn't take much time at all. Once I have all the art assets in place for a chapter I usually sit down and crank out the whole section over a few evenings.

That said, some artists have really stepped it up and work prolifically. Mindwipe, aka PlanetofJunk, has worked tirelessly on the new face sets and got them done REALLY damn fast. And he has done a bunch of images you can't see yet because they're late in the game. He's both talented and works fast, and I absolutely love it. Send him some love, please. You'll really be impressed with some of the new facesets.

In fact, let me preview some faces for you right now:

Each of these is part of a full set. You might have noticed a few things in there you haven't seen in the game. Guess what? They're previews.

Turning Princess Tasa and Princess Melita into cowgirls was an option I planned from the beginning, and the charming lady with the beret is the heroine of the next chapter.

Also I mentioned placeholder art earlier. Well, I have some good news, one bit of placeholder art is no more. I HATE releasing a section of the game without complete art.

A new member has been added to the art team, a cool fellow that goes by SeaithDaizon:

I'm so damn glad to finally replace that old Audr placeholder with a real custom battle image. It looks pretty damn sweet too. Check out his tumblr for art here. 

Expect to see more from this artist soon. As always, thanks for following.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I'm doing now: Editing

Well everyone, I am working hard on the game. I spent about six or seven hours yesterday swapping out old machine faces for new ones and adding name tags to events. I'm not nearly done yet.

I'm still working on remaking a lot of stuff. I may just add chapter 5 before doing a release instead of doing a short release. I think the impact would be greater that way and force you all to replay the game less often.

No release date for the next chapter yet, but I really want to crunch down and try to get things sorted. I'll be pretty busy later in the year so for now I have the free time to get things done.

Also the indecent gaming podcast's second episode is done. I'm mostly just waiting on badkittygames to upload it. I'll give you all a link when it is up!