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Monday, February 4, 2013

Beta Test Should Be Ready Tomorrow

First thing tomorrow I have a dentist's appointment. Provided I'm coherent enough when I get back, I will make sure to release a beta of the game as it currently exists to donators.

Although this IS a nice benefit to donators, this is also a beta test, and I really need to have people comb through the game and find the bugs. Because so much of the game (mostly behind the scenes) has changed since the last release, there WILL be bugs.

If you have donated, when you get your beta test you should expect me to put out multiple new versions in a short time throughout the week. 

I can practically guarantee old saves won't work with this, but I have compiled something special for people who have played the game before. There is a special locked chest in the tower to help you advance quickly. This password will let you crack it open, minus quotation marks.


In other news I have replaced the Poll with a new poll. The old one required you to scroll down to vote for some, and I noticed that most of the ones you had to scroll down to see had almost no votes at all. Also, as a UMLF user informed me, it was broken.

So I'm starting over fresh with the poll.

A big thanks to all of you for helping me make this all happen.


  1. I look forward to play this soon, thanks for fast programming ^^

  2. Wow, that's fast! And great idea about the chest to compensate for saves not working. I'm excited to start testing :-)

  3. Indeed. Were it not for the fact that I broke a molar a few days ago and now feel like I'm getting stabbed in the jaw, I'd likely be done with both heroine areas. Taking some opiate pain pills is great for pain, but bad for thinking.

    Unfortunately I'm just going in for an exam, not to get it pulled.

    Oh, and this is only going to be one heroine area, not two. The pictures I keep previewing will be in the next release, not this one.