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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Branda's Sword Style and History

Today I'm working on the game because I have a day off from work. I have a day off from work because I took a day off. I have a broken upper molar and, being poor, American, and not having insurance, I cannot afford to get it fixed or pulled. Working creatively is relaxing and helps take my mind off of the stabbing agony of the tooth. When I get lost in the process of creation I forget my body exists. Thinking in detail about stories, technical aspects, and so on completely absorbs me. At least at home I can make things, apply a heat pad to my face, and take some of the  pain medication that makes me loopy and throw up in the comfort of my own home, instead of on a customer. (Said pain medication is in depressingly short supply. Once it is gone I'm down to Tylenol and Advil, and I am not looking forward to those days. Notably because I'm already taking those in addition to my little bottle of opiate medication and I still feel like I'm getting stabbed in the mouth.)

So I decided to spend today working on Branda, thinking a bit on her backstory and her actual sword techniques, reworking them in the system. So now she's a complete character.

Branda is from Chianina, a fact you'll know if you read a single specific bookshelf after capturing her in Sayda Palace. She's not native to Sayda.

Chianina is an expy of Italy, but it's also a joke that Italians will probably get. Notably Chianina is not a reference to China but is instead a variety of Italian cow. It's a nation famed for producing the best swordfighters in the world throughout history. It was once a vast empire that had conquered much of the known world before falling in a war with the Overmind. The graveyard you find Nanshe raising the dead in is actually a soldiers graveyard of the first Chianina empire. (He was slain in that war by the female Chianinan version of Cincinnatus during a bridge assault. The last time Chianina defeated him it was in another bridge defense with a female dwarven auxiliary, analogous to the nameless Norse soldier at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, who was herself slain by a monstergirl shortly afterward) It was successful in killing him and conquering other foes for a long time, but the Overmind always comes back. Although he is immortal, empires are not. Over time they became corrupt and decayed from the inside out; he just happened to be the barbarian at the gates at the time.

In the Modern Era of Overwhored, Chianina is militarily powerful but is hopelessly corrupt and divided between three different city-state powers who, in practice, fight each other more than anyone else. I haven't made a name for them yet, but they are a religious city similar to Rome (though it is NOT the center of the faith of the goddess, it is merely *a* center), a city of art, culture, and political power similar to Florence, and a military (mercenary) and maritime city similar to Venice. Despite each nation being quite strong and very wealthy, their nobles are paranoid about the dangers of large standing armies and anyone inside their nation taking over. They unite to fight outside foes, but in actuality even the most powerful nobles never have over 25 soldiers of their own. Instead, the city-states endlessly duel politically and, when conflict is necessary, with mercenary armies similar to the Condottieri.

Branda was born in the Venetian military city to a very minor noble family. Their family didn't have vast estates, standing military forces or a large number of servants. They were nobles of the class that would usually run a very small town of farmers, usually being only about as well educated. Moreover they are of mixed heritage; Branda is part Saydan, from a minor and now extinct branch of the Saydan royal family. Far from being destitute and living in a small farming village, however, the Stilka family are a military family that produces Condottieri. Of a family that lived for the blade and trained endlessly with it Branda was by far the most skilled and deadly. She was also a black sheep within the family, believing strongly in the concepts of honor and chivalry. While Condottieri are, as a rule, ruthless pragmatists who view warfare as a science, Branda viewed it as the power to fight for justice. She was heavily inspired by the stories of the ancient heroes of ancient Chianina, especially the gender-flipped Cincinnatus. She saw the corruption of her own nation as a kind of cancer infecting a legend.

Rather than be a pawn in the petty and incessant wars of the upper nobility, Branda became a Condottieri-Avventuriero, or Mercenary Adventurer. She made her name fighting monsters rather than men, defending those too poor and weak to afford to hire mercenaries normally.  As such she did not focus on the fast, light sword styles many of her countrymen did.

