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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pointless Post, see previous post for importance:

I want a new cover image at some point. Lunar is the biggest inspiration for my game and I'd really like one that looks like its cover. I love the current one, but man. Just man. 

Cripes, why is Lunar so freaking good? If I had some free time I'd go and play it again. And the second one. 

Also you might recognize some resemblance between Royce and the Tower Mistress. Yes, that was totally on purpose and specified in her initial designs. 

My dream is basically to make an unofficial Lunar 3. Sort of like how War for the Overworld is making an unofficial Dungeon Keeper 3.

Yes, I'm aware there were Lunar games not released in the west. It... it was for the best. Let's pretend they don't exist.

Have a sexy Royce from one of the Bromides (Pinup pics) you can find in game.

Lunar is the only reason there are naked girls floating in crystals in my game.

Lunar is so good. ;_;

Friday, May 29, 2015

Plotting Sinister Plots

Well, let's start off with some simple stuff concerning Overwhored specifically:

1: There's an error that pops up for some players. It goes along the lines of, "Line 93: No Method Error".

This is related to something caused by the tower invasion battle. Saves from 0.5 (Bilbine's introduction) don't have it, saves from 0.5.3 before fix 3 or fix 4 will have the issue. New saves will not have the issue at all.

I'm working on an improved skip feature so you can skip all the way past Bilbine. Either way, this is about all that can be done about it.

2: I will not be putting out a new release on the 1st. Instead I'll be putting out little updates through the month, or perhaps one big one towards the end of the month. This is the revision period where I'm rewriting characters, fixing stuff like the Orb of Dominion and finalizing the combat system and special abilities of various characters. Once that is done I'll start on Luonnotar's chapter.

Now for new info - games I'm planning to work on after Overwhored. This is a collection of things I've been thinking about and wanting to work on for a while. I'll list them out.

1: Overwhored: Fall From Heaven
This game is the expansion for Overwhored and will feature the Overmind's invasion of heaven and attempt to conquer the goddess herself.

2: Overwhored II
This will be a continuation of the Overwhored series featuring the Overmind's first daughter, born of a Titan, and her own desire to take over the world and face the resurrected titans and a technologically advanced world she could not have known would exist in the dawn of the world.

3: Home Violation (Working Title)
This is something short I want to do immediately after Overwhored is finished before I work on the expansion. This is an incest themed mind control visual novel. It won't be long, it'll only have a few pics and a short story and will serve mostly to help me get a grasp on visual novel systems.

I'm taking some suggestions for this one in these two threads:

4: Silent Hill like exploration visual novel
In this game you play as a girl whose girlfriend has left her to work for a large company at their remote arcology (self-contained city). She gets a strange e-mail from her ex girlfriend trying to recruit her, but with a hidden message warning her to stay away and showing strange behavior from her ex. Determined to find out what is going on, the protagonist goes to the arcology to work for them and finds a sex-filled horror/wonderland hidden beneath a thin veneer of normalcy. This will likely be a visual novel, and is planned to be a joint-project between myself and NoMoshing, with me acting as the project head.

5: A Humorous Horror Dating Sim
This will also be a visual novel. It'll be a dating sim focused on a small, isolated town populated with cute girls that also happen to be horrifying monsters. You will attempt to romance them while also trying not to get killed by them. Expect a Jason-like slasher fic chick, a dream demon, a spooky ghost girl that crawls from reflections and a Saya-esque Lovecraftian horror to all be potential love interests. Expect the harem end to simply be you shoved in some alternate dimension where they all gang rape you for eternity, spooky style.

6: Sex Platformer
Always wanted to make one of these, never had the time or tools to do it. Might whip a really simple one up sometime. Don't expect it anytime soon, though. Everything else comes first. Go look up Condom Man Redux, Playshapes flashes or our friends making Future Fragments (which is a big step up from the previous examples) to see what those are like.

7: Dungeon Keeper Sex Sim
Remember Dungeon Keeper, or the more recent War for the Overworld that's like an unofficial sequel? Well, I'd love to make one too - one that's focused on mind control and turning cute girls into sex slaves. I would expect this one to be a LONG way off. I don't have the skills or team to make it. But hell, I'd love to make it one day.

Well, now you know my various future planned games. None of them are fixed in stone yet, but I have some fun ideas for all of them.

