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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skree's Age

I'm working on Overwhored today and decided to give some thought to the subject of Skree's age.

Bats, as you may or may not be aware, are not long lived creatures. The longest lived ones live to about 40 years of age in captivity, and vampire bats (which is a plausible species for Skree) are much shorter lived, going from only 9 (wild) to 20 years (in captivity) of age. They reach sexual maturity in about nine months (which means their equivalent to 18 is probably something like a year old.)

Skree obviously isn't a normal bat, though. She can change into human form. You might be aware that 40 is merely the age of MILFy goodness in human women. Your average human lives twice as long as the longest lived bat, and about four times as long as your longest lived vampire bat. To a bat we'd be like strange immortal monsters, or elves.  (Same difference.)

Skree is currently eighteen solar years old. In vampire bat terms she was positively ancient when she first found the Orb of Dominion three years prior. She was frankly a perverse old lady before she found the orb, the bat equivalent of 80.

However the orb syncs her more closely with human form than bat form, and also reinvigorates her. Turns out the endless power of orgasm really is good for your health, at least in "magical radiation from evil artifacts" form.

Due to her exposure to the powers of the Orb, she'll live to at least 300+ years old. Four times as long as a human. Roughly 32 times longer than an average vampire bat. And potentially longer if she gets regularly injected with the Overmind's energy, or hangs out around the orb more.

Daughters of the Overmind can live for Millennia, Granddaughters can live for hundreds of years. This is balanced out by the fact that he can never have sons and that grandsons are EXCEPTIONALLY rare, regardless of who the monstergirls breed with.  Those that are born trade their incredibly long lifespans for a short life with godlike magical power. They also tend to look, think, and act more like extremely passionate (and curiously noble and good) humans than anything else. Indeed, some of the heroes who defeated the Overmind in the past were his own descendents, and they're arguably the most stalwart defenders of humanity from evil monsters and evil monstergirls when he isn't around.

But this isn't about them, it's about Skree. In bat terms, she's a positively ancient, brilliant, perverse old lady that looks like a young teenager, has magical powers, and can change shape into the form of strange titanic monsters and even speak their language. She doesn't need to eat or drink, but when she does she prefers the blood and sexual energy of young male bats and magical energy.

Being a Batwere she's what vampire bats would consider a combination of vampire and werewolf. She's not "harmless" to a human with all the power she has but she's never been particularly out to get humans either. If not for the Overmind it's likely she would have completely avoided human society so she could continue to absorb the orbs energy and prey upon what she would consider handsome male bats.

I would say that she doesn't like or dislike humans. She considers them somewhat insane and bizarre in the way a human might consider otherworldly, sometimes malicious fey to be insane and bizarre. They do strange things for reasons that don't make much sense to her - although the older she gets and the more time she spends around them the more she'll understand them. Because she's effectively part human now she can see in both worlds and lives fully in neither. It has only been three years since she started to awaken as a human, so she's very new to it.

The Overmind considers her his and she loves soaking in the energy he radiates so she won't go making harems of handsome, young male humans anytime soon. But without him around she might include a few humans in her isolated wilderness harem, albeit only willing and carefully controlled ones. She rightfully considers humans dangerous and strange and knows enough to know how little she understands them. She's perfectly alright with grinding hips with humans, though. She's got a healthy young human girls sexual appetites and a perverse old woman's mindset. Handsome young men beware - she'd use you well past any human level of endurance and keep on going.

 In a lot of respects she understands the mind of the Overmind more than a human or even a descendent monstergirl could, and not just because she cannot have her mind altered by his energy. He's not a human, and he does things for his own reasons. As much as he resembles a human, he's far more primordial and bestial than they are. But neither is he a beast, because he has a mind - a dichotomy that Skree understands only too well. Humans often make the mistake of thinking of him as a mindless monster or an evil human, and he is neither. He is The Overmind, and he is his own class of being. Skree thinks of his mind as an alien mind rather than trying to think of him as a type of bat personality she's familiar with, and in many respects that makes her understand him better than any other character.


  1. Dafaq?

    She can't have her mind altered by his energy?

    She's just a bat that got buffed by his orb, how's she going to be immune to his power?

    1. She isn't enslaved by his power because she's half made of it and because she absorbs it. The orb of dominion radiates the same energy he does, but without the sort of dominance he exudes. Being what she is, she absorbed it and made it a part of her. The power lays over the mind of most people, but it just sinks into her and makes her stronger.

      Make no mistake - she REALLY likes his power. It's like a combination of cheesecake and heroin to her, both addictive and filling. But she isn't brainwashed by it. It's about as effective as trying to drown Charybdis, and why she wasn't brainwashed by Rubati either.

      It doesn't mean she's especially powerful against the Overmind though. She can no more drain all of the Overmind's energy than a plant can drain the energy of the sun.

      Besides, he already defeated her once at his weakest level of power. He has nothing to fear from her, and like a plant that moves its leaves to follow the sun she's irresistibly attracted to him.

    2. She's just a bat that got mutated by the orb, though.

      You'd think if anything she'd be MORE susceptible to the power, not less.

      Eh, well, it doesn't really matter.

