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Friday, February 1, 2013

Good and Bad News

Well, Mediafire suspended my account, which isn't a big deal in and of itself. My backup of the last release ended up deleted by accident when I cleaned up my dropbox files a while back, and that is a bigger concern. With my game file the way it currently is, I do not want to go back and flip switches to end it where it was and make a new file, because the core game has changed a LOT since the last release.

Fortunately I was already ready to make a new release. I have simply been holding off on it because I wanted to include two heroine areas instead of one, and only have the content of one fully created.

So here's what's going to happen. The rest of this weekend and possibly on Monday, I'll polish up the code for the Chapel area to make it fully release-ready. Then I'm going to send out an e-mail to donators letting them playtest the game. Once I'm sure the big bugs have been hammered out, I will release a new version of the game. This will have less content than I initially wanted, but ultimately is better than recovering the file from someone else or delaying the next release to go back and flip the switches again.

So to clarify - sometime within the next two weeks, you'll see a new release of the game, with a new dungeon, system improvements, and sweet new content. Until then, downloads of the game will remain offline.

The new version will include:
A new combat system
1 New Heroine Area
A special bonus for Blog-followers
A new recruitable character
The ability to hide text boxes during sex scenes.
And more. Look forward to it!


  1. Sweet!

    Thanks a bunch for the status update and the soon to come new version!

  2. Thanks for Update, I don't know, if you know but if you deleted directly out of your dropbox (and i mean deleting not moving to other folder) then you can restore it via the webinterface of

    right upper corner in the dropbox mainpage you got the search field and directly on its left you can activate to see deleted things and you can go back a long time

    if this is not good enough for you you can choose left upper corner on dropbox main page - activities, in there you see in the new right upper corner changeable date now you can choose the day you "cleaned" your dropbox and restore the needed parts

    hope it helped you a bit

  3. Thanks. I tried it but I was not able to restore the deleted file. I know it was in there because I like to use dropbox to back up certain files as well as (before donators) to distribute the game for beta testing to my friends.