Right now I'm putting almost all of my Patreon money back into making Overwhored a better game. If you want to know why I want $2500 to work on games full time, that's why. I want to put about $1k a month into making games. Not a lot, but it'll let me pay some artists for a few pics a month and some programmers to do a bit of work. The other $1500 can be mine to pay taxes with and rent an apartment with. I don't expect to be living it large.

If any of these future game ideas particularly appeals to you, let me know. I want to know which games after the expansion I should be focusing on because they appeal to you. If one REALLY doesn't do it for you, let me know that too.

Finally I wanna preview two pics from the bonus gallery pack that'll be going up on Patreon for $10 patrons on the 1st of next month. These were done by the artist Mindwipe, cool dude that he is. Sleepymaid's art will also be in the bonus gallery, so get hyped!


Oh yeah, I forgot one that I actually feel I have the resources to do and was looking into. Nutaku talked to me a while back about doing a game that could go through them.

I haven't spoken with them about it yet, but the general idea I have is an Adult Hearthstone.

Yep. Just like Hearthstone with lawyer-friendly changes, featuring lots of skimpy fanservice and sex scene rewards for winning.

Hearthstone itself is a simplified version of Magic The Gathering in a lot of ways. I've played Magic for many a year, though I don't actively play anymore. I'm well aware that designing a card game along those lines is no easy endeavor, even - perhaps especially - simplified as Hearthstone is.

I'm confident I can do it though. Still, it'll take some resources I don't have just yet. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I return! 1000 Years of... Light. :(

Well everyone, I return from the battle with the forces of light only to discover that we, The Glorious Unstoppable Forces of the Immaculate Order of Darkness, have been stopped. :(

It's how it always goes. We win everything, kill wizened "old" mentors (actually in their mid 20's or so), and then some pubescent teen pulls out some ancient thingamawhatzit and manages a last minute victory. Of course *I* was totally perfect, we only failed due to the incompetent fools around me!

Well here's a little secret: We're never actually out for the big prize of 1000 years of darkness. After the first thousand times of light always winning via last minute asspull we realized that even if we're infinitely more confident, stylish, sexy, and smart than they are we're still gonna lose. Instead we just take all the gains we can OUTSIDE of the big win. So every year (yes, our 1000 years competition happens every year in some form or another) the world gets a little more industrialized, a little sexier, a little smarter. Trust me, if the forces of light always won totally there never would have been an industrial revolution and you'd all be squatting in mud huts. You kinda need evil to invent internet pornography, after all! It's even better than regular pornography because there's almost an infinite amount of free stuff, causing horrible suffering even to the people trying to make money producing it! It's delightfully evil, and I'm happy to contribute with my free porn game.

Now about the game itself: First, I want to apologize for bugfix 4 not going up. That was my own dumbass fault. It was uploading to dropbox where NoMoshing could get it, and then right before I left to visit the airport I turned off my computer with it partially uploaded. So it wasn't his fault, it was mine. It'll be up sometime today.

My trip was wonderful, I showed my family Overwhored and they were actually Overjoyed with it. They always knew I made a NSFW game, but didn't know the details. Now they do and they were happy, and that was... honestly, pretty overwhelming. You never expect your family to support something like this. At the very least it takes the edge of worry off that they'd discover the details via some troll figuring out my real identity and being horrified. I now know quite definitively that they're not. They're just happy at the success that you, the fans, are helping me to have.

It also led me to a rather simple realization. I'm almost always in pain due to injuries I got in Iraq during military service. My family largely lives up in the Washington state area. There is a certain medicine I can only get there which, after trying a bit of it, does help immensely with the pain. It would be nice to replace the fourteen pills I take a day for pain and damage with something a lot cheaper and less side-effecty.

My family where I currently live runs a farm, and I help out with it whenever I'm not working on the game. But, sorry as I am to say it, corporate farms have basically driven us out of business. Our greenhouse business is closed and the farm itself is basically gone, almost nothing is growing here this year. We've sold all of our livestock as well. Small farms are relatively viable outside of big cities, but not in the middle of nowhere when you can't sell your crops. I mostly just feed myself and my family here. And no, I don't want to save this place. It's time for us all to move on.

