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Monday, May 19, 2014

A German Game - Maybe Recommendation?

Alright, so I had a couple of people ask me about this in the comment section of the last post.

There is a German made H-Game I am aware of. It's entirely in German, a language I do not speak. So let's start with the disclaimers before I recommend anything.

First, my understanding of this game has been pieced together from some very limited personal translations, discussions on various sites and so on. I could be completely off about it. This is a Renpy game and I have not yet found a good way to translate Renpy games so I've played very little of it myself.

Second, this was made by Krautchan. AKA the 2chan/Russian 2chan/4chan of Germany. It's a chan game, which means that it's going to be very politically incorrect in just about every respect. And much like 4chan's Katawa Shoujo, it seems to be very high quality in every respect, especially the art. But that doesn't mean it won't be offensive, because it's almost certainly meant to run on offensive humor. I'll go into that below.

Third, and this is the big one, the entire game is focused on lolicon. AKA sex with cartoon children. If you are from a country where that is illegal (I am not) you will want to avoid this entirely.

I'll talk about that subject for a moment now. First, people who cannot separate fantasy from reality scare me. It isn't just that they want to ban everything, it's also that they legitimately think that people who read Moby Dick will go out and hunt white whales, people who play Call of Duty or watch Rambo will go out on violent killing sprees. They also think that people who play games with lolicon will go out and rape actual children. There's a pretty distinct difference between fiction and reality. Reading books, playing video games and watching movies is not a form of mind control.

In real life you choose every action you take and you should (as far as I'm concerned) take full responsibility for all of your own actions. You should not be able to blame books, television, video games or the devil for your own evil actions.  The only exception is if you are legitimately insane, in which case the media you consume will not change the fact that you are insane.

I do not include content like this in Overwhored for many reasons. The main reason is that it would kill mass appeal and would probably lead to me being harassed. I have no desire to deal with that. There's the equally important secondary concern that I just don't feel that it fits with the setting or content of the game that already exists.

So my big disclaimer for this game is this: I don't give a damn what fictional content you get off to as long as it remains in the realm of fiction. Pixels, words, and ink cannot and do not feel pain and the reality portrayed in a fictional world is, as often as not, NOT parallel to our own. Do not assume that fiction and real life are the same thing. That's insane.

If you live in a place like Canada, Australia or the UK your government does not agree with that sentiment. Lolicon is illegal there and in Australia a man was convicted as a sex offender for having porn of The Simpsons. Better safe than sorry.

People from those countries make up a large portion of my fans. So I will specifically NOT link to any actual adult content from this game; I don't want you afraid to come to this blog.

Now that the long, rambling disclaimer is done, let's talk about the actual game: Unteralterbach.

(This picture is the cover of the soundtrack but is the closest thing to an actual decent cover I've found for it, so I'm going with this.)

Unteralterbach is a game where you play a Krautchanner selected more or less by accident to run an organization that goes after pedophiles. If you're an American, this is like putting a /b/-tard in charge of the FBI.

Of course it doesn't end there. Major characters in the game appear to be based on various moral crusaders in Germany. The plot would probably be best understood by Americans like this.

Imagine if Chris Hanson had children and under his nose they were doing everything they could to get laid. While he's out doing "To Catch a Predator" his daughters are trying to have sex with the krautchanner responsible for an organization that's supposed to keep kids from having sex.

Everything I've been able to tell would indicate this game is highly politically incorrect, full of satirical, sexual, and black humor and is really damn funny.

I can't even really understand the language and the base concept of it still cracks me up.

I have seen the art - the artwork for this game is amazing and I seriously wish I could steal their artists, though I doubt I could afford them. It's totally consistent and high quality.

Again I'll state that because it's a chan game it's based on offensive humor. The lead writer goes by the name of Anne Frank, for instance. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Also when you download the game some people are concerned that the name of the file is "bundestrojaner_win". It's not a trojan; it's a pun. It means "Federal Trojan", the name of an actual bit of spyware used by the German government to collect data from suspects. In this case it has an obvious double meaning.

