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Monday, November 3, 2014

New bug fix version tomorrow

Good news everyone! I got all of your bug reports.

Bad news: The power has been out all day. This is the unfortunate reality of living in an extremely rural area - when the power goes out (which it does with depressing regularity) it tends to go out for a while.

Also I'm still sick and unloaded a few pickup truck loads full of wood. There was no one else to do it and it had to be done now. So I'm really, really dizzy and that's not going away. I also haven't been able to cook and thus haven't been able to eat since this morning. You'd think I keep more snack foods, but nope. Just cookable stuff. The two things are, I'm guessing, related.

Most of the bugs you mentioned are already fixed, but I'm not really able to finish this up tonight. You'll get a version with the bugs fixed at some point tomorrow.

Now I'm gonna try to cook something and fall in bed. My apologies for the day long delay. Things should be back up and running then.


  1. Not sure if someone else already reported this, but I thought I'd note that the current version will not give the Breast Milk item from Princess Tasa if you're following her route. Unconfirmed if the same is true on Princess Melita route, but in the Princess Tasa route of it, I also had a blank item pop up that I assume was her breast milk item, but corrupted.

  2. is there gonna be a way to change your save from the old to the new version for donaters?

  3. Now that you are using VXA, you might be interested in yamis patch system. With that script you do not have to upload the whole game again and again just to fix bugs.

  4. No worries dude. Having lived in the country myself I know all about power outages.

    Rest up and take it easy.

  5. Just downloaded the game and it keeps crashing right after the part where you wake up and before you get to even see your castle. I have no clue why help please when you can

  6. Try to google "overwhored beta", mb if beta is available for all, better add link on blog, not only for donors? Just no reason, if people still can play, but u add link, u will have more beta-hamster and mb anyone find exotic bug.
    Sry 4 my english)

    1. the one currently available to non-donors is basically the same with a bug fixes and couple more items. If your thinking the donors get more story, we didn't it stops at the same point as the public one