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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pointless Post, see previous post for importance:

I want a new cover image at some point. Lunar is the biggest inspiration for my game and I'd really like one that looks like its cover. I love the current one, but man. Just man. 

Cripes, why is Lunar so freaking good? If I had some free time I'd go and play it again. And the second one. 

Also you might recognize some resemblance between Royce and the Tower Mistress. Yes, that was totally on purpose and specified in her initial designs. 

My dream is basically to make an unofficial Lunar 3. Sort of like how War for the Overworld is making an unofficial Dungeon Keeper 3.

Yes, I'm aware there were Lunar games not released in the west. It... it was for the best. Let's pretend they don't exist.

Have a sexy Royce from one of the Bromides (Pinup pics) you can find in game.

Lunar is the only reason there are naked girls floating in crystals in my game.

Lunar is so good. ;_;


  1. Well as long as Sleepymaid does it I'm all for it.

  2. LUNAR is the reason for naked girls floating in crystals?! My need to play has just increased tenfold! I nearly bought a Mega CD at the convention I went to last week, but they didn't have a copy of the game, so I get the feeling I'm going to have to find a CD image online, and play it in an emulator

    1. I think Lunar 2 for the naked girl in a floating crystal. Such a good game, but also make sure to play Lunar first. It makes Lunar one of the best games ever.

  3. yes they are good