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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Initial Extras Chosen

Well I let the poll go a little longer than normal but the Cowgirl farm has definitely been in the lead for a good while now. It's a slight lead, but it IS in the lead. The question remains of whether it should be three images with one girl or one image with three. I'll have a new poll up for that soon.

The Slave Individual and preggo scenes were very nearly as popular all through voting though. Since I have enough, I'm going to do both.

I'll put out the more substantial update tomorrow.

My sincerest thanks to those individuals who have recently donated large sums. Without people like you, this project would not have gotten nearly this far. You know who you are, and you're great people. Any amount is wonderful, but you've truly gone above and beyond.

And I've been meaning to say this. For those of you who cannot donate because you don't have money but still want to help out, you CAN still help the project. Please post threads on h-forums about the project and tell friends about it. I don't donate as much time promoting the game as I could on forums and talking with other content creators because I'd rather work on the game. But if you do it it would help me to get more fans who appreciate the content. You can also talk to your favorite artists and let them know about the project (though you should be realistic about my budget - I'll never hire Dr.Graveling for instance because his art is over TWICE my budget for images) - or, if you are artistically inclined, make some fanart or fanfiction. I like both.

I'll continue to promote the project on my own, make new threads and talk to new artists. I have a wonderful group working for me now but I am always happy to get more talented people on the team. But if you do want to help, I'm more than happy to let you help promote the project and alert artists to the existence of Overwhored.

Thanks, everyone!

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