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Monday, May 27, 2013

What needs to be done to see 3.0

I'm making this post on Sunday evening rather than Monday morning because I just flat out cannot sleep. Every time I try I wake up to the sensation of being stabbed in the face. Or, in one notable instance, I dreamed that someone set a firework off in my face. So sleep is postponed indefinitely for now.

I cannot way for Wednesday, (hopefully) when this tooth gets pulled. I hate drugs, I hate pain, I'm just waiting for normality to return.

Now that the angry whining is done, I'll speak for a bit on what I did this week.

I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff like working on skills for characters, upgrade systems, etc. Creative writing has been beyond me with the drugs in my system. I tried to set up a regeneration spell for the Overmind but that requires a custom script. I intend to get it set up once I'm capable of coherent thought again. I tried several times to figure it out, but in my current drugged state it's like trying to bash down a brick wall with a bucket of jello. It just isn't gonna happen.

One other thing I did was change the purchase system for tower upgrades. Someone pointed out a rather humorous bug. If you sell the tower cleanup work order the slaves move all the junk back inside. I had a good laugh imagining the literal minded and overworked slaves carefully replacing the broken junk inside the tower while the Tower Mistress does nothing to stop them.

As humorous as it was, however, I've fixed the upgrade system so you can no longer sell work orders. It ought to be very easy to add new ones, as well. I've been aware of the issue for a while but I've never stopped to fix it because I've been too busy blazing ahead with new content. A lot of the fixes in this version are like that.

I also did some sprite work. I can't recall off the top of my head everything that I did, but one thing I wanted to get done was get some nude girls in some pink crystals. The ones I used in previous versions came from Gameclover. Great fellows, wonderful sprites. However they didn't have an empty sprite for me to stick stuff in, so I went and drew my own (based heavily on theirs in appearance) and created some nude sprites to stick in them, using a bit of custom work and some nude bodies from here.

Funny enough, art seems to have been a lot easier for me to do than anything else recently in spite of being hard as balls normally. I've retained the template so I can put any girl in a crystal, including custom ones. The results of my sprite making you can see below:

I don't know whether or not I can give permission to people to use this. The crystals themselves are based off of Gameclover's in shape and lighting, but I drew them myself by hand. The bodies come from the Japanese site I linked to above, and the faces are default RPG VX faces. Technically both places have a policy of, "if it's a non-commercial project, go ahead and use the sprites", and I have a policy of, "rip me off for whatever you want provided you're not a corporation". All of us do want credit. I think if you credit the Japanese site, Gameclover, and me, you should be fine to use this in non-commercial projects. Mind you I have no idea if Gameclover would be happy about their sprites being used in an adult project. I credit thoroughly and there's no proviso against, but I tend to stay quiet on the issue and only use sprites that come from people with an open 'you can use this in non-commercial works' policy. Many people in the community being American; I am still waiting for the morning where someone sends me an e-mail that says something to the effect of, "Yes, I said everyone can use it if they credit me, but because you're making pornography I hope you die in a fire, pull my sprites out". Because we do tend to be a tad prudish as a nation.

Ah well.

In equally important news I've received a sketch of the Audr Commission, which is looking fan-fucking-tastic. That dwarf girl is looking like she has a CHA of 24.

Also, I've received a picture for the milfy slave, Iskis. Complete with a fantastic little fertilization popup. Steveman did the original three-slave girl pic, and will be doing these as well. Pregnancy is now definitely in the game. Alexia and Kael are being worked on, and soon you will be able to impregnate them as well.

Have a little preview:

(As an additional note, Steveman has also decided he wants to do some redraw-work on a few of his old pics, since he's improved his artistic abilities a lot from the period when Overwhored first started as a project. He's already redone the shopkeeper, and it looks pretty damn sweet.)

And on the subject of art, the art team is adding a new member!

Check out this awesome, awesome artist. Look at that crisp lineart and sweet, awesome color. She's going to do several images for the Monstergirls extra.

This image isn't for the Overwhored project, but take a look and see the sort of cool stuff she does. Behold, a delicious cyclops-demon!

I love having so many skilled artists working for the project. If you found an artist through the Overwhored project, I encourage you to send them some fan-mail letting them know how much you appreciate them working on it. I know they'll love it. I'll include a link to each artist's site in the comments.

