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Saturday, June 13, 2015

An interview! With Me!

Hi Everyone! I was recently interviewed by a German Journalist/Fan called Patty. We discuss Overwhored and the design of it here:

I also drew a picture slowly over about a month. This took me a long time to do, since I was only doing it in my free time. This has nothing to do with anything, really. It's just a thing I doodled because it seemed fun.

You can see more pics I've personally drawn here:

Oh, and don't worry about this taking time away from the game. I'm working about 15 hours a day between farming and the game. This stuff is done in the other time.

Today I'm finishing up a lot of the Beginner's Hall. It and a bunch of other stuff will be ready before the 1st of next month!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Body Pillows?

So I'm working on re-balancing the game and making a bunch of other changes. Farming is dropping as a workload issue as the heat wave here takes effect and it becomes too hot to work outside.

That said, I recently got an offer to have body-pillows made of Overwhored characters and I...

Body pillows? Really?

I guess I just have to ask - is that something you all even want? If so, it's no trouble to get them made. But I don't want to waste my time making chibi-overmind body pillows (or more likely, full sized Nanshe and the like ones) if no one would buy them. It wouldn't be a problem to get the art done for it. But will anyone even buy it?

Yes? No? Maybe so?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Fanart and What I'm Working on Now

Today I'm working on fixing the monsters so you can also escape from fights and so they don't do the weird invisible chase thing. I'm also fixing Bilbao so you can explore the city after the Bilbine fight.

There's a LOT of work to do. I'm doing a lot of edits, rewrites, and fixes this month. Next month will be the Luonnotar development month, but this month is going to be fixing up a lot of little stuff that never quite got fixed.

On a highly exciting note I got a bit of fanart from a fellow that goes by Lord Leovuld Meadowgrove. I didn't get a site from him to promote, but I love this fanart. It's awesome!