I'm gonna put a new goal up on Patreon soon. If I hit (and can stay reliably at) $2500 a month I'll move up to Washington and work on Overwhored and other adult games for you all full time, reserving 500 a month to put towards this and future games. If I hit $3500 a month I'll also go back to college part time to study programming, or art, or business to manage my team better. I already went for medicine, but I'm out of the medical field for good now. I'm too burned out to ever return. It'd be nice to go back a little bit for something I actually enjoy. Besides, medicine wouldn't leave any time for working on games.

I'm reading over your feedback and bug reports and I'll get to it before long. I got a cold going through the airport so I'm gonna take it easy for the next few days, but I'll be pecking away at the game just the same.

Thanks a ton for being fans, everyone.

A special bonus, Sleepymaid was just drawing some bonus pics for Patreon and came up with this. I post it without comment, save to say I thought it was better publicly posted.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gone for the weekend

My family has a long and seasoned history of magical power and I must fly across the country in order to engage in a number of duels/sacrifices in order to retain my game-making wizard powers. As a result, I'll be away and unavailable over the weekend as I do battle with the forces of light. I'll return on Tuesday and resume squashing bugs. Wizard duels are always such a bother.

This is the refinement period, so leave any bug reports, suggestions, and so on now. This is when I'll get to it. When I get back, I mean.

I'll leave a bugfix 4 before I go, though it'll be up to NoMoshing when it goes up. It'll mostly just be fixing the "I cannot leave the barn in the cowgirl farm" issue.

Now I must go and pack my magical sledgehammer (wands are for suckers) and various sacrificial tools. Wish me luck!

Bugfix 3 up

Sorry folks, thought this was up yesterday. It was done but didn't get uploaded until just a bit ago. Now I'm off to the dentist. Later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bugfix 2 Up

This one should solve the game breaking bugs, let me know what else you find. It doesn't solve everything, so I'll have plenty more work to do.

During this month and part of next, most likely, I'll be doing rewrites, bug fixes, and so on to shore up the game before the last two chapters.

So it'll go like this:

- Bugfixes and rewrites
- Luonnotar's chapter
- Bugfixes and rewrites (Mostly final)
- Final Mystery Chapter
- Final polish for the game

I'll discuss my future plans once Luonnotar's chapter is done. For now, let me know if there are any other game breaking bugs. Overwhored isn't far from being done.



Fix 3 will be up in a few hours, I won't be announcing it. It'll let you into the cowgirl farm. These are for those who get lost finding the farm or the village.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quick Fix

There's a fix up that fixes the two current bugs, I'm aware there are still more. Report them as you go along, I'll be delivering fixes until it's all working smooth as can be.

It's hard to believe just HOW MUCH that one battle could break. Seriously. But it'll get tackled and fixed, just the same.

Bugs fixed that will be in tomorrow's fix release:

1: Bug where you capture all the girls in Wardhaven but you aren't allowed to leave
2: Monstergirl Village is now accessible.
3: Teleported into wall bug

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bug Fix Soon

Well, it took me a bit to untangle things. There are two bugs here. One was easily fixed, the other one I need my programmer to go through and make adjustments, otherwise old saves will be broken. Unfortunately it's the one that stops all movement. The other one (the insta-crash) only affects saves and there's a bit of programming in to fix that just waiting to be uploaded.

I doubt it'll take more than a day though.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bugged Version Fix Soon

The new version, 0.5.3 is up. Unfortunately there's a game breaking bug in it. I've got to have a programmer fix it.

I was so focused on getting the big battle working that I didn't consider that it might, somehow, have broken a totally different and unrelated part of the game. Sorry. Give it a day or two.

And to be perfectly frank, I'll admit I was rushing like hell so you all didn't have to keep waiting.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tomorrow Morning

Sorry folks, the release was readied in plenty of time, but my horrible Idaho internet is taking forever. I started uploading it at around 4pm here, and it's now 9:58 and it isn't done uploading. The internet has all but stopped working, as is sometimes the case.

NoMoshing will get it but will be asleep before it can be uploaded. So you'll see it up first thing tomorrow once he can put it up on the website.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wait Is Almost Over

Sorry about the delay, took longer to get things fixed than I wanted it to. I have a lot of polish and work to do to finalize things I couldn't do until stuff was fixed.

It should be about one to two days now, provided the fix works as it's supposed to. Believe me, I want you to have your princess cows as much as you want to have them.