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Friday, May 29, 2015

Plotting Sinister Plots

Well, let's start off with some simple stuff concerning Overwhored specifically:

1: There's an error that pops up for some players. It goes along the lines of, "Line 93: No Method Error".

This is related to something caused by the tower invasion battle. Saves from 0.5 (Bilbine's introduction) don't have it, saves from 0.5.3 before fix 3 or fix 4 will have the issue. New saves will not have the issue at all.

I'm working on an improved skip feature so you can skip all the way past Bilbine. Either way, this is about all that can be done about it.

2: I will not be putting out a new release on the 1st. Instead I'll be putting out little updates through the month, or perhaps one big one towards the end of the month. This is the revision period where I'm rewriting characters, fixing stuff like the Orb of Dominion and finalizing the combat system and special abilities of various characters. Once that is done I'll start on Luonnotar's chapter.

Now for new info - games I'm planning to work on after Overwhored. This is a collection of things I've been thinking about and wanting to work on for a while. I'll list them out.

1: Overwhored: Fall From Heaven
This game is the expansion for Overwhored and will feature the Overmind's invasion of heaven and attempt to conquer the goddess herself.

2: Overwhored II
This will be a continuation of the Overwhored series featuring the Overmind's first daughter, born of a Titan, and her own desire to take over the world and face the resurrected titans and a technologically advanced world she could not have known would exist in the dawn of the world.

3: Home Violation (Working Title)
This is something short I want to do immediately after Overwhored is finished before I work on the expansion. This is an incest themed mind control visual novel. It won't be long, it'll only have a few pics and a short story and will serve mostly to help me get a grasp on visual novel systems.

I'm taking some suggestions for this one in these two threads:

4: Silent Hill like exploration visual novel
In this game you play as a girl whose girlfriend has left her to work for a large company at their remote arcology (self-contained city). She gets a strange e-mail from her ex girlfriend trying to recruit her, but with a hidden message warning her to stay away and showing strange behavior from her ex. Determined to find out what is going on, the protagonist goes to the arcology to work for them and finds a sex-filled horror/wonderland hidden beneath a thin veneer of normalcy. This will likely be a visual novel, and is planned to be a joint-project between myself and NoMoshing, with me acting as the project head.

5: A Humorous Horror Dating Sim
This will also be a visual novel. It'll be a dating sim focused on a small, isolated town populated with cute girls that also happen to be horrifying monsters. You will attempt to romance them while also trying not to get killed by them. Expect a Jason-like slasher fic chick, a dream demon, a spooky ghost girl that crawls from reflections and a Saya-esque Lovecraftian horror to all be potential love interests. Expect the harem end to simply be you shoved in some alternate dimension where they all gang rape you for eternity, spooky style.

6: Sex Platformer
Always wanted to make one of these, never had the time or tools to do it. Might whip a really simple one up sometime. Don't expect it anytime soon, though. Everything else comes first. Go look up Condom Man Redux, Playshapes flashes or our friends making Future Fragments (which is a big step up from the previous examples) to see what those are like.

7: Dungeon Keeper Sex Sim
Remember Dungeon Keeper, or the more recent War for the Overworld that's like an unofficial sequel? Well, I'd love to make one too - one that's focused on mind control and turning cute girls into sex slaves. I would expect this one to be a LONG way off. I don't have the skills or team to make it. But hell, I'd love to make it one day.

Well, now you know my various future planned games. None of them are fixed in stone yet, but I have some fun ideas for all of them.

Right now I'm putting almost all of my Patreon money back into making Overwhored a better game. If you want to know why I want $2500 to work on games full time, that's why. I want to put about $1k a month into making games. Not a lot, but it'll let me pay some artists for a few pics a month and some programmers to do a bit of work. The other $1500 can be mine to pay taxes with and rent an apartment with. I don't expect to be living it large.

If any of these future game ideas particularly appeals to you, let me know. I want to know which games after the expansion I should be focusing on because they appeal to you. If one REALLY doesn't do it for you, let me know that too.

Finally I wanna preview two pics from the bonus gallery pack that'll be going up on Patreon for $10 patrons on the 1st of next month. These were done by the artist Mindwipe, cool dude that he is. Sleepymaid's art will also be in the bonus gallery, so get hyped!


Oh yeah, I forgot one that I actually feel I have the resources to do and was looking into. Nutaku talked to me a while back about doing a game that could go through them.

I haven't spoken with them about it yet, but the general idea I have is an Adult Hearthstone.

Yep. Just like Hearthstone with lawyer-friendly changes, featuring lots of skimpy fanservice and sex scene rewards for winning.

