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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rewrite Release Monday

Hey all, I'm gonna put out a new release on Monday. This is going to mostly be combat fixes, rewrites for characters like Bilbine and Audr, and so on. I'll be putting it out as a Beta first (I learned my lesson the last time I put out what I thought would be a "minor" update without one). Once I'm satisfied it's all stable and working I'll put it out in public and then start working on Ilmatar's chapter. After her there is only ONE more chapter.

I figure Overwhored will be done in about three months. Two months for heroine chapters at one month per chapter, and a month for tweaking and fixing things.

So this brings up something important - what happens after?

If you follow this blog regularly you know I'll be making a Visual Novel. It'll be short and simple and focused on incest and mind control. Once that's done I'll make the expansion, Overwhored Fall From Heaven, and then Overwhored II and other games I have planned.

I have gotten some concept art done for the game which is available for people donating to the patreon at the $20 level. I'll put it out to the public later on. The concept art was done by Mindwipe. Have a preview of one of the characters!

Some pics I don't mind showing you are below - new heroine intro scenes! These were a collaboration between Sleepymaid and Mindwipe. Mindwipe handled the lineart, Sleepymaid did the color.

There are also going to be redraws of several early pictures. This will cover the Alexia, Iskis, and Kael triple blowjob, the Merchant girl Thalia and if I can get it done in time Crystin. There's a preview of one of these below. There are a few more stages to this pic, so it's fun to just show the start.

Finally a bit of sillyness; this is a picture done to represent... me. I've gone a long time with a cat in the game representing me. I had Mindwipe mock up a little design I'll be using in case I have any little admin announcements in games I make in the future.

I might also get some custom monster art done to replace the non-custom stuff in now but I haven't decided yet. The costs would be fairly high for that.

That's all for now! See you Monday!


A friend of mine, Zyii, just doodled a picture of her Kitty-Zyii hugging the Kitty-Cy. It's adorable!


  1. Love the new concept art, and really love the new character. Nice touch with the beauty mark! *two thumbs up*

  2. ohhh a Visual Novel i love them what maker do you plan to use

  3. Oh man, that new cat alter ego of yours is GREAT xD! You should totally make mindwipe do an ingame character portrait of it... so you can leave a few messages for the fellow fans in the game (or tell them what they should do if they utterly fail to get to the next objective) ;).

    Seriously, that's the best developer OC/persona I've seen in ages. Not to mention that I (and the internet for that matter) just loves cats.

    The new intro scene artwork is rad, looking forward to the next release ;).

  4. Barring Bilbane (who looks like she's really happy about something...) I love the new artwork. (I LIKE Bilbane, just think the others are better). Will you be able to FINALLY catch Rubati in the next release, or will you have her be the last heroine caught?


    1. I agree about Bilbine. Out of all the art I like Audr's the most. And the threesome of course.

  5. Are there any more plans for addons to overwhored, or? Even easter egg or silly stuff would be amusing, like the ideas you took on the /d/ thread way back.

    All these slaves and you can't order them to just hang about your overlord tower in their panties, it's a crime!

  6. I am absolutely loving this game. Thank you so much for making it! I donated $5 on paypal. I'm looking forward to more content :D I can see the amount of work you have put into this. Fantastic! I will definitely donate more upon full release!