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Friday, February 15, 2013

Work continues

Well, I hope you're enjoying the current version of Overwhored. I'm working on the next version now. The city of Sayda is partially complete. I'm going to allow a game-altering choice here, which in a big city means "complicated". Since I'm no longer trying to get it done before the end of the month however, I can spend more time fluffing and polishing the next section.

In other important news I am now also allowing anonymous comments on this blog. I like discussion a great deal, and I hope this encourages more commenting.

Also if you enjoy the project, feel free to talk about it in places other than where I have posted threads. I'm doing this so people can enjoy it first and foremost. So please let other people know about it so that they can enjoy it.

That's all for now!


  1. Taking advantage of the anonymous comments. I just wanted to make mention here that this is one of the most fun games I have seen come out in a long ass time. Not only that but you update rather frequently compared to others.

    Overlord was a great game, this parody does it all the justice it deserves. Thank you for your hard work, and thanks to those who are contributing!

  2. Suprisingly good game, and while I can't stand rpgmaker games this one is really fun(ny) to play.

    One point though - make some characters harder to "break"..
    Maybe a mini quest maybe something else..

    Also please keep the full heal before a boss - that saves so much time and nerves. :)

    Oh yeah.. Thank you.

  3. to be honest, i've been following the developpement of this game since it started or at least where i saw it where it was early in developpment (hypnochan) i have to say...

    i love it! i've always wanted a game of the such a game about hypnosis and doing fun things with it and the fact taht's its an rpg!? makes it even better!

    I love it and beg of you to continue this work of yours! it's awesome! I wish i couldve donated for the art needs but im broke at the moment :/

    also, perhaps a suggestion i had in the beginning. it would be fun to have a bit more bonding with the overlord and his thralls. even though most of them are somewhat braindead and obedient i still would love some character building a bit :P some "persona-esque" moments or maybe small quests that do so that are somewhat silly.

    just an idea im throwing since you seem to do everything so well so far :P

    keep it up! as i await patiently for next the release!

    1. PS there's probably a dozens of mistakes in this post... that's because i'm not that good at writing english so my apologies in advance :P

  4. I'm the first commenter, one thing i'd like to add is i'd love to see the girls break,not just become your slaves after they head to your tower. That braking is what makes corruption and transformation hot.

  5. How do things change based on the choice? Also, I second adding at least one or two slower more gradual corruptions. That is what makes it hot for me.

  6. Beautifull work,if I had some money I would send it to you to so you can improve the game more,but currently unemployed and broke,so that will have to wait for a brighter future...Gonna test the new version now...thanks for your hard work...