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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cathedral Mapping Done

Good news everyone! I've finally finished mapping out the cathedral and have a good idea of what each room will entail encounter and event-wise. Most already have placeholder events for the more interesting stuff. All the physical objects in rooms and the rooms themselves are made.

The cathedral is still far from done, however. Now I have to fill it with monsters, write up the boss fight and get the sex scenes done.Though planning and mapping are a big part of the dungeon, eventing, monsters, and balance are the bulk of the work. I don't expect it to be difficult however, as I have some pretty good notes.

It's like science with no actual research or study. My entire childhood spent reading mythology and history books to pass the time before internet pornography existed was NOT wasted, because now I can put that knowledge to use! Use making internet pornography!

I'm also talking with a few artists about doing art for the game. I'm not making inquiries to too many at this time because I don't have the funds to do more than two pictures. Thanks to your generous donations that's two more pictures than you'd have right now otherwise however, so a big thanks to all the donators! You will be put in the credits and remembered.

Finally a reminder that if you're an artist and want to contribute to the game, please let me know! I have money which I will gladly stuff into your pockets if you have the talent and are interested.

And as always, fanart is absolutely welcome, no matter your style or skill level.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank you for the Donations!

The project has already gained over a hundred dollars so far, which is equal to at least two images. Because of PChronos's donated Batwere sex scene, that means that new releases will come a lot more rapidly than they otherwise might have.

All donators will be entered in the credits, their preferences will be given extra weight when extras are up for selection with any extra funds, and they are also given the opportunity to become Beta testers when new versions of the game are available.

On the gameplay front, things are coming along nicely. Several portions of the brainwashing cathedral are mapped out, only a few remain. Eventing (filling in monsters and events) will make the bulk of the work, but mapping won't take too much longer.

As a nice little bonus for those of you who have been following along, in addition to those that have already been done, I have a few concept sketches by Sleepymaid that were never turned into full images. Once we hit the "extras" phase, if I get enough money and can convince sleepymaid, I could turn these into full images.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Donations and Fanart

Well, I asked, and you unanimously replied: Let us give you money!

I'm pretty stunned by the responses, and glad that there are people that enjoy this project enough to want to donate to it.

I have added a Paypal button to allow for donations, which you can now see on the side of the blog. I'll look into additional means of allowing donations in the future.

If you donate, your name will be put in the credits, so your contribution to the project is known by all!

All donations will go towards art, ensuring that the game gets done faster. The more money I get, the more images I can and will add to the game.

First priority is the basic thirteen images needed to complete the game. Once those are completed, all donations will go toward optional extras.

The thirteen images needed to finish the game are the sex scenes for the heroines of the game, and the ending CG. My estimate is that those images will cost at least $650. Once that is done, I will commission artists to work on the most popular extras.


People have asked for a list of the kind of extras I have planned. I will do my best to keep spoilers out of this.

1: A quest to gather maid slave girls, similar to the quest in the original Overlord game, but with a sexy twist. This would be a series of images.

2: An image to accompany the opening scene, where the slave girls rub their boobs in the Overmind's face to wake him up.

3: I had always intended the slave pits to have an accompanying picture, but this was cut for reasons of cost in favor of advancing the story. You would get to see the girls hanging in the air, suspended in crystal, in perpetual orgasm.

4: Without spoilers, I intend to incorporate a cowgirl farm in the future. This would give images for it.

5: An extra, optional, unlockable sex scene with the Tower Mistress.

6: Individual sex scenes with the three original slaves, and a scene with them all pregnant.

7: Heroine introductory images, showing them pre-transformation. For instance, you'd see Nanshe sitting on her throne backed by blue flame, staring down the Overmind. I'd like to eventually have one for each heroine if possible.

8: Sex scenes with captured village girls when you take over a city.

9: Hand drawn faces, rather than the machine made ones.

10: Battle images for heroines and monsters, custom to the character.

11: Some sex scenes with monster girls. A goo girl, Angel, Naga, fire elemental, etc. 

