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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beta Test Engaged!

Donators, you should see an e-mail in your in box with a link to the current game! This is the first beta.

Please don't share the link with others. When you play, please keep a list of bugs and send it to me, and I'll use those lists to improve the game.

The end of the current beta is right after the Chapel. Enjoy!

Note: If you didn't get the e-mail, let me know. I'll send you a new one.


  1. How would you like us to report the bugs we find? Email? Post them here?

    I think I have a carrier pigeon somewhere . . . .

    1. As much as I do love carrier pigeons, I'm still cleaning out my room from the last swarm.

      You can post them here or e-mail me. Doesn't matter to me.

    2. I'll go ahead and place them here then. -Spoiler Alert- for anyone who hasn't played yet:

      1. The Overmind's skills which affect all party members still require you to choose a target. The skills function as they should, this is just kind of annoying.

      2. The house in the lower right of the interior of the Burned Village is missing the empty doorframe behind the door sprite. This is clearly a CRITICAL issue.

      3. The portcullis doors in the interior of the Holy Chapel don't seem to work correctly. The Overmind moves into the door instead of through it.

      4. After dominating the statue of the goddess in the Holy Chapel, you no longer receive any rewards for winning fights, no XP or items or nothing. The reward screen does not appear.

      5. The first wandering 'nun' in the fourth map of the Holy Chapel is broken. You fight and win, but she does not disappear from the map. You can continue to fight this way indefinitely.

      5. The scripted fight in the bathroom in the Holy Chapel is repeated indefinitely every time you enter or leave.

      6. Skree does not actually appear in the tower after you recruit her. BTW, there should TOTALLY be a 'belfry' upgrade for her to live in.

      That's all that I saw up to the end of the beta. I'm going to check out the desert continent, because it looks like there's some stuff there, but I assume it's unfinished.