Branda's fighting style is unique to her and designed entirely around two things: brutal, overwhelming power and incredible speed. She focuses on heavier one-handed blades and two handed swords, but uses them with the speed and accuracy of fencing swords due to her lightning-fast footwork. Unlike those who train to duel and end a fight at first blood, Branda's style is practically designed so that she trades taking minor hits for dealing lethal blows with her powerful blade. Far from being an arrogant light prancer, as many italian-type soldiers in fiction are (I'm looking at you, League of Legends Fiora) Branda is a tough, fast semi-berserker combining the best of heavy blade sword techniques with quicksilver swift battle-fencing footwork. Unlike modern sport fencing, the soldiers of ancient times did not suffer under a number of pointless rules or work with needle thin epees. Branda does not fight in straight lines, does not adhere to rules about unfair places to strike or ways to strike, and does not have any romantic notions of fairness in war. She's an idealist, but one raised by brutal mercenary pragmatists. As she is the heroine of Temperance, it is only fair to say that her unusual love of fairness and honor has been cruelly tempered by experience.

She has the self-discipline to train herself brutally, endlessly, and harshly, ignoring pain and fatigue that would fell normal soldiers. Her training of her soldiers in Sayda is by no means hypocritical, as she is doing precisely what she'd expect to be done to her if she failed, including breaking the arm of a soldier holding his arm too stiffly. Indeed, she once had her own arm broken by her father in the same way when she was twelve to teach her the same lesson, and was given the same amount of time to recover. (Of course, the in-game sequence is actually a reference to a line in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, and I tend to borrow a lot from Colonel Santiago when I think about Branda. Santiago is hooooooot. Though the woman needs more eyebrow. Attractive women have actual full and real eyebrows; the thicker the better provided they're not unibrows.)

Her ability to move swiftly in a tactically intelligent manner and strike with brutal strength made her an extremely effective monster slayer, and during the early years of her career she became famous and much beloved by the common man, and equally disliked and hated by the nobility and Condottieri. She survived numerous ambushes and assassination attempts, some of which were carried out by members of her own family. She met the other heroines during this period and began to adventure outside of Chianina, fighting briefly in The War of Scale and Fire (which is a different subject).

It was at this point that a figure who was the Chianinan equivalent of Cesare Borgia, (Now with more extra-double-evil!) later called The Tyrant came to power. A supremely adept general, politician, and statesman, he promised to finally bring order to Chianina and see the nation rise as a unified whole again. Branda was driven by her desire to see Chianina be cleansed of its incessant corruption and remade in the image of its ancient empire. She believed she might find a kindred spirit in him. When his messenger came and found her she agreed to serve him as a soldier, leaving the other heroines in their adventures for a while. (Extra note: The Tyrant managed to gather many people of talent, and Branda came to personally know her world's gender flipped equivalent to Leonardo Da Vinci, who will show up in-game at some point if I can figure out a good spot for her to show up.)

Unfortunately the man was not all that he pretended to be, secretly being perhaps the most corrupt of any noble in the empire. He quietly began to enforce his rule with a kind of horrifying brutality and harshness - especially against nobles who might oppose him and those who brought up his status as a bastard son of a high noble.

Branda was not entirely aware of his actions early on and became his strongest soldier, defeating the champions of other armies, monstergirl mercenaries, and siege-monsters in single combat. She was almost always on the battlefield and so did not know the horrifying brutality with which he managed the cities he conquered. She only saw the ordered places that came after his 'justice' had been instituted.

The two had a quiet love affair during this period. For his own part the tyrant had no love for her and used the affair as a means to keep her blind to his actions. Branda was never stupid but was in love, and believed what she wanted to believe - that he was the noble soul who might finally return glory to Chianina. And if she saw cruelty to some powerful noblemen - well, harsh measures were sometimes necessary to deal with corruption.

The other heroines were not blind, however, and saw him for what he really was. They came to Chianina in secret and began a campaign to discover the depth of the secret atrocities he committed and undermine his power, while at the same time trying to rescue Branda.