I sat down and figured my "dream list" would be about 66 images during initial planning. Beyond the core images, let me know which ones you'd like to see and I'll prioritize those out of the extras. This list is pretty flexible, so outside the core images, any of them can be added without any disruption of the story or game.

On a final note, I received a fun piece of fanart today from a poster on the Hypnopics Collective forum called Ehlanna. I love fanart, and this is some fun stuff. Enjoy!

You can find her Deviantart Here:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Filling out the Bandit Camp

This area is technically an optional area, but I'm going to try to see how much of it I can get done today.

Once I've run out of ideas to stuff into it, I'll go ahead and continue working on the Chapel Dungeon.

Sitting down with my design documents, it's easy to understand the purpose of each location I create. However, I still have to work to fill out the details of each location as it comes up. My design documents are a lot like a thumbnail sketch, each one accurately describing the story purposes, aesthetic, and overall reason to have each location. This approach is very flexible, allowing me to add or remove content as necessary as I advance, but it means I still make the bulk of content when I actually sit down to create a new area.

I'll have to sit down and give a full post on how I do my design documents at some point, but for now, I'm going to get back to work.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Item Lists

Today's work is something I've been putting off for far too long: Items.

This is a perfect example of the sort of work I do that you will never, ever see (if I'm doing my job right), but which takes up most of my time.

Long story short, my item list was disorganized. I took the default items in RPG Maker VX and kept them, initially editing them to suit my needs and serve as placeholders. This is quite useful, since it meant that I didn't have to really think about the items and could focus on mapping and eventing and such. This isn't going to work as the game continues to expand, though. They don't categorize items or leave spaces between them, meaning that the items you start with are a disorganized mess. If you want to add items, you have to tack them on the end of the list or spend time sorting around items, which for reasons I'll get into in a moment, are a huge damn pain. It basically leaves you with a disorganized mess that you have to spend forever sorting through and peck through when creating characters. Because Overwhored has a lot of characters, this is beyond the point of acceptable.

So today's work is all about sorting those suckers out. Making categories, sorting them, arranging them, and putting them into organized lists so I could add items to any category easily without difficulty. Spears, swords, claws, and mage items were all sorted, spaces put in so I could add to each list as need be. Hats and shields were no longer right next to each other, accessories got put aside, etc.

But this leaves a new problem. Namely, the system is not designed to go by names, but by the numerical designation of an item on a list. This effectively means I have to completely redo... well, EVERYTHING that involves items.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. The smithy went from selling maces and helmets to two of the strongest weapons in the game. Yeaaah. Anything like that I don't catch is potentially game breaking.

And that's the least of it. I basically have to go through and redo every character class, every character, every treasure chest with an item in it... and so on.

I'll eventually have to do the same thing with skills. That list is even more of a mess. But not for a while yet. One dragon to slay at a time, I say.

That said, it's worth it. The rough work is tedious but only takes about a day, and will save me innumerable headaches in the future. The more you know.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art, And The Cost of Art

Here is the current state of art for Overwhored. My current list of images to complete the project has two categories. The first is the "absolutely necessary to complete the game" column, and the second is the "I wish I had enough money to do this" column.

The first column has a list of thirteen absolutely necessary images that MUST exist to finish the game.

Assuming commissioning artists averages at $50 a picture (it won't) the total needed to finish the game is $650. As I'm poor, that'll take some time to pay out of my own pocket - though I'll get it done eventually. This doesn't include the faces - I don't intend to use the machine made garbage faces forever, after all.

The dream list contains 66 images, and comes to a total of $3300. That will probably never happen.

Some artists have been very nice, but it's often like a boxing match just trying to get commissions from artists. I first need to kick other commissioners out of the way, THEN convince the artist that my art is worth doing, then see if I can get some sort of discount because I have a lot of images to do.

Then I sometimes have to wait a few months to get the picture. I can understand perfectly why some people switch to 3DCG. I won't, of course, even with the difficulties presented. Part of the founding ideology of this project was simply that I wanted a game with real, traditional art, all of which was made to my specifications, and all of which is free of copyright issues. That's something I'll stick true to no matter what.

