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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

October Releases

So here's some quick notes. First, the bonus sketches will be sent out once most payments are processed on about the 5th of October, as will the preview for Home Invasion.

For those of you who haven't heard much about it Home Invasion is going to be a more mind control and incest heavy visual novel. What's coming out in October is -JUST- proof of concept. It covers the first day of gameplay. There are plenty of assets but they're all sketch level. I'm using Tyranobuilder for the demo so it will also work on Macs. 

This is a good time for me to announce that I'm working with another writer for this project. I've enjoyed his work for a while now and once I brought up the idea for the story to him he leaped on board the project. This author is called Pan and he specializes in... well, mind control and incest. He is an expert at what he does. Most of the concept demo was written by him based on an outline we brainstormed. I've done some little stylistic tweaks but he should get the credit for a lot of the opening here. I'm trying to make sure Overwhored gets finished and be a full time farmer so his assistance here is a big deal. There would -be- no proof of concept without him as I wouldn't have had the time to write everything that's in it. If you're interested in seeing what his work is about you can see his Patreon here.

The next beta release of Overwhored for patrons should be on the 7th of October. I wanted to make it the 1st but just got the Ice Queen chapter's maps from my mappers in today. I've done a lot of the background work already but as you can imagine I can't assemble everything and have it bug-free in a day. 

Don't worry though. Completion of Overwhored is still on-schedule. After the Ice Queen there's one chapter left, then there'll be a month of tweaks and fixes. That's it! I know, I know - the current version is 5.5, and we're jumping straight to 1.0? Well, there's a little secret to that. There's 7 heroines, and seven chapters. Version 7.77 is actually version 1.0. You're fighting good guys and the last heroine is a holy one - you should expect a holy number for her chapter. The expansion will work towards the 1.0 tally. Since the expansion is about invading heaven, 7.77 is a good place to start, no? 

Once Overwhored is done I'll get people working on Home Invasion and I'll start work on the expansion for Overwhored. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning my RPG roots to just make visual novels! 

Oh, and for those of you curious about Bilbine's rewrite the opening picture is going to be one of her new sex scenes. She needed a bit of something other than just traditional brainwashing.

At some point next year I hope to stop doing farming altogether and just make games full time. It'll be a big change and if it does happen it'll be because you all helped me out. Thanks for being fans!

Oh, if you're lucky enough to be reading this in time Zyii and Sleepymaid are multistreaming. Either link below will take you to the multistream.


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  2. what game making system are you using to make Home Invasion

  3. Cypress are you planning to switch to RPG maker MV that's coming out soon for your future games?

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  5. i have a question?
    last version i play is 5.3 and i want to know that version 5.5 is october version or not?
    and in new version oldsave will work in new version or not?
    sorry for my bad english sentence

    1. Version 5.5 covers up to the attack on the tower. There'll be version 6.0 soon, though. Old saves should work.