They didn't go unnoticed, as The Tyrant of Chianina was quite brilliant in his own right and was a master of the ancient and terrifying intelligence network of that nation. Nonetheless, the heroines managed to escape several ambushes and fight of others, uncovering a great deal of evidence. At that point The Tyrant had no choice but to gamble on Branda, showing her the dead bodies left by the other heroines and blaming a number of his own atrocities on them. Though she didn't want to believe it he was extraordinarily persuasive, and she left to confront them.

When she found them they attempted to show her the evidence of his atrocities, but Branda refused to look. She was ready to fight a hopeless battle against all six other heroines, but was instead challenged by to a duel by the leader of the Heroines: Joy, the Angelic Queen. If she won they would leave the country; if she lost she would look at the evidence they had brought.

Branda was the greatest sword-fighter in the world, but Joy was almost as good (if in a very different way) and backed by incredible divine and arcane power. Though she fought bravely and with skill enough to shatter demigods, Branda never stood a chance.

Upon her defeat she held to her end of the bargain, and allowed them to take her to a gravesite filled with  a mountain of dead noble children, murdered by the soldiers of The Tyrant to end the family lines of those opposed to him.

Horrified to find what she had been supporting, she rejoined the heroines and began a campaign to liberate Chianina. However, even they were no match for The Tyrants vast armies on their own. Quietly, Joy infiltrated the holy city and managed to use her status as a divine champion of the goddess to turn the leadership against him. In a daring strategic maneuver she arranged for the forces of the holy city to turn on him during the battle to capture Branda's home city, and publicly made it seem as though Branda had died.

The Tyrant was taken by surprise by the betrayal, but fought viciously. With righteous fury Branda fought at the head of the holy army cutting through men and monsters; slicing through them like a scythe through wheat and reaping a grim harvest. Nothing would keep her from exacting justice on the one who had betrayed her and shattered her dreams of a reborn Chianina.

She finally tore her way through his private guard, many soldiers giving way before their former commander and not wishing to face her - while others met her and were cut down.

Bleeding from a hundred cuts, armor in tatters and blade dull and dented, she faced The Tyrant in single combat. Skilled and brilliant, he was one of the best swordsmen in the world. But Branda was the greatest swordsman in the world, and at the end she had won. Before the final blow was struck, ( HE TORE OPEN A PORTAL IN TIME  ) he attempted to compare himself to her, saying that deep down they were the same. She responded with a vow that she would never be anything like him, followed shortly thereafter by the removal of his head.

The fall of the Tyrant returned Chianina to its shattered state; no one was capable of taking command of his conquest. It remains corrupt and internally divided, unlikely to ever regain its ancient glory.

For her part Branda sought absolution through battle, throwing herself fiercely against anyone she saw as a tyrant, or as a force of evil and corruption.

When the Overmind revived she saw him as the greatest tyrant of all and gladly joined the quest to defeat him, always at the forefront of any battle striking down his most powerful generals and monsters.

What happened after his defeat that led to her reign in Sayda was SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER.

At her core Branda is an idealist, but one who has seen that her ideals are ultimately impossible to realize. She dreams of and fights for a perfect world, but knows full well that it is a world she will never get to see. Rather than giving in she has only ever fought even more fiercely. Every taste of despair or defeat only makes her fight even harder with even greater intensity. Should the whole world stand against her she would stand against the whole world and go down fighting, holding herself up unbroken to the very last for what she believes in.

You turned her into a cow. For sex and evil. You monster.

(Final Note: I'm no expert on Italian History or the Italian language, which I don't speak. If some of the terms are wrong here point 'em out, and I'll fix 'em. Obviously I've taken some liberties with various historical figures here - I wasn't trying to be accurate in that regard, nor are the figures in the game exactly the same as those figures. Consider the comparisons a swift means to get an idea for what the in-game characters are like, instead.

The names of the three cities are going to end up as Italian cow-puns, so feel free to suggest some if you speak Italian.)


