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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wooo! Tooth done.

Well, I finally got the bad tooth pulled yesterday, which means I can focus on getting Overwhored done again.

When I left I requested some different, much less narcotic meds because I was extremely sick of being high. How people become addicted to those things I don't fucking know.

Well I came back, took the pain meds and hopped into bed. These new ones knock me out quickly. Thus I quickly discovered either the down side of withdrawals or this new medication (either can cause this): Nightmares.

It's actually quite interesting remembering it instead of experiencing it. Each time I took some pills and went back to sleep I continued the exact same dream - something I've long wished I could do when having dreams of pretty girls, but for some reason never works under THOSE circumstances.

'Twas a kind of murderous high-school setting where the teachers were either extras from Hellraiser or robed cultists, there was a giant inky set of cthulhu like teeth eating students in the industrial maze-like and pipe filled basement, and the students themselves borrowed a great deal from Dangan Rompa/various other murder high school shows movies and manga. No investigations though. At certain points teachers would just call "hunts" for students, who would then try to escape and survive as best they could. I got to experience the point of view of whatever student was getting hunted at the time, or fed to giant basement cthulhu. There was even one dream where a guy showed up to help hunted students by telling them the secrets of the place and give them weapons and such to help them survive, but of course as always in that situation it's a trap. Perhaps I'm too genre-savvy to really be bothered by such dreams, being a horror-of-all-kinds enthusiast. Ah well, twas scary when I was dreaming. It was actually quite interesting and, had I the time, I might try to forge a coherent story out of the dream premise. It's still pretty fun to remember though.

But now that I'm well and the hole where a tooth once was no longer hurts, I'm ready to get back to work on Overwhored! Creation is fun, and I aim to have fun today.


  1. Whoa, that sounds awesome.
    Whenever you decide to develop that game, let me know if you need help. It sounds like all kinds of amazing.

    1. Haha, I might, I might. I think the best part was the end of the last dream I had, where it was revealed that the school and the horrifying slum-town surrounding it were actually in the afterlife. The students were the souls of good and virtuous people who, either because they made deals to save others or had to commit some great evil to do good, were sent to this place to make them irredeemably evil. The entire place is a trap designed to turn the virtuous into the evil. Those that are killed are recycled and come back as someone new with no memory. Those that survive almost inevitably perform some evil to do so.

      The only way to escape is to survive until "graduation", which has an easy route (being evil) or an almost impossible route (being good and surviving the endless traps and tricks of the place).

      Yes, it would lend itself well to a story or game, no question.

  2. "Series of recurring nightmares about being hunted and murdered?
    Eh, the plot's pretty good, bet I could use this for something at some unknown point the future." -Cypress, further establishing boss-ness, paraphrased.

  3. ...I actually remember the nightmares from when *I* was taking narcotics for a tooth-related ailment.

    Well, I remember having them anyway. I *also* experienced acute insomnia and constipation that kept me up so late that I was actually sleepy enough to black the details out. If what you're saying is true, then that's a bloody good thing.

    Anyway. Good luck.

  4. I have an interesting dream myself every now and again about what I think is myself in a alternate dimension. I wake up like normal and experience the day, but then I wake up again and it screws with my head very throughly, since I remember the dream, and it is very difficult to tell that the dream didn't really happen. Also, good to know your mouth is feeling better, and good luck to getting back on track with the game.

  5. Well, I'm glad that tooth business all worked out well.

  6. Glad you're feeling better. Hopefully this is the last health issue you have for awhile. Get back on the work wagon so you don't starve, or worse yet, lose internet access!

  7. lol I'm just eating ice cream while reading your blog. nice to see you back again

  8. And I tought my "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" & Iain M. Banks sci-fi novels fusion dreams were strange enough... xD

  9. You could work it in Overwhored! Cha!