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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Notes and Head's Up:

If you were one of the hundred or so people who didn't get it last night, you should have it now. The beta is out!

Some notes:

The entrance to the smithy is broken. I'm going to compile a new beta with that fixed since it's a game-stopper, but you can use this save to bypass it for now:

A side note; if you were expecting the beta and didn't get it check your spam folder. Apparently some people got it flagged as spam. Please make sure it gets marked as 'not spam'.

If you did donate it and didn't get it after this and it wasn't in your spam folder, e-mail me at to me your e-mail address. I'll make sure you get it.


  1. i got the beta with a dropbox link....but when i visited it it the link wasnt for the malicious file thing chrome does hat to EVERY exe on dropbox for rpg maker games use firefox

  2. "The file you're looking for has been moved or deleted."

    Thanks for the email, but you made a list, right? Might need to use it...

  3. realized after i posted than in all likelihood he removed it so he could upload the fied version, and prevent more people from dling the broken one

  4. It'll only be a few hours before the proper version is up. Try again though, you should be able to download that save now.

    1. The save should work, the game download itself will be a bit, I meant to say.