  1. I have to say, first and foremost that your work ethic is more than admirable.
    I always enjoy reading these posts on lore, background, character information; they're all fascinating and add a wonderful level of depth to what I at first thought was a just a straightforward (but well-written and funny) "porn game". Seeing the amount of thought and care you put into the game, even into things that people playing through it may never know, really makes it a more interesting, and for me at least, better experience.
    It's always amazing to see the results of people being creative, and it's something I've always wished I was capable of. You wrote dozens of paragraphs on a character who ends up, in your own words "...a cow. For sex and evil..." and I think that's just wonderful.
    I hope your tooth situation turns out well, and as always I look forward to the next update.

  2. Good luck with that tooth, brah.

    As to Branda:

    "Moo, bitch. Moo."

  3. Pro tip: if you need to take the pain of your tooth away just take twice the recommended maximum dosage of advil (4x200mg, going from double the directions on the bottle I have). It's cheap and about as effective as a normal dose of morphine for pain relief. Don't do it too often though, it's hard on your liver.

  4. warning, my english is pretty bad, i apologize in advance for eventual grammar orsyntax error.

    hope you come up with a solution for the tooth, i have a similar problem and know the pain :-\

    i'm an italian guy, and have the hobby of history, if you want to ask some questions about history or mythology feel free to email me,, i'll be glad to help.

    the history of Chianina is pretty similar to the italian politic, for long centuries, i can see through some famous characters: Da Vinci, Macchiavelli,I Borgia,I Medici... it's amazing.

    i have some little advice.
    The three most important cities of art in Italy are Rome, Florence and Venice. Genoa doesn't have much of an art tradition and it'd be better to swap the two cities or replace genoa with another city. Amalfi or Pisa would be perfect, in my opinion.

    I prefer the term "Capitani di Ventura" to replace "Condottieri", but i suppose that no one who lives outside italy could understand them, it's a shame.

    sorry again for my english.

    1. i'm italian too. i agree with Rome (miltary city), Florence (art city) and Venice (maritime city)

  5. Blast. I composed a long post and the system ate it. Well, here's another go with more condensed information.

    1: The history should be similar; it's based on Italian history after all. I'm glad you think I got it fairly right.

    2: I prefer Rome as the religious city, but Florence is fine for the art city and Venice as the Mercenary/Maritime city is more than fine. Thanks for the suggestions.

    3: Capitani di Ventura is a good term for Branda herself, but Condottieri is supposed to be the term for Renaissance era Italian Mercenaries, which is what I'm looking for.

    4: Since you're both here, I could use some input on Branda's movelist. Several maneuvers have Italian names and I want to know if they're roughly grammatically correct. They're constructed from fencing terms and Italian translated via machine and looked up on glossaries, so they're likely to be wrong at least once.

    Some are in English because the Italian equivalent either sounds silly to the American ear (milk translates to latte which makes people think of coffee here) or because I couldn't find an appropriate equivalent.

    Here is her current move list.

    Coup de Mammary (A play on Coup de Main; strike with the breasts)
    Haunting Moo (A holy attack channeling the endless mooing in Branda's mind as a weapon)
    Volte Montante (A dodge maneuver leaving the back open followed by an upward strike)
    Milky Mind (Taps into the nurturing power of the milk within and heals the party)
    Cerchio di Incendio (A ring of fiery blade strikes channeling her burning spirit)
    Martial Trance (Self-buffing ability)
    Aria di Spada (A cutting song made with the sound of Branda's sword slicing through the air that damages enemies)
    Spada-Tempestia (Bladestorm)
    Ultimate attack: Regina de gli Spada Branda! (Queen of the Sword Branda!)

    Thanks for the input, both of you.

  6. 2)A city strong in the military force are Milan o Turin, Rome is a sinonimus of religous city, in the whole world, i suppose.

    3)'Capitani di Ventura' is a late medieval term, do you know mount&blade game? the are a pretty "capitano di ventura" simulator.

    4)- coup de mammary sound frenh-ish for me, "Tette attack" tetta/tette can rougly translate in "tit/s", the formal word, like breast/s are "seno/seni"
    - simply "Montante" are fine, or "Gancio" if i understand correctly
    - milky mind ('latte' don't have a synonymous can i remember)
    - 'Cerchio di fuoco' or 'Anello di fuoco' can be ok (i suppose the original are 'ring of fire')
    - martial trance you want translated italian-ish or not?
    - 'aria' sound little strange (aria mean 'air' other the music use), 'Aria della Lama' is more correct, but if i put a suggestion 'Canto della Lama' (rougly 'song of blade', but 'canto' are for more classic-ish music use) sound more better.
    - 'Temepesta di Spade'
    - 'Regina di Spade Branda'

    i'm glade to help.