Some people have suggested that I open the project to donations for art money, but I'm divided on this. I have no idea what to offer those people in return for their donations, and frankly, I don't like the idea of owing anyone anything. That said, I'm considering it - It would make finishing the base game a lot faster, and possibly mean that certain sidequests and additional slaves would be added. My own art remains far too shitty to actually use in-game, so commissions remain the main method to add to the game.

I'm still thinking it over. Let me know what you think, and I'll take your ideas into consideration.

So What's Been Going On Lately?

Right, so here's the current state of development. I've been doing a decent bit of work lately.

Speed issues will be fixed in the next version, thanks to a script (The Yanfly Melody Engine) modified by Regless, a member of the Hongfire forums. This is pretty invaluable to me, as I absolutely suck at scripting or modifying scripts. Big credit to Regless.

Since the last release here's what I've done: 1: Created five new maps, and new regions on the world map. This includes boat travel now, which will allow you to go to the new locations.

2: Created a hellishly complex event on one of those maps.

Let's elaborate on that a bit. I recently made an event to preview one of the heroines before you end up fighting her. Though it doesn't take long in-game, this may be one of the most complex series of events I've done. Thankfully I understand the system a lot better than I did when I first started. It wasn't terribly difficult, but getting everything to work right with the right timing was a bit annoying.

3: Started making the next heroine dungeon. It's a cool chapel, and I'm trying to reference Chrono Trigger in a few places with it. You may have noticed it's a preview image for the game already. But here's another.

4: Begun working on making the bat a recruitable character. You'll get her in the next heroine dungeon, the chapel.

Work on balancing her has yet to truly begin, but she'll be functional soon enough. She'll be recruited in the Chapel, so you'll be able to use her when you get her there.

5: A few new items, letting you use some you couldn't use before, tweaking items and stats and making everything work better.

6: Altering a bunch of skills.

7: About a bajillion invisible little tweaks and fixes to things you'll probably never notice. Of all the things I do, this is about 90% of my work.

8: Added a ton of music. It's royalty free, and I did have to buy it for a pretty penny, but it's been important from the start of the project that I have no copywrite issues with any of my work. I loathe the idea of anyone trying to tell me to stop the project because I'm using their image or song. This means Art is now the only expense. And it is quite expensive. A new release is still a ways away. But now you know where I'm at.

Just a general FYI. If you're an artist and want to contribute to the project, go ahead and contact me, and we'll see if we can get you in-game. (Conditions: Traditional art, must be a of a style at least somewhat similar to the others in color scheme and style) Otherwise, I absolutely love fanart. Gimmie fanart of ANY kind, and I'll happily plaster it everywhere.

That's all for now.

The Artists of Overwhored

This is a list of the artists who have done work for Overwhored at this point in development. If other artists join, they will be listed in future posts.




(PChronos has no official website, but has images in a number of places.)

A special thanks goes to PChronos, who donated artwork to the project for free, and as a result the batgirl will become a playable character.

Please take a look at the sites of the artists who have worked on this game and support them however you can. Without artists like them, there would not be a game.

The Overwhored Development Blog Begins!

Hello and welcome to the development blog for Overwhored. Overwhored is an RPG maker game that parodies games such as Overlord and Dungeon Keeper, with an adult theme.

You are the Overmind; the ancient force of darkness that has plagued the world since the beginning of time. You possess the ability to take over the minds of others, and have tried to take over the world since time immemorial. Several years ago, a group of seven virtuous heroines managed to defeat you and seal you away. Now forces still loyal to you have revived you, and you have a purpose. To capture the heroines, enslave their minds, and conquer the world! Oh, and to have a lot of sex along the way.

It plays similarly to a traditional RPG, but as you capture heroines and the forces of good in battle, they become loyal to you and can be used in battle. This game is developed using the artwork of some truly stellar artists, using traditional, 2d art.

Here are some preview images and a link to the latest version of the game as of this post. Note that as this is a game in development, everything in these images is subject to change.

I look forward to any feedback. I hope you enjoy the game!