Do I recommend it? I don't speak the language, so it could be something I wouldn't recommend. However, what I can understand seems to indicate that it's a funny, high quality game. So I say go for it.

And if you're a German fan please go slap their team up side the head and tell them to hurry up with the English translation already. I want to play the game!

(Not that I'm one to complain since I haven't translated my game into German yet, but my game isn't even done; theirs is.)

Seems I was wrong about the meaning of the Bundestrojaner thing, it's an in-joke. See the comments for what it really means.


  1. It looks interesting, bad thing is that it'll probably be a year or so before a translation for English comes along... Oh the lolis... DX

  2. Are you serious? The whole lolicon thing is a thin line as is but what you're plugging here is straight up (cartoon) child porn; and say whatever you will - if you get off garbage like this there is "something" wrong with you.

    I understand that my opinion and a 10$ bill will get me a cup of coffee, but for what it's worth I'm extremely disappointed with you. I can get sucking in to your German fans and I can get that you'd like to support a smaller H-Game but this...

    Honestly, can we expect to see hard vore followed by a touch of scat;
    hell I'm even sure you could dig up some "satirical" bestiality on 4chan or how about a nice Hitler sim?

    Sure most Germans hate him, but it's not like there are too many pedophiles either and I'm sure those skinheads like to tip just as well. :p

    1. I would totally do a furry scat Hitler vore game but I'm afraid that the book "The Ass Goblins of Auschwitz" already tops the genre of tasteless shock writing. Who could ever outdo such a pinnacle of literary talent?

      Not I, alas. I shall forever look anon, regretting my inability to create a work that shall equal its depravity. The tale of a young skinhead's quest to find himself amidst a flood of childrape which comes to a tragically short end as furry Hitler devours and poops him out shall never be my creation. Woe is me.

      (I think I've seen that story as a webcomic posted on 4chan before, come to think of it...)

    2. *loud laughing from Germany sounds over the ocean to America* LOL !

  3. They are making an eng translation as i read from theyr page so just wait for it it will be hosted on theyr page

  4. the "bundestrojaner" is NOT(!!!) something the government uses
    the government wouldnt use an extremely aggressive virus to get datas(especially since its main function is not getting data...)
    its made by some hackers i guess which hate pedophiles and other perverts as it can be obtained through normal porn sites(without cp) too(most times by a fake video which "doesnt work" claiming u dont have an updated flash player giving u the link to download the "most recent flash player by adobe".... its not from adobe even the the .exe has the same icon as the real flashplayer and the link automatically starts the download instead of leading to adobe's site... even if u downloaded it it wouldnt harm u until u actually start this "setup"....when i was still dumb believing this virus was just a rumour i got it that way ='D just wanted to watch a nice porn with a blonde girl 18+ but when i clicked on the vid in the vid selection another porn site opened(as we all know that this always happens...) with this "not working video" since i really hadnt updated anything for quite some time i fell for the trap ='D)

    it completely blocks off ur computer so u cant do anything
    right after u get it or start ur computer when u already have it a screen pops up which claims to be made by the police saying that u r a criminal and that ur actions already got submitted to the respective police force authorized to hunt that kind of criminals
    and that ur compuer and internet connection will be permanently blocked(only computer gets blocked so u can still use an uninfected computer with the same internet connection so u can google how to get rid of the virus...)
    it cant be closed and task manager etc dont work

    u have to formate ur comp or have to start computer in safety mode and try to get rid of it
    first u have to find and delete a few (3 or more) registry keys so it cant work anymore but its still on ur computer
    than u need to searhc for ALL application files added on the day u got the virus(searching takes forever... the names are mostly just numbers and letters so suspicious enough to get noticed....) and delete those with suspicious names(if u havent downloaded anything else than the virus and not installed anything this day via cd-rom etc it should be easy as only the files the virus created would have the right date