      The scientific behaviour of mind-controlling magic surely isn't a subject regarding which I can cite any factual sources, so there'd be few things more futile than an attempt at argument.

      Guess I'll just shrug and sweep it under the carpet.

    3. It is good to see that someone can be mature about this kind of subject, but the topic of Skree is still quite interesting and her backstory can only really be decided by Cypress. I'm just glad he's open to ideas and theories.

  2. That's oddly poignant. Sad, even. It makes me wonder if the Overmind has any real appreciation for her uniqueness (in addition to her other *ahem* qualities).

    I can actually kind of see her as the next Tower Mistress.

  3. So I really enjoyed reading this but I wonder what made you decide to think about Skree so much. She's definitely one of my favorite females art wise so the more of her the better. :)

    1. I love thinking. I don't need a reason, it just happens. I work for a while, ideas brew in my head and I make them reality.

      I don't think about thinking, and it doesn't take any effort. I just think all the time about everything I do. And I think about the backstories of various characters, playing around with them and seeing what interesting story or gameplay I could get out of variations.

      I doubt this will have much impact in-game, so it was fun to post it here.

    2. You could use backstory to affect decisions certain characters make, as well as what abilities they get as they lvl.

  4. hmm an idea for you maybe cypress maybe ingame like the gallery have an area with the backstory of the different characters that unlock as you find them and maybe you could then also give character quests as another way to unlock them

  5. This was awesome to read, thanks for posting it. Skree is now even more my favorite female. I've always loved background information on anything I played, read, or watched (even if it has little to no effect on anything) and really enjoy getting to know the reasoning/motivation behind a characters decisions/actions.

    Odd thoughts if your inclined to answer some questions.

    1. Based on what you've said about the Overmind's daughters were a society that peacefully incorporated them ever to arise. Would some form of harem system be necessary to ensure the proper number of male births? Like if you want to marry a human you have to pick at least one monster-girl bride or vice-verse. Or are the birthrates such that this, or something similar, would be unnecessary?

    2. Can the Overmind and his offspring even recognize marriage? By that I mean do they, or can they, care about some form of mated relationship?

    3. If the Overmind isn't human what is he? Or perhaps more to the point, on what framework should his actions be judged? Does he care about his daughters and harem girls or are they just a convenience? Did what he found at the church anger him and why? So on and so forth.

    4. Based on somethings said in the game the Overmind seems to have been resurrected early. He also seems to be acting in abnormal ways, for him. Is he acting oddly or is that more of a lack of information on the tower mistress part? If he is, is it connected to his early resurrection somehow?

    I assume parts of these questions will infringe on story not yet revealed but anything you can give me to chew on would be appreciated. ^_^

    1. I don't think much of the information you are asking for will cause any significant spoiler alerts. Also, the question of what the Overmind is has has some blanks filled in thanks to part with the church. He was in heaven at some point doing it with angels, and then got into a war with a goddess he wanted to bed, then because of the war he got stuck in the plane of mortals.

    2. I'm glad you like background information. I like writing it.

      1: After a few generations the descendents become normal humans (or whatever race they breed with most, like elves or dwarves). But because their monster girl ancestors age very slowly and remain fertile, societies like this tend to remain weighted in favor of the monster girls. Monster girls aren't necessarily good or evil, and their cultures have been as varied as human cultures are. Some worship the Overmind, some hate him. Some like humans and get along with them, some do not. The Overmind is generally protective of all of his descendents, but a number of his past conflicts have been to claim monstergirl civilizations.

      2: You could regard the Overmind as Polygamous. All women are his brides and his alone from birth, and he doesn't recognize anyone else's claim to them. He does recognize deals made to "postpone" his claim. His daughters and grandchildren vary. Some worship him, some respect him, some fear him, and some hate him. He sees them as his the same as any other women in regards to his desire to claim them.

      3: He's a spoiler spoiler spoiler. You'll have to play and find out as new versions are released to see who and what he is.

      4: Spoilers. Play and find out.

    3. Huh.... nifty. So... in his mind he's not actually giving one of the sisters to the other so much as delaying there induction into his harem temporarily? That would change things and incline me to support a slow seduction of the victorious sister rather than a double crossing...

      Yeah, I'm looking foreword to the next couple of updates even more now.

  6. dude add DEVILS and demons girls in the game and add devil girl sword that is hard to beat with out kill all enemies all the maps and respond the enemies.

    1. I think you need to fix your English. I don't quite understand what you're wanting.

  7. First time poster but I've been following your game for a little while now, even donated, I love background info like this. It really brings the characters to life and shows that you're actually looking at how your world fits together as opposed to just throwing boobies in there and expecting people to enjoy it. When I first played I played for the humor, now as soon as you add more content I'm going to continue playing for the story... So long as there's more fruit that needs burning!

    I am curious on the background for that one... Perhaps she went nuts and thought that her parents were eaten by a peach? Maybe she worked at a fruit orchard until the Overmind "rescued" her? Or maybe she's just allergic to fruit? And no, I'm not expecting an answer right now, I am expecting an answer before the game is finished though ;-)

  8. yes and demons girls

  9. Isn't she a were-human bat rather then a were-bat?