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Thursday, September 17, 2015

On the Next Update

Hey all, been super duper sick the past few days, so I'll keep this short.

1: When is the next update?
Answer: The 1st of October

2: Why isn't it this month?
Answer: I had unavoidable business that kept me from getting the last release out on time. However it did allow me to do something awesome - hiring a team of very skilled map designers who can make better stuff than I ever could. Rather than rushing out crappy maps myself for a 14th of September release date and then having them remake it they're making the expert maps from scratch.

3:  What else are you doing, you slacking slacker who slacks?
Answer: Working on the visual novel that'll be coming up once Overwhored is finished. I have a working mockup of part of the intro done. I'm hoping that Overwhored will have the main story finished by November 1st and the final polished release (all major bugfixes and features finished) December 1st. Small bugfix releases should follow but that'll be it for the game. I have also been harvesting watermelon and various other crops. Mmm. Watermelon.

I also tried to reinstall and play Skyrim to relax right before I got sick but realized that the game wouldn't work with over 400 mods and so gave up. (It turns out the limit is 255) There's no point in playing without ten different mods for torches. I mean come on. You need your modded torch for proper realistic lighting, your torch mod for realistic smoke, your torch mod for the character holding the torch higher, the mod for extending light projection, the torch mod for changing textures to make everything look cooler... Did I mention I don't even use torches in that game? This consumed an evening before I realized I had my fun in picking out mods - the game was unnecessary.

The last thing I've been working on is making sure new bonus sketches go out this month. I've tried new artists for the past few months and they just can't get shit in within a month's period (or any period), so I went back to my reliable artists instead of having them design stuff for the next game. I'm gonna make a bunch. See this post about why Patreon donors will get a message after their donations have been processed rather than just having it put  up as a public gallery this month.

Not all the sketches are done yet. If  you want to tell me what characters you wanna see in the bonus sketches let me know here.

Drew is now doing sketches for the bonus gallery. Here's a preview of what he's adding! This month I'll have some sketches from Mindwipe and Drew, possibly others!

4: What were you sick with?
Answer: Who knows, doesn't matter. Had several days of worse body aches than I've ever had from any flu or other illness. No other symptoms. Then I went to soak in a local hot spring and upon returning slept for a solid 24 hours. I woke up today and I feel more or less fine, I'm largely over it. Hot springs and sleep are both awesome, as is the immune system. Pretty sure time and the immune system fixed it but the sleep and hot springs sure felt good. Seemed to work out.

5: Which Skyrim Waifu Best Waifu?
Lydia. That Daria-tier unenthusiastic dialogue is super hot. There are plenty of other great characters but she's still my favorite. Who hears her speak and DOESN'T immediately imagine her carrying some of your lewd "burdens"? Old game but fun memories. Fallout 4 is gonna be a blast.

Well, that's all for now!


  1. You can use T5edit Merge Script to combine Esps to get past the 400 limit, if you need any help doing so let me know and I'd be glad to help you out.

    1. Nah, it's alright. The truth is I barely play games anymore. I've actually played Skyrim to death and most of what I do is load up a few mods, replay some old quests I'm not sick of yet and then uninstall it again a few hours later. There really isn't much point.

      I'm saving my endurance for Fallout 4. THAT will be a ton of fun to play and mod.

    2. I know right, I seriously can't wait for some Fallout 4 action.

    3. Aw, I was about to recommend Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition and the Sexlab mods :D

  2. glad you are feeling better and uhhh that sketch from Drew is so nice :)

  3. Glad to hear you're okay mate and can't wait for the next update. Side note: bonus sketch choice, an orgy with some maids including the tower mistress. Side side note: don't spend all your time on fallout, the overwhore might feel jealous.

  4. i love that drawing of the Overmind rubbing his cock on the tower Mistress ass as she is doing her cross worlds you should put that in the game have her asking him what he thinks the clues are

    1. If I could afford it I'd make all of Drew's "Sketches" into sex scenes. Honestly they're basically only a color job away as it is. He is really going above and beyond, just did a rendition of the Saydan chef blowjob during the kitchen scene that's really quite spectacular.

  5. Are you planning to make an Overwhored 2 in the foreseeable-unforeseeable future? The game is amazing, I just wish there were more sex scenes, but that's not really anything I'm truly fussy about, just a wish of mine lol I understand things aren't that easy.

    1. Yes I am. Overwhored II will take place after Overwhored's expansion, Overwhored: Fall From Heaven and a short visual novel with a working title of Home Invasion.

      I have no idea when it'll actually start but it is planned and the plot laid out. It'll star the Overmind's first daughter in the lead role. She's half titan and dates back to the dawn of the world. She's the one entombed in the monstergirl village.

    2. I hope being entombed for so long has helped her uncrazy.

  6. Are you secretly the guy from harvest moon cause going to the hot spring after harvesting water melons and then sleeping for a whole day when your sick sounds mighty suspicious. Seriously though glad your alright keep rocking.

  7. Tss, modding as to TES = tools.
    They are by now plenty of tutorials, as to torch of course several mods editing the very same object would require quite some finetuning (hm, a permant rule there, not sure, so far I still wonder (about for example the npc in the Inns, each DLC adding>overinding the previous release ones.. Strange, as if on the same line only the last one will be ingame.

    This said, Wrye Flash, TES 5 Edit and the Mod Organizer (complicated overall, as MO will put the mods into separate folders .. Require the merges (a script for TES5Edit, quite efficient by now, to be considered before a merged patch (Wrye, efficient to, even if then, the value chosen = by the tools settings, no custom finetuning).

    Overall, using over 100 mods, and then, depending of the mods = quite some time as to set them up as to be cross compatibles.

    Knowing that it is then considered over the type of conflicts (each tool having access to parts, the TESC is still needed as to world issues/edits for example).

    All in all, playing a modded TES/Fallout = wow, with plenty of condition.

    Knowing then they are from time to time people making available their custom setup, already patched/made compatible. To be looked over torrent mostly.

  8. As to F4, indeed, a blast, as it could well be the title opening the front as to "pay to use" mods, who will have the faculty to destroy the current "community". If so, I guess quite some peoples will be done with Beth, and since crowfunded games are coming fine by now (even if not one of them has an even public editor, sic), project like OpenMW = future.

    Possibly the brightest possible, given settings / openings.

    To be seen, in any case.

    As to Lidya, if so, hm, they are some modded compagnons who would make you even more thinking (using Facelict + voiced dialogue + animations as to have dynamic (reactive) scene = wow, if then you use a good texture set, a dedicated Lighting mod + some others "req" (Ah, Sheson for example, add Dyndolod, TES4Edit etc).

    The options are quite open, be it over added features or places/quests/lands, storys & of course dungeons, adventures. Knowing that some very big mod are coming along, hm ? :p

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