    well all in all its not THAT hard to get rid of its just hard to gain control of ur computer (if u dont know how to start on safety mode) and takes quite long to find the specific registry keys and application files(i got rid of it without safety mode since it didnt work on my comp since it was a version with different way of activating this mode... well i got the screen after starting computer and i have win7 i just pressed the power button but not long enough to go out immediately but to force the computer to initialize shutdown but since the virus was blocking evrything i got a warning that a program isnt reacting to the shutdown i click on cancel and the virus got more or less inactive as the screen disappeared and the shutdown was canceled so i had full control of the comp again making it fairly easy to get rid of it xD)

    the government is NOT behind this as they provided a manual on how to get rid of it on an official governmental site of the police

    i dont scold u for believing its from the government many believe this and get a shock when they obtain the virus thinking they'll get arrested soon
    i just wanted to tell u what that "bundestrojaner" is all about
    and since its already fairly known in germany and the government and many other sites especially computer information sites like provided a solution on how to get rid of it its not as dangerous anymore

    1. This is so wrong on so many levels.

      So yes, it was exactly the pun Cypress Zeta expected it would be.

      The actual version is translated, by the way.
      Just start the game and click the german flag, it will change to australias.

  5. Like KaiSakurai pointed out in his veeeeery long reply, the Bundeskriminalamt-Trojaner has nothing to do with the German government and is no official spyware. Its simply a VERY annoying trojan that blocks your desktop with a fake "because you watched child pornography and were sending emails with a terrorist background we're not arresting you but blocking your entire desktop with this huge ass advert, until you pay us €100" add. With optional awful spelling included. That's how it looked like:

    That trojan was very aggressive, capable of penetrating most anti-virus softwares and extremly widespread. Basically as soon as you regularly downloaded porn you were pretty much guaranteed to get that thing two years ago (I had it THRICE <.<). Even people outside Germany ended up with that annoying thing (yes, in German), making the whole thing even more absurd. The trojan is pretty dead now, your chances to catch it are minimal unless you got no protection.

    Basically the file name is an inside joke for all the German channers that ended up with the Bundeskriminalamttrojaner because they downloaded too much porn.

    This was just for clarification, considering how angry we Germans are at the NSA for spying on innocent German citizens right now, users from across the pond claiming that our government spies on us as well might provoke some angry responses. And we sure don't want a flame war in here, don't we ^^ ...

    1. sorry for that long comment just wanted to be as precise as possible ='D
      i didnt sound angry though did i???
      just wanted him to know what it really is
      and like i said u dont have to download porn to get it...
      sometimes its distributed by fake videos claiming u have not an updatet flash player giving u a link to download the "most recent version"
      the most absurd thing bout it was it wasnt a german site at all but i got this german virus xD
      btw is that a pic u made urself?

    2. I've encountered that update your flash thing many times while looking at or for porn and the sad thing is that the only viruses my computer gets are from sites that have nothing to do with porn they just have virus filled ads on the site. I've learned to never download anything from a pop up window that you did not knowingly open on purpose. I also have automatic updates set up on my computer so I know when its really java trying to update and now thanks to both of you I know what the deal is with that pop up window that always asks if I'm sure I want to close the window 1 sec after it pops up.

  6. Lolicon really isn't my thing, but after reading a bit about this game I just had to try it out.

    You've guessed right, it is downright hilarious and I hope the english translation for you guys will come out soon... although I don't know how well many of the german in-jokes will translate.^^

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention and greetings from (you probably guessed it...) germany :D

  7. i downloaded game and tried to play it but am stuck with the demon girl? emily and now im just walking around the town and have no idea what to do.

  8. Thanks for clearing up some things for me.

  9. So, I know this post is hella old, but it seems like they came out with an english translation(At least according to []) So I guess try to find the translation patch or just download the whole thing from there.