Hearthstone itself is a simplified version of Magic The Gathering in a lot of ways. I've played Magic for many a year, though I don't actively play anymore. I'm well aware that designing a card game along those lines is no easy endeavor, even - perhaps especially - simplified as Hearthstone is.

I'm confident I can do it though. Still, it'll take some resources I don't have just yet. Let me know what you think.


  1. To tell the truth, after the expansion Overwhored II is the one that appeals most to me - but people who actually help you make the games are of course more important guides!

  2. I will surely keep an eye on a few of these.
    Probably mostly 3, 5 and 7. Thought probably in backwards order I look forward to them :-D
    Yes, I am just that weird though I hope in 3 it wont be to young participants, if you understand ;-)
    But all sounds kind of interesting.
    Good work, soon I have to become a patron I think :-)

  3. Fall from heaven for me ^^
    I'd love to see the overmind getting payback for being forced to roam the mortal world as a sex addicted big bad(ass).

  4. The expansion sounds awesome.

    As for II. When you say technologically advanced world, do you mean industrial era or 21st century? In any case, those two is what I'm looking forward too most, but I'll definitely keep an eye on the rest aswell.

    1. It'll be in the midst of the Industrial revolution, though not to the point where non-firearm weapons are obsolete. Something close to the 1700's but with less advanced firearms.

    2. Oh nice. I was actually afraid you would say 21 century at first. But that's good. Now I'm even more excited. :D

    3. Ahh... futuristic sci-fi settings can be fun too. Although if you want to do around the Revolutionary War time period that is a very very cool period technologically.

  5. all of them sound good im not a big horror game fan but if you make it i don't mind

  6. Looking forward to 1 and 2 the most for me. #7 sounds interesting.

  7. I'm pretty pumped for all of these...but a Dungeon Keeper one? YESSSSSSSSSS...

  8. Dungeon Keeper. 'nuff said.
    Hope we will have Bilbine roaming in the tower in the next update :-)

  9. > Overwhored: Fall From Heaven
    > Overwhored II
    are you by some chance Codemasters XXX ?

  10. overwhored 2 daughter? so the main character change to woman?

    1. go to the hidden monster girl city and you can read some about her:)

      @Cypress Zeta as for those of you ideas I think sound most interresting that has to be 1,2 and 7 :) as for the horror inspired one not one for me but then I have never ben much of a horror fan myself :)

    2. problems with my cats on my legs they tend to play with the keyboard if I am not paying attention enough.

      the only horror that true even interrested me would be the stories based on HP Lovecrafts mytholigy like Dagon and C'thullu. there is a Void daugther I think that is very little know about if I remember the lore.

    3. could you give me the link?, and what is hidden monster girl city

    4. Link to what ? I am not sure what you would like linked.

      As for the monstergirl City from the Dwarf City go all the way south to find it.:)

    5. ah.. i see i thought link to some web page, sorry


    and for ur next games i vote First in the date game thing

    second i vote for the dungeon keeper one ^^^and

    one question about the current game who is the next heroine ???? and we still gonna meet the chick Joy ???

  12. Hmm... Of those future projects, I've got to say they all appeal to me. but if i had to pick my favorite? In order from "MOST WANTED" to "hmm, that should be fun."

    5. funny horror dating sim
    4. Silent hump VN
    7. sex dungeon keeper
    2. Overwhored II
    1. Overwhored EXP
    6. Platformer
    3. Home violation
    8. the hearthstone one

  13. more overewhord would be fun for overlord 2 the final boss could be the overmind

  14. #3 and #5 sound the best to me. I love monstergirls and since playing Robozou I've had a weak spot for mind control. Looking forward to it!

  15. being so long since i last heard of robozou hahaha barely had forgotten of it hahaha, though i hated the fact transfer student was wearing shirt during sex --'...

    lunar was nice played only the first i think not sure ,_.

  16. My Top Three, In Order:
    -Overwhored EXP
    -Totally Not Hearthstone With Boobs, Mr. Lawyer
    -Sex Dungeon Keeper

  17. Wait, is that Meltila?

    Needs more of her and Kael. Even if the making out was great.

    Also pantycollage when, cypress? The people of tropico are eager!

  18. So Rubati's library wasn't libelling the Overmind? He actually DID fall from heaven?

  19. So the tower attack is the last story scene until the next update correct?

  20. The Silent Hill one seems pretty great to me, but if you can end up fucking up the sex wonderland by any possible means at all, then I don't even want to see it.

  21. if you do make the heartstone one i would totally play that

  22. if you do make the heartstone one i would totally play that

  23. I find options 4, 5, and 6 to be the most appealing options of the non-Overwhored related titles. I've always been partial to Silent Hill in particular. 5 makes me think of Monster Girls. 6 makes me think of metroid.