  7. Very nice backstory, I hope your tooth feels better later on, and I love the Samurai Jack reference. It's also good to see the move list for Branda. I am amazed at how much playing Assassin's Creed has helped me learn about Italy.

  8. Thanks for the feedback.

    2: Hmm. I could swap Venice to Milan. Truth be told these cities may not even get into the game, but if they do I like using the historical cities as examples to build off of.

    3: I have heard the name, but I've never played it. I'm sure the people on /tg/ would be horrified to hear it, as they talk about it often enough.

    A: Tette Attack was a variant I considered. Coup de Main is indeed French, but is a proper fencing term. I thought that Coup de Mammary sounded more clever/punnish. But I'll have to weigh accuracy vs aesthetic now.

    B: I chose Volte Montante primarily because it sounds cooler to the American ear; namely Volte sounds like volt, as in electricity/lightning. I want it to be a kind of attack you can shout the name of in combat, as silly as that tradition is. Once again I'll have to consider what ultimately sounds better vs. what's more accurate.

    C: Yeah, I can't say Latte because people will think a Starbucks opened up in Branda's cleavage. In the US Latte is considered a fancy nonsense word almost exclusively used when ordering coffee, and never at any other time. "I'd like a Mocha Latte, please." "Yes sir, one chocolate milk coffee coming right up." Mocha Latte sounds fancier and lets hipster baristas feel like they're serving something other than the fast food equivalent of coffee.

    D: Ring of Fire, Inferno Blade, or something similar that conjures to mind someone doing a fiery blade attack. The names you gave are pretty good; I may use one of them.

    E: Hmmm. What about Lamacanto, or "bladesong"? Can the words be combined like that?

    F: I can use that variation.

    G: So "the" isn't necessary there, gotcha. Thanks!

  9. 2. if any onformation ar needed for hystorical note or layout of city feel free to ask by email. i enjoy talk of hystory :)

    3. i dont put 4chan in great consideration, and a friend of mine, theacer of Renaissance lone sword fighting, are a fan how much realistic are M&B combat. but don't think interesting you.

    4.A the game is your, i can only make a suggestion.
    .B Volte is some Arcs in italian, volt are made to "Volta" (Alessandro Volta, a phisic). ( -> Volta in italian) sound bit strange. probably tomorrow i have better idea, i hope.
    .C in fact is amazing see the word of onw language used in the world...
    .D my personal taste 'anello' is better then 'cerchio'. inferno is a italian word too, inferno blade con easy translate in "lama infernale" "spada infernale"
    .E italian need space, there are few word put thogeter, and most coming from other language, plese save the space. :D
    .F/G ^^

  10. 2: It's likely to be a good long while before I reach that point, but I'll keep you (and anyone else that cares to add advice) in mind.

    3: Most of 4chan is a terrible place filled with terrible people. /tg/ is pretty cool though; I've been a regular poster since shortly before it was a board. Make a thread about Italian Renaissance armies or Rome and watch as it rapidly accumulates 300+ replies, many of which are actually decent. (Note: You'll have to use a certain image to start the thread of a historically inaccurate and stupidly armored female legionary and many of the replies will be good natured ribbing of said picture, but it never ceases to be amusing.) A fair amount of the board consists of European history enthusiasts, which makes it especially fun when discussions of, say, Hungarian Winged Hussars is accompanied by someone showing pictures of period-accurate armor that they had made for an event. Or posting books that go into detail on ancient agriculture. Or, perhaps most delightful of all, their long threads about Thri-keen and Kobold erotica. I never, ever fail to laugh at those. /tg/ has just the right combination of perversity, serious gamism and tongue in cheek self-mocking humor to play my funny bone like a grand piano. Just avoid the rest of 4chan. It is a terrible place.

