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Saturday, June 13, 2015

An interview! With Me!

Hi Everyone! I was recently interviewed by a German Journalist/Fan called Patty. We discuss Overwhored and the design of it here:

I also drew a picture slowly over about a month. This took me a long time to do, since I was only doing it in my free time. This has nothing to do with anything, really. It's just a thing I doodled because it seemed fun.

You can see more pics I've personally drawn here:

Oh, and don't worry about this taking time away from the game. I'm working about 15 hours a day between farming and the game. This stuff is done in the other time.

Today I'm finishing up a lot of the Beginner's Hall. It and a bunch of other stuff will be ready before the 1st of next month!


  1. I loved the review, among other reasons because she derailed her own mind with visions of man candy! HAH! Men aren't the only ones to mentally perv out and drool.

    Secondly, love the amount of research you've done and the observation that no-one seems to want to include Britain's estranged children as it were.

    And lastly, thank you for serving our country.

  2. This was entertaining and a bit informative. I hope you make more videos. The audio quality wasn't that great though.

  3. awesome, will admit I am looking forward to playing the daughter but I really hope she is bisexual

  4. Hi , sorry for my english . Looking your video I discovered at 27:23 that it was possible enter into the barn , where was possible find 4 crates . I use an old save but I cannot open the barn's door . Maybe I maked a mistake ? Congratulations for your wanderfull game !

  5. 1. can you make it so that you can fall back on the agreement with the princesses last time i checked the player is suppossed to be evil not a good guy who keeps agreements ? atleast the option should exist in my opinion

    2. i am suppossed to go back to the ship after dealing with the mission in that difficult gaurd town but ship is still not finished and the ship in shadey or wat it is called has no captain nor did i recieve a message that the end of the version is reached ? how or when can you defeat the the last heroine if i cant get to it ?

    3. i read somwhere in a previous post that elves village was added but cant find it anywhere i did however find a monster village

    1. same here I found the ship from where you got to the island but its still broken is that the end of the game at this point or are we just glitching?

    2. 1. has an explanation later on. If you haven't finished the parts of the game currently finished, let's just say the Overmind keeps his abilities in mind and has a long-term plan to reap the benefits of the agreement *and* get both princesses...

  6. I agree with Patrick on the 1. option. I think you could use the picture you drew for a sex scene in the crystal room. Also please add another scene for the ship captain!!! :)

  7. Just going to write a bit of a evaluation of your game so far, i imagine it could be interesting considering that i am a gamer with 20 years of gaming experience, played nearly damn everything in existence including many hentai games, jap visual novels, you name it.

    Let's start with the main dish, here is what you can improve:
    The sex in this game is VERY underwhelming, it's supposed to be adult game but the endless jokes the characters crack all the time are a complete turn off among other things i will mention below.

    1. You made here something a-kin to Overlord, and i imagine that is where the name and inspiration is coming from as well and i love it but sex in this game is rather badly done, some sex scenes couldn't even make me hard mostly because of the endless rhyming during the "brainwashing" parts, stupidest thing ever to do during sex scenes honestly, stop doing it please it ruins the experience.

    2. The jokes that you smashed even into the sex scenes.. just one word WHY?
    You do realize that sex is supposed to be arousing and not funny yes? I ask that you rectify that mistake because you can't fap if you're laughing your ass off and that's kind of a problem if you plan this game to sell as an ADULT game that is, so far it's not really adulty-like, by my standards at least. ;)

    3. The next problem would be the art, it's rather.. medium, to be honest. Not very arousing, i have no idea about the cash rates that art goes for but i don't think those who draw this art really know how to make something to look really HOT.. to make you pop a boner the moment you lay your eyes on it, it's an okay-ish art, but it can be much better and therefore i don't think you get your moneys worth with them.

    4. The most important part if you look at the game from the point of view that is summarized as: "ADULT GAME" - the sex scenes, the raw text part to be precise.
    Regarding the text if i am to put this in a.. few nice words i'd say that it's very amateurish, whoever writes the sex scenes is not very good or/and experienced at doing it.
    The stuff needs to be much more graphic and detailed in order to rouse some hormones if you know what i mean.
    Currently it's not nearly enough to make me bust a nut, the amount of fetishes you cover is also rather limited at the moment.
    Most of the time all i read was "ah-ah and oh-oh" ......... gimme a canister of worlds best aphrodisiac and MAYBE.. just maybe, i will get a boner from just that. Don't be afraid of writing a lot, really good fuckings can't be described by just "oh-oh and ah-ah" and honestly we don't even need half-assed sex art because text can be so well written that you could bust a nut without touching your genitals but that kind of writing of course would require quite... quite some serious writing skills.

    So there your have it, something to consider, note that i DO NOT say the game is bad, i simply point out where it could use improvement, i can be harsh at times and i never hold back either, you'd have to forgive me for that. ^^)

    So in thort:
    From RPG point of view this game is world class, abso-fuckin'-lutely adore it, i haven't played rpg this good in AGES.. god knows your game was like ambrosia for a really starved gamer like i, keep being this awesome please.

    But from ADULT GAME point of view:
    This game doesn't even begin cutting it, very bad, you need to work harder on this if you want to attract people who are interested in sex, if you need an example proceed trying TITS or trials of tainted space, i have evaluated that TITS is the exact opposite to your game, it has world class sex but sucks as an rpg so if you learn from it, it should provide an interesting experience for you or whoever writes the texty sex for your game.

    Pardon the typos, was writing this after a really long night of finishing playing your game.

    Good day to you, looking forward for more sexings in the future.. damn, that word really stuck huh.

    1. That your take on it and your entitled to it but me and everyone else love this game

    2. I'm sure you do, but I think I do love it more than you since I felt the need to point out where it could become even better. ;)

    3. this game is good i have played adult games where they have to much sex like in every map i like to have to work to get the good stuff in any game adult or not

  8. i am aware that you mean the cow farm witch is no excuus i would rather preffer to fall back on the agreement that was made the moment it is stated as such meaning the moment the fight ends !

  9. you are a good artist i wish i was as good at it

  10. I have finally gotten to the attack on my tower. It tells me to arrange into 3 groups. From what I can see, I can only arrange the first group so I cant even fight the battle.
    If this is on purpose, why?
    If this isnt on purpose, What the hell?
    This preparation for battle is lacking. You have to pick by icons with no names or descriptions. You cant confirm the first group to make the other 2 groups.

    1. Read next time what game tells you before raging in the interwebz like a moron, you need to select the troops then use SHIFT to move what you selected between the 3 formations, just fill them up and you good to go, you can use A key to switch between formations then when game begins.

      But personally I didn't bother with that switching nonsense, I simply formed my usual adventuring party (overmind + strongest sluts I usually use to go through the game) filled other formations with whatever trash was available and slaughtered this "invasion" in a heartbeat with my main party never bothering to control other parties.

      You can also just position main party right in front of the mistress and there you wait till they get to you kill the trash and then go kill the other two bitchez waiting at the opposite end of the map. Easy as hell, only I didn't bother waiting I just went and killed them before they got halfway to mistress.

  11. is there new progress?

  12. Hello Cypress. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for an amazing game; to tell you sorry for being unable to back you as i am a very, horribly, and most certainly poor. You have actually been a inspiration to work with a few idea's of my own when it comes to Rpg maker and my limited programming knowledge. So with that wonderfulness. Keep up the world domination; I get off to that shit. + pregnancy, incest, and mind control = <3.