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Monday, February 10, 2014

On the Beta tomorrow:

I will release a beta test for donators tomorrow. I have to work so it'll be out late in the evening (my time) when it goes out.

The entire game will be included up to the final Dwarven Heroine dungeon; there is a dungeon with a sex scene (with a different girl) before that. Mostly I want to make sure that the game isn't broken and I still have a bit of content to make before that's totally ready. It isn't much though, mostly monsters and the boss battle and one scene after the boss is defeated.

The amount of new content is rather large and every single map has been remade as well as their being several new ones; a play through should be a fairly new experience. Although I'm playing through this myself several times you all always manage to catch broken stuff I do not. I expect there will be a fair amount of things this time due to the game getting a complete overhaul, I may make a couple of 'fix releases' for any severe breaks you discover before the second beta.

Some things with maps aren't finished, particularly in the dwarf city, but maps are currently playable. There will also be a couple of events that are incomplete as well (a chapter skip feature, a remake of the orb of dominion upgrade system, and one or two other little things). The primary purpose of this release is to make sure the core game is working right everywhere it needs to be working. I'm going to give you all access to a debug character to make running through the battles a breeze. Mostly I want you to do every weird thing you can think of to try to break the game.

In about a week or so all the events should be up and running, then there'll be a second main beta with the final dungeon. That one won't include the debug character.

The monstergirl village is mapped but not written; that'll happen in the next release. There should be a new faceset at some point as well. I was going to have that done but the artist working on it had a close relative die and I decided not to push to meet this deadline.

A big part of the purpose of this is getting feedback on the new maps. Please leave your impressions of them when you play.



  1. I recently got a card so I was finally able to donate some money. It was only 5 dollars, but I don't have that much to give. I've enjoyed the game so far and am glad that you are feeling better.

  2. how do I become a donator? there's a donate button, what would I do to get the beta after donating? I'd love to donate if you could fill me i.

  3. Will be expecting the release :-)

  4. Nice was crossing my fingers, hoping it wasn't gonna be tonight lol. Knew if it was I would be up all night and start work at 6 am. Now I know to check in right after work, not before bed.

    1. It will be. I got back from work not long ago and I'm running some last minute tweaks.