    A: Of course. Thanks for understanding. I may not always go with what's historically accurate for reasons of fun, but I like to know when I'm not.

    B: Yes, it must be another French term. It actually refers to a specific type of turn in fencing.

    C: Indeed, it is. I once asked for a "large" coffee at a starbucks instead of a grande and the barista mockingly asked, "do you want fries with that?" I grinned and told him yes, because I can be a dick too. When you don't order your coffee in faux-italian at our mass-produced coffee shops it's revealed for the fast food equivalent of coffee it really is. I've come across very excellent coffee in some small, hidden coffee shops in Seattle, but saying that makes me feel like more of a hipster than that poor scarf-wearing bespeckled barista.
    An amusing read. ^^

    D: Fuoco sounds a tad silly to the english speaking ear; bringing to mind the word coco (chocolate powder). Lama, likewise, is pronounced like Llama, a silly south American pack-animal considered a joke, especially if you've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Spada Infernale has a very nice ring to it, though. (Mind you, I'm okay with her attacks being a joke as long as they stick to a cow or milk theme.)

    E: Hmm, yes. It was one of the first things I noticed when I started to learn a bit of Arabic earlier in life; a lot of languages don't have so many mashed together words or filler words like "a," "and," "the," etc. Of course English has stolen a lot from German where every single word tries its best to live the high-speed life of a run-on sentence. Americans aren't that bad, but we do like mashing together two separate words to make a single 'cool sounding' word. I'll keep in mind that Italian needs its space, then.

  11. hey have you thought about finding out how much it would cost then put up a drive to put an update with popular things or even a poll which only people who donated to that total could vote on within a month ? (yes might take a bit but it is your health we talking about) and it would only have to be 1 update maybe a new character or something... hell maybe even just some new scenes even something easily implimented but sought after

  12. With the various discounts I get for being poor, it will cost about $900 to get a root canal done, which is what I need done.

    Instead, I'm simply going to pay $50 and have it pulled. It's been a problem for about a year that I haven't been able to afford getting fixed. This year I've put all of my money into dental care, taking care of issues I've had for several years of not having money to take care of my teeth. I now have a pretty movie star smile, but I've only been able to fix my front teeth and have two wisdom teeth and one bad tooth pulled. My money ran out.

    Unfortunately it has finally reached the point of absolute agony and I can't put it off any longer. The main problem is that I can't get it ripped out until Wednesday (which is six days away) and I'm still in agony when loaded up on two pills of hydrocodone, 800mg of ibuprofen, and 1000mg of Tylenol.

    I have ten hydrocodone pills left. If I take two pills a day I *may* be able to last until Wednesday, at which point I *may* get an appointment to have my tooth removed. No amount of money will defeat the dangerous menace that is the bad timing of a health problem coming to a head and memorial day weekend and living in the middle of nowhere, dependent upon getting an appointment in a small overworked dental clinic.

    I have seriously considered taking a pair of pliers and ripping the tooth out myself without anesthesia, but I'm not *quite* that desperate unless the medication wears off entirely (which it did briefly yesterday, but I drugged it enough to get it to go away and put the thought out of mind).

    The real worry is that people in the US die from tooth infection when a tooth goes septic and they can't afford to have it pulled. I'm not that dumb, and that usually takes a week or two after swelling starts in any event. I should make it into the clinic in time, I just will be very unhappy having to nurse the pain meds this way. It's so stupid, but it's such an easily preventable thing. It can't be helped in my case - I was born with naturally brittle teeth. Despite taking the best care of them I can, I'm fortunate. Many people in my family don't keep their natural teeth past 30. I'd seriously consider getting them all ripped out and having dentures like my mom did at my age, but dentures are expensive. Besides; I've had my front teeth reconstructed and now have a pretty movie star smile. I don't really want to lose that. But fuck the molars...

