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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Even more download links!

Depositfiles doesn't work in some countries. So I uploaded a new link to 4shared. However while I was asleep, a wonderful fan uploaded it to a couple of other places.

MD5: 57206e8cf68cfd60c0f8d502feb045cc
SHA-1: 164d0b53a79d531b2c887831f842ba38fd3ef5ba


  1. Just played through your game. So far so good. Keep it up. A few things I noticed: you're able to walk on the branches of the trees at the oasis and graveyard; a few typos here and there, nothing to horrible, just stuff like during the blacksmith's scene one of the fucks it spelled fcuk. Small typos like that; Also the art styles look very familiar. Have the artists done any other game?

  2. I have fixed the trees. There is a list of the artists in the project on an earlier page. They're good artists, so it's no surprise you've seen them elsewhere. Though I don't know that any of them have done games before. Also, can't find that typo but I will eventually, I suppose. Thanks for the feedback. I know the artists appreciate the love!