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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Drew some art.

 Well, I was working on the boss fight with Branda in Sayda Palace but I simply couldn't get the scenario to go right story and pacing wise. So I decided I'd take a break and do the only other thing I do with my small amount of free time: Draw. So I drew a picture with Branda, Nanshe, and the Shopkeeper just because.

I still don't consider my art good enough to go in-game, but it's getting better every few months. Maybe in another year or two I'll be a halfway decent artist. Going from stick figures to this in a little over a year is pretty good, but I have no clue how to do... almost all of art, actually. I still can't draw decent looking trees or landscapes, most of my bodies are noticeably messed up, and most importantly, I cannot into shading or understand light and shadow at all. (Meme, not typo) Oh well.

I don't think I did too terribly with this picture. I hope you enjoy it. It'll be just a bit longer until I have a substantial preview for you. I'll try to have a nice big post for you on Monday, but the next release probably won't happen until the middle of March.

Oh, I almost forgot. I drew this back in December. I put it on a few forums but never put it here. Have some extra Tower Mistress.


  1. Hey, that Tower Mistress pic isn't bad.

  2. is that the dev release or the main one?

  3. Well the bottom one is nice, (though her bottom could be drawn a little better)

    But I'm sorry the upper one is awful, try to find some nice figure photos, print them out and then trace along their lines about fifty times... each...
    (It worked wonders for me :D)

    Also I'm not sure in what program do you typically draw but the lighting would look much better if it were a little softer, as in less contrast between a shaded and exposed area.

  4. Maybe you should see if Fenoxo will give your game a shot. If he likes it, he might post about it on his site, which might send some traffic your way and maybe get some donations.

    1. If he does like it, he can send site-crashingly large amounts of traffic your way with a single link, but given the level of detail in his writing, I feel like he'd want more out of a game than a few pretty-ish pictures and a few sparse and scant lines of text per sex-scene.


      Probably couldn't hurt to try telling him about it anyway.

    2. True, he could crash the site if he sent out a link. But it's also true that the game is pretty fun. He might just enjoy it, and it might boost donations quite a bit if he gave it an endorsement.