    Well, even with all the above the important thing is this: I'd rather all of you give your money to the game. Rather than $900
    to fix one of my teeth (almost a third of the game's funding) I'd rather just pay $40, have it ripped out, and have you pay $900 toward the project itself so I can have my art team draw more sexy and fun pics for you.

    And besides - in spite of that long rant (which I mostly just made to keep my mind from focusing on the pain until the morning pills kick in), I don't want to be that creator who is always going on about their health. I wouldn't expect that I'll talk about it much after this. Maybe once on Monday. After I get this goddamn thing ripped out of my face I'll do my best to never talk about a health problem on here again.

    1. If it makes you feel better I don't think anyone is going to overly complain about you complaining about your health issues. Also, if you haven't already a cool project you might want to look up is Bonehead vx, and it is on hongfire, has a blog, but the blog does not have any downloads. Look it up on bing if you get the chance.

    2. i will say one thing make sure you get it checked if its infected or not... if it is you will need antibiotics before its pulled (trust me you want the script) as sometimes an infection means that the anesthetic doesn't take properly

    3. I played bonehead a while back and enjoyed the work put into it, but there was something or other I didn't like about it. Maybe dickgirls? I don't recall, but that's one way to have me stop playing a game right quick.

      Other people liking them is fine, but dickgirls, gender change and succubi are three things that will make me drop a game really fast. I'm just boring and picky.

      Of course I don't remember anything specific, so it might have simply not gotten very far when I first played it.

    4. I think you are thinking of village of nightmare, not bonehead by regless, because bonehead does not have porn art right now since they are still working on some of the finer details, like the next chapter, character design, and the map system. Also, to my knowledge bonehead has nothing to do with gender swap, futa, or succubi.

    5. Looking at the project it's clear I've never played it. Regless has been a huge help to this project so I can at the very least play his game in an attempt to repay him.

    6. I'm glad it was just a simple misunderstanding. I also hope you don't get lost in any of the areas, and I am loving the music choices that were made for some of the areas in Bonehead.

  13. Can you say release date or early beta deadline for 0.3? I can't wait to play again this awesome game!

    1. Depends on how much time I get off of work and how much I really want to do; there's a ton I can do in terms of shoring up various areas of the game and adding in optional bits.

      I can't give an exact date, unfortunately, but I'll be working as hard as I can to see it done soon!

    2. -but I'll be working as hard as I can to see it done soon!

      Hope so.

  14. All cities have free/low income dental resources. Just start doing some searching. It doesn't take long for something with your teeth to move elsewhere actually. Best of luck!

    1. I know. I tapped out my options getting my OTHER teeth fixed.

      I still have one that needs a root canal (which is the one I'm going to have pulled) and one that needs a filling but has a temporary filling that works just fine at the moment.

      Of course, all of my teeth are so sensitive to cold that I will say in all honesty it hurts less to get stabbed (in a non vital bit, at least). This all started because I had a cold subway sandwich at work the other day (it was in a fridge). I only get one every few months (because poor) and I decided to eat it even if it was cold because work doesn't have a microwave.

      Turns out that's what it took to set off my one really bad tooth, and now it's just at maximum overpain. I have to laugh - my dentist told me my reconstructed front teeth would be super-sensitive to cold and heat and I'd probably have to give up eating cold food at all. Turns out that compared to my natural teeth they're practically numb. Just goes to show what I've gotten used to.

  15. The first thing I thought after reading Branda's history was "Great she's another holier than thou paladin wannabe who's gonna sit down at my D&D table. Ruin the game for everyone. Then bitch about how mean everyone is because she was just playing in character.".

    Admittedly she came by it honestly, and her history invokes more than a little sympathy from me; but I think I'm better off with her as a Cow-Girl morph. Err I mean she's better off as a Cow-Girl morph... yeah that's what I meant... >.> <.<

  16. Have you considered setting up a forum or something?
    There's plenty of interest about discussing this game in general, and the blog comment section isn't entirely... comfortable.

    1. Yes! I have threads on various forums, but a dedicated forum can be found here:

    2. Oh, cool.
      Putting up a link somewhere visible on the blog might be a good idea so clueless people who just discovered the game, like me, won't be confused.