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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Beta Soon

Thanks to all of my beta testers for helping out with innumerable small bugs. I have fixed most of them already, but there are a few nasty ones I have yet to get sorted out.

Before I begin talking about bugs, I do want to issue an apology. I sent out the beta via a mass e-mail, and I should have allowed people the opportunity to opt out first.

If you wish to be e-mailed separately, please let me know either via e-mail, in the comments or otherwise. I will keep people in the mass e-mail by default unless they opt out. My apologies if this caused an inconvenience for anyone. I'm going to give it a day before I e-mail a new beta, and include the option to opt-out in the next round of e-mails in case you don't see this.

Before I mention bug reports, I should add: To Hide Text in-game, press F8. This is a new feature I've added.

Here are the ones I've corrected, so there's no need to report them twice: (Spoiler warning, obviously)

-Immortal Nuns
-Repeating fight in the Nun's showers
-Misspelling Bint for Bent
-The door in the burned village (if you noticed, kudos - you are probably good at adventure games, where I am obviously not)

-Fallen Hero giving "blank space x1" (Remember how I was talking about how things could go wonky behind the scenes when I changed the items? That was something I missed.)
-Warrior Bracelet and Ancient Overlord Helm cannot be equipped by anyone

Bugs I have yet to figure out and/or program:
-After fight screen not appearing after the goddess statue
(I have not yet figured out what is causing this. It is currently being looked into.)
-Skree does not appear in the tower after recruiting her (I'll look into a Belfry upgrade if I can give it more uses than just having her hang out in it - the tower has a ton of rooms and doors already)
-No found antidotes before the graveyard (you can buy them in the upgrade center/store, but I'm going to add some chests with antidotes due to people getting blindsided by poison monsters in the graveyard)
-Weird Doors in the Chapel (No idea why they're sticking the way they are, I'll look into it.)
-Multiple Girls appear in the slave pits after you capture the first village girl (This is related to some stupid programming I did when I first started the game. It will be fixed eventually.)
-Needing to talk to the mistress a second time after clearing the village to cross the mountains, when I could just have her give you the same speech as you're crossing the mountains OR have you talk to her.
-A strange bug that forces you to walk one direction without stopping. But this seems to be an RPG maker bug, and rare. I've encountered it myself in other games. No idea what causes it.

Oh, and a few notes. The areas of the desert continent you can reach are NOT unfinished. You will in fact gain a special bonus for exploring the oasis before the chapel area. Also make sure to check the boxes in the Drug Warehouse in the Bandit Camp. You might get a chuckle out of it.

That's all for now!

UPDATE: The issue with the disappearing after-battle screen is fixed. I have no idea WHY it was happening, but I was able to find and change the event that made it happen.

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