(Side note: Steveman was the first artist to join the project. I would personally appreciate it if you sent him a bit of fan mail on his tumblr. Without him the Overwhored project might not have actually happened, as I was not having a great deal of luck finding artists before him, and he volunteered to do the work as a fan of the original demo. He's a pretty cool guy.)

Now on to vital business. There are three things that need done before I can release a beta for Overwhored Version 3.0.

1: Finishing Princess Melita's path. This is relatively simple and will be quick. Most of it is already done. However, I haven't been in the proper mental state to finish it off lately, because that requires writing and dialogue. I can write a great deal when in pain, but not so much in the creative writing way when high as balls on pain meds. I have been leaning more towards the high-as-balls end of the spectrum the past few days, and I intend to continue doing so until I get this tooth out. Once it's done I'm gold however, and this'll take maybe two or three hours to tidy up.

2: Setting up the Orgasmic Energy drops. I'll institute a system that lets you harvest the energy from the girls in the crystals eventually, but right now I want to put Orgasmic energy drops into the system every time you capture a girl.

3: Fixing some bugs. This is where I need your help. Most bugs from Overwhored version 2.6 are fixed, but two of them seem to be related to the Yanfly battle engine and switches. I have NO indication of what makes these switches bugged, or which switches are bugged. It could be any one of one hundred switches. But you can help me fix it.

What I need from you, loyal fans and supporters, is pretty simple.

One bug involves you tossing down an item (like an antidote) on one character, and it ends up hitting a different one.

The other involves an "attack down" notice popping up every turn you've got "fight harder slaves" on.

I need you to play through the game and note the FIRST time you notice either of these bugs happening. That'll tell me the rough area the bugged switch is in. Once I know that, I'll be able to track it down fairly fast and fix it.

I also want to make a little notepad-type note that lists the controls, because some people are unaware that there is a hide-text-box button, or a skip text button, or a run button.

No firm promises, but if you all can get me that information I'll try to get Overwhored 3.0's beta out either the 3rd of June or the 10th of June, depending on how much my tooth and work interfere with my schedule.

Now I'm going to play Master of Orion 2 until my body decides it wants to sleep despite the pain. Goodnight or good morning to you, depending on when you read this!


  1. Send these fine artists your fanmail and love:

    Planet of Junk:



    Steveman, aka idrawboobs:




  2. "I'll try to get Overwhored 3.0's beta out either the 3rd of May or the 10th of May"

    Did you mean June?

  3. Good to see someone else that can't sleep, sure my reasons have to do with being lazy and yours have to do with being in pain, but still. I say lazy cause I still have school stuff I have to take care of before I go to bed. I am very glad to see the crystal sprites done, since I complained about that so long ago, sorry about that, anyway I hope your tooth deal works out in the end and good luck to getting more stuff done with the game.

  4. r u go to add demon and demon girl in the game

    1. I do not currently have plans to add a demon girl to the game.

  5. ...Hahaha, dude, are you even going to make it until Wednesday without falling into a ditch or something in your state of mixed pain and sleep-deprivation-and-drug-fuelled stupor?

    "Being Cypress_Z's mouth is suffering."

    This sounds like a thoroughly bad time.

    In better news, though, I'm glad to see the Milfy slave in order.

    And the cyclops-demon is kinda cute.

  6. Finally, a release date! Love you, Cypress! Wish you health!

    And i have question, will i have an opportunity in 0.3 to finally capture Rubati as a slave? This bitch need a punishment >,...,<

  7. Man I wish you well. Take some time to recover if you need it man. We (the fans) have waited for the update and personally, I'm fine with waiting a bit longer for you to get better. Keep up the good work mate!

  8. ...I was planning to suggest you add "Get my teeth fixed" to the list of possible donations, but it looks like you've got the situation under control.

    Good luck mate.

  9. I hope you were able to deal with your tooth issue like you planned.

  10. I don't know if this is where you report bugs, but I have a bug where the esc key doesn't open the menu, but when I click out of the game, (the little menu) pops up when I open it, it doesn't respond at all.

  11. Were you able to get your tooth pulled?

  12. I have a glitch, every time I try to go to the dungeon from the sewer the game crashes, happened when I tried to go